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9 Ways to Worship Right-Trunk Ganesha Statues

Lord Ganesha is the Supreme Brahman and the embodiment of the cosmic sound of AUM. He is worshipped for blessings of good luck, prosperity, wealth, intelligence and success. He is worshipped before starting any new venture or before any important occasion as he removes obstacles and grants success.


The curved trunk of Ganesha represent Sidhi and Ridhi. Sidhi and Ridhi are the two sides of the trunk. They are the two consorts of Ganesha: Sidhi bestows success and Ridhi bestows prosperity.

Left curved trunk Ganesha idols imply Ridhi which stands for earthly success and material gains. It is believed that left curved trunk means success in the world and householders choose to have such idols.

Right Curved Trunk of Ganesha

Ganesha idols with right curved trunks are called Sidhi Vinayak and they need special worship. According to Puranas, Sidhi, a daughter of Brahma is a wife of Ganesha. Worshipping this statue helps in the manifestation of desires or powers.

It is considered most lucky and auspicious to worship this form of Ganesha.

The powers of Ganesha and Sidhi work powerfully to bring success to endeavors when all others have failed. It acts powerfully to bring speedy results bestowing prosperity, knowledge, and final emancipation.

Ways to worship Sidhi Vinayak

  • Idols of right curved trunk Ganesha should be given bath everyday and dust must not settle on it. Extreme care should be taken to keep the idol clean.
  • Such idols have the Sun`s principle active in them. If prayers are not done as per Vedic norms, then it will burn away the results that are bound to come.
  • Red sandal paste should be applied as tilak to the Lord.
  • Dress must be changed every day and they must be washed in clean water.
  • Fresh flowers or blades of Durva grass should be offered with devotion and lovingness.
  • Ghee lamps must be lighted along with scented agarbattis.
  • Mantras should be chanted and arati of camphor must be shown to him.
  • Food offerings of sugar candy, modak or laddoo or boiled channa gram should be made to the Lord.
  • These offerings to the Lord constitute the five elements of nature: earth, fire, water, air and ether.

Spiritual significance of the idol

One must perform these sacred acts with purity in body and mind. Only if a person does these acts with selflessness does the Lord respond to his prayers.

It represents the pingala nadi and this is related to the Sun`s energy. In the Sun`s energy flowing through the right trunk, reside the trinity- Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu. The idol has the blessing of a million suns.

Pingala nadi corresponds to the right sympathetic nervous system that governs the supra-conscious mind.

It has immense power to give what one desires. It needs regular purificatory rites of mantra chanting.

But this form of Ganesha holds the hot power of pingala nadi in the psychic body. Hence, he is very powerful and is not forgiving if we do not follow Vedic norms in worship to him.

Mantras to recite:

“Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha” – Chanting this mantra 108 times before Sidhi Vinayaka idol will bring success in all efforts. Students will shine well in their studies if they recite this mantra.

“Om Gam Ganeshaya Namaha” – Reciting this mantra will remove all the obstacles before commencement of any activity.

12 powerful names of Ganesha

  • Om Vakratundaya Hum
  • Om Ekadantaya Hum
  • Om Krishnapingakshaya Hum
  • Om Gajavakraya Hum
  • Om Lambodaraya Hum
  • Om Vikataya Hum
  • Om Vighna Rajaya Hum
  • Om Dhumravarnaya Hum
  • Om Vinayakaya Hum
  • Om Gajapathaye Hum
  • Om Balachandraya Hum
  • Om Gajananaya Hum

These 12 holy chants were given by Saint Narada for the benefit of mankind. Ganesha, son of Gauri will help in the fulfillment of wishes when chanted with devotion and surrender.

Regular recitation of mantras helps to purify the aura and attract the blessings of the divine. Divine’s protection acts as an invincible shield against all adverse powers.

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Story of Ganesha

  1. Sir/Madam,
    I worship right trunked Ganesha idol everyday.
    I want to part with worshipping for someday for some person reasons, and then continue later. So i would not wish to donate the idol to temple.
    Please guide me what can be done for the same.
    Thanking you,

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have a right trunk ganesha eating mothakam from his right hand and left hand with broken tusk.
    This lord is there in our home for past appx more than 10 years. For the past one year i am hearing from collegues that right trunk ganesha is not for home. Can you please tell me how to react for this.
    And also request you if this not to be kept at home, what should i do for this lord. Please inform.
    I have much respect for him.
    Request to guide me.
    Hema Sridhar

  3. Dear Hema,

    Please do not have any false sentiments.

    You can keep Lord Ganesha’a right trunk statue and do the pooja OR atleast offer a flower at his feet.
    Chant Om Gum Ganapatheye Namaha.

    With Regards,
    Member support.

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