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Saturn’s Transit in Scorpio – Nov 2nd, 2014

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 3,509
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Whenever Saturn changes his location in a zodiac sign, he makes astrologers sit up and notice. They become conscious of the major changes the transit will bring about in the lives of each and everyone. It is very important to understand the energy of Saturn in our lives and how this energy, in union with energy of the zodiac sign that accommodates him (during a transit period) can compel us to confront with realities.


Transit of the Karma Lord

All of our great life lessons we learn from Saturn. He can crush our ego to teach us humility; put obstacles and bring delays in our projects in order to teach us persistence. The pain inflicted by Saturn will force us to slow down, introspect and clean up our acts. Basically, Saturn’s job is to make us experience the results of our actions, our karma. When he visits us by transit, he would structure the astrological House he occupies (which differs from person to person based on their Moon sign). For e.g. if he occupies the second House from one’s Moon sign, he is in the person’s house of money. During the transit period the person will have to struggle to make and keep money and therefore he/she will feel compelled to take some strong actions to re-organize his/her financial sector. Saturn is a very slow moving planet. He takes about 2 ½ years to move through one zodiac sign and this means he gets a lot of time to execute his agenda for those who are associated with the zodiac sign. Want to find out if you are Aquarius Moon sign? Please visit https://www.astroved.com/moonsign

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn will now transit to Scorpio on November 02, 2014. It is an enemy sign for Saturn. Scorpio is ruled by fiery hot-tempered fighter Mars, and Saturn, who is calm and meditative, would find it very uncomfortable to operate in an unfriendly terrain. Forced to abide by the rules of Mars can make Saturn little eccentric. He will be more watchful and will have to execute his plans cautiously. Scorpio, the most occult sign of the zodiac, supports sudden transformations and intensified interest towards the unknown areas of life. Saturn in Scorpio will force us deal with our deepest fears and insecurities to help us realize our true power.

Special Attention for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius Moon signs

Those with their Moon in the sign Libra or Scorpio or Sagittarius in their birth chart will become special children of the taskmaster Saturn. The transit time will begin their Sade Sati period. This is a time for patience and perseverance to work around the limitations imposed by Saturn. As Saturn moves out of Libra and transits in Scorpio in November, Virgo Moon sign natives who are currently running the Sade Sati period would finally get respite from Saturn’s special attention. Saturn will travel in Scorpio with both direct and retrograde motions until January 26th 2017. The intensity of Saturn’s lessons will fluctuate during this period; however, his focus will remain on Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius Moon signs for the next 7 and ½ years.

Current phase of Sade Sati for each of these signs:

Libra Moon- 3nd phase of Sade Sati --During the transit Saturn will be in their 2nd House of money. Unlike Virgo, Libra natives will not suffer the harshness of Saturn during this period however; there will be delays in receiving financial benefits. New members may join the family. Scorpio Moon- 2nd phase of Sade Sati --Saturn will be in their 1st House of self. There will be lot of confusions in the mind. Communications will have to be handled carefully. Natives may feel inclined towards research or occult practices. Sagittarius Moon- 1st phase of Sade Sati --Saturn will be in the 12th House of losses. Expenses will be more and there are chances for the natives to stay away from their family. Pleasures and comforts will be less. There are chances of being misguided.

Other Moon signs under the purview

1. Those with Aries Moon sign – For this Moon sign, Saturn will be transiting the 8th House of obstacles. When Saturn transits the 8th house, he can create difficult experiences. The natives will seek recognition in career. Health and finances would require attention and proper management. 2. Those undergoing Saturn Major and Minor periods – Those who will be running major or minor Saturn period during the time of this transit, intensity of Saturn’s impact or stress will vary based on Saturn’s influence of major or minor period in their lives. However, the degree of his involvement will depend on the arrangement of other planets in one’s birth chart. Notwithstanding all the hard lessons we learn from Saturn, he is actually our greatest friend as he compels us to attend to all that we have been pushing under the carpet, weed out our incompetencies so that we become better and wiser. And finally when Saturn’s gaze moves away from us, we will feel as if we have graduated or changed for better.

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