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Know astrology is real or fake?

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 3,376
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Is Astrology Approved by the Scientific Community?

The majority of the scientific community denies the validity of astrological ideas and predictions. But why should scientists be given a chance to comment on this very ancient practice that involves so many favorable testimonials and believers amongst us?


Astrology, to begin with, must be understood as a divine technique and tool. It is the science of the heavenly bodies. There are a number of things we can deny. After all science has denied the existence of a creator - God Himself! Science definitely does not have the test hypothesis results certifying that the creator exists, even now. But, looking around you, is it possible for any scientist to replicate and create the sprouting seed or the growing human baby in the mother’s womb - all out of his chemicals in his laboratory? The answer is clearly in the negative. From this, we know, science and scientific powers are limited.

What Astrology Is Capable of

Astrology is not a crude discipline. It uses the refined knowledge about the heavenly bodies as well as sophisticated tools such as star charts. It is possible to predict:

  • A person’s traits by a mere look at the 1st House of his Birth Chart.
  • His aptitude for a particular career by analyzing his personal strengths and limitations based on his 4th House.
  • His success as a student and his success in marriage.
  • There are numerous instances from many people’s personal experiences that their future predictions have also come true.

Astrology is a knowledge science. For those of you who believe in it, it arms you with 1) a clear perception of what you are, 2) what you are likely to achieve in your lifetime and 3) what are the hurdles and obstacles that you may face. All these help you to succeed in your life. In Vedic astrology, the planets are conceived as divine gods and goddesses themselves and in propitiating them it is possible to ask them to favor you. It is also possible to tide over bad karma that we say is responsible for trouble and difficulties by performing the ordained remedies or pariharas.

Ancient Truths Unveiled by Science!

  • When our ancestors said that the Moon had powers to influence crop growth, movement of tides, conception of babies and their birth, and changed personalities in individuals, these beliefs were casted away as superstitions by some. However, only when science matured and advanced was it able to prove that the magnetic forces of the Moon indeed had a bearing and influence on the incidents on Earth.
  • Science has proved the Sun also has an effect on life on Earth. It was science that confirmed what astrology stated thousands of decades back. That the solar flares occurring in the Sun affect the baby in the womb has become published evidence.

Going from the above data, it is likely that it will take a few more years for science to evolve and prove that all the planets do exert their influence on Planet Earth. Until then, when we do not have any concrete proof against astrology, we cannot do away with an ancient practice that has helped so many.


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  • pankaj upadhyay
    yes astrology is a anciant science & all about is true & real fact of our life
    July 12, 2016
  • darshana ambekar
    Tell me that astrology is real or fake ?
    October 25, 2015
    • AstroVed Support
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      November 16, 2015
  • darshana ambekar
    Please tell me that astrology is real or fake ?
    October 25, 2015
    • AstroVed Support
      Please write in to us
      November 16, 2015