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Saturn in Astrology

August 3, 2015 | Total Views : 3,303
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Saturn in your birth chart indicates the area of life which will require attention and renovation. However, if you are ready to toil, he will not deny you success. His position and strength in your chart is actually an indication of how you have been in your past lives and what kind of life you deserve this time. Those who do not know the real nature of Saturn, dread it. In fact, on a light note, the name of the planet is also sometimes used to indicate a person who is a troublemaker. Saturn – Your True Friend Saturn crushes our ego, makes us attend to things in life that we keep ignoring, teaches lessons the hard way and because of these reasons, an aversion for the planet is generated. After all, nobody likes to swallow bitter pills despite knowing that its function is to correct the temporary imbalance inside the body. saturn in astrology Only when you make friends with Saturn and understand his agenda, you realize his real purpose with you. Saturn - His Symbol The glyph or symbol of Saturn shows the ancient scythe or sickle. Interestingly, the symbol of Saturn is the inverted symbol of Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter signify opposite attributes, Jupiter supports expansion and Saturn puts restrictions. Jupiter, the greatest benefic believes in helping others, dispensing benevolence. However Saturn, the most powerful among the malefic planets, makes you slow down, introspect, deal with your limitations and fears. Adversities posed by Saturn are for structuring your life, to bring in discipline, to develop your strength of character. Saturn - Your Karma Lord Saturn is the planet of balance and justice and that is why he is most comfortable in the sign depicting balance, i.e. Libra. His position in a birth chart is carefully studied to understand how much one will be able to enjoy the benefits dispensed by other planets. Saturn knows the purpose behind your birth. As an agent of your karma his agenda is to make you utilize this lifetime to make amends for the wrong doings of the past. His mode of operation causes delay or limits progress. He is most favorable for those who have Ascendant in Libra (where Saturn is the strongest). The second best result of Saturn is enjoyed by Taurus Ascendant. He is also good for Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant (as a ruler of the signs). For the above four Ascendant signs - if Saturn is well placed in their birth chart and it is aspected by benefic planets, then a person will enjoy generous gifts from Saturn at the time when he or she is running Saturn’s major-minor period. However, this does not mean that these people will escape Saturn’s hard lessons, just that he might be little lenient to them. Saturn and Your Varying Experiences All the 9 planets are constantly moving and we experience their energies due to their position in our birth-chart, through their aspect on the houses in the birth-chart, during their transit or when we undergo major-minor period of a particular planet. The transit of Saturn, called Sade Sati is given prime importance by astrologers for the transformations and revelations the planet brings to one’s life. During Sade Sati – when you are under intense Saturn’s gaze When you feel life has become too much of a struggle, you are probably under Saturn’s gaze. Sade Sati or the Seven and half years transit of Saturn is a time when major shifts begin to unfold, opening you to new realities. Saturn takes a little over 29 months to traverse through a sign. This can be rounded up to 2.5 years per sign. Your Sade Sati period begins the moment Saturn enters 12th house from your Moon sign and it continues till he exits the sign next to your Moon sign. For e.g. if your Moon sign is Taurus then Saturn entering the sign Aries and traversing through Taurus (your Moon sign) and Gemini – will be Sade Sati period for you. The phase of Sade Sati repeats in about 30 years. An individual may experience 2 to 3 such phases in their lifetime. This is the time when characteristics like patience, determination, discipline and hard work are drawn out and nurtures to help you see through difficulties. During Saturn Aspects Saturn’s aspects on 3rd, 7th and 10th houses will put some form of limitations in the affairs related to these houses. For example, if Saturn is located in your third house then 5th house, dealing with children, relationship with siblings, education will get affected. Saturn will restrict growth and progress in these areas. However, one important point to be noted here is that Saturn’s hold on you starts loosening once you cross the age 34 or 36. Assuaging Saturn Energies Though there is no escape from the hard and harsh lessons inflicted by the celestial taskmaster, there are ways you can pacify his energies. Understanding the purpose of Saturn and abiding by his policies will to a great extend help you deal with his energies. Further, you can align your consciousness with the energies of the planet by reciting “Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah”. Propitiating Hanuman, the overlord of Saturn will also be very helpful for dealing with Saturn’s harsh energies.


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  • Praveen Sharma
    I am in awe of the given study/ information about planet Saturn and his characteristic. Really good, thank you all for the above.
    January 22, 2017