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Favorite Flowers of Lord Ganesha

June 12, 2015 | Total Views : 13,511
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Pooja is a form of worship done to establish a divine connection with God. Flowers form an integral part in worship of God. Flowers come from prakriti or nature and are offered to God in thanksgiving. Flowers attract the divine subtle particles in space through their petals and charge the atmosphere with spiritual vibrations. Specific flowers have the specific ability to attract the specific deities’ principle. The color and the fragrance of the flower possess the power to attract the principles of the deity and this benefits the worshipper.


When one offers fresh flowers to the deity with a spirit of surrender and devotion, it helps to increase the positive energies or the sattwic energies in a person. The deity becomes gratified and bestows the blessings of health, wealth and prosperity.

Lord Ganesha – God of knowledge

Lord Ganesha is the supreme manifestation of Brahman who removes obstacles and grants victories in endeavors. He is the pranava swarupa or the embodiment of AUM, the primordial cosmic sound. He is invoked before beginning any worldly, religious or spiritual activity.

Flowers used to please Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is most pleased with offerings of red flowers. Red flowers are factors of Mars and Moon. Here are some other favorite flowers of Ganesha

Arka or erukku or milkweed- One worships Ganesha with these flowers to be free of all ailments. The leaves and flowers of the plant are used in the worship of Ganesha and Shiva.
Punnai Flower
Punnaga or Punnai- The glory of this flower is found in Lalita Sahasranama and is considered auspicious to offer Ganesha. Offering of this flower to Ganesha cures one of all ills, physical, mental and spiritual.
Magizham Flower
Vakula or Mahizham- Strings of garlands are made with these flowers and they give out a very sweet fragrance. One gets peace of mind by offering this flower to Ganesha.
Japaa or Hibiscus- This is a favorite flower of Lord Ganesha. It is called Japakusuma in Sanskrit. For all round prosperity and destruction of enemies, one should offer hibiscus.
Kadambam Flower
Kadamba- The flowers are found in small yellow clusters and are associated with Goddess Parvati. Offering of this flower makes one very talented and skillful.
Pomegranate Flower
Dhadimi or Madhulai (pomegranate flowers) - Pomegranate leaves and flowers are offered to Ganesha for gifts of wealth.
JadheMalli Flower
Jathi Malli-These flowers have strong smell and are called winter jasmine. Couples having discord and frequent fights should make this offering to the Lord for peaceful married life.
Parijatha or Pavizhamalli - It is called queen of the night and also coral Jasmine.The flowers bloom only in the night and shed its petals in the day. Flowers are grown in small trees and have unique smell. The stalk of the flower is red and the petals look like jasmine. Children will do well in their life if this flower is offered with devotion to Ganesha.
Kundha or Mullai -They are called nithya mullai. They grow all throughout the year. Separation among family members, long standing court cases get resolved.
Karaveera or Arali or Oleander- It comes in three different colors- red, pink and white. Victory over enemies, success in examinations, profits in business is secured through this flower offering.
Javanthi Flower
Saughandika (Javandhi)-It is a perennial plant and has a good fragrance. This flower offering removes evil eyes, bad effects of black magic and from adverse forces.
Water Lilly
Kalhaara or Red water Lilly-This is used for all poojas and bestows auspiciousness. To secure a life of comfort and luxury offering of this fower is a must.
Screw Pine
Ketaki or Thazhai or screw pine -These flowers are grown along river banks and are not used in Shiva pooja.
Champak-It is used for worship in Devi temples too. It is yellow in color and sweet smelling. Lord Krishna is said to have had particular preference to this flower. One is blessed to marry the person of his or her heart`s desire, when this flower is offered to Ganesha.
Datura Flower
Datura-They are usually seen as weeds in open grounds and are called umathai in Sanskrit. Offering of this flower helps in the removal of bad name and reputation, slander and curses.
Chethi Flower
Techi or Chethi Flower-It is also called flame of the woods or jungle flame.It removes poverty, grief, sorrow and bestows positive vibrations.
Sangu Pushpam
Sanku Pushpam or Conch Flower-This is a white flower which is also called aparajitha. For early marriage one must make this flower offering.
Marigold Flower
Marigold Flowers-They are called chendumalli and offered to Ganesha. It is also used in decorating temples. Offering of this flower cures one of chronic diseases and gives good health.
Druva Grass
Durva Grass-is an important offering to Lord Ganesha. No ritual or worship to Ganesha is complete without offering this blade of grass. One earns the grace of Lord Ganesha by offering this sacred grass.

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  • Subramanian Kandasamy
    Erukku flower is available only on the Vinayakar chadurthi day. It appears we can always offer this flower during Lord Ganesh Pujai and it is available through out the year. please clarify. In practice people are offering only on Chudurthi day-Why?
    August 25, 2017
    • Sales
      Namaste, Yes, you can worship Lord Ganesh Ji on normal days also anytime in a year with Erukku flowers. Thanks.
      September 8, 2017
  • geeta
    Thankful for the information
    November 21, 2016
    • Sales
      October 6, 2017
  • rajeeva
    Hi, In one of ganesha temple ,they offer tulasi teertha,holy tulasi water ..they say it is tulasi water it won't be problem.but as for as know tulasi must not he offered to ganesha..but even I consumed tulasi holy water which they have given in ganesha temple does have any bad impact on me.even u offered tulasi to lord ganesha by unknowingly.. Please help me what to do
    September 17, 2016
    • Sales
      Dear Rajeeva, Ancient story behind tulsi not offered to lord ganesha : We do not have any idea Why Tulsi is offered in a Ganesha temple (as you said), might be they follow some other mythology. Tulsi is the daughter of dharmaraja (god of righteousness). in her youthful days she was a great devotee of narayana (lord vishnu). once she was walking along the banks of ganges. she came across beautiful ganesha sitting in deep meditation to lord krishna. being son of ma parvati, ganesha is very beautiful. moreover any person in deep meditation state looks more beautiful. so you can visualize the beauty of lord ganesha in that meditative state. like tulsi ma, ganesha was also in his prime and of marriageable age plus both were devoted to forms of lord vishnu. so tulsi ma immediately fell in love with lord ganesha, she asked ganesha to marry her. At that time lord ganesha was a bachelour (brahamchari) which is natural for any meditator. because in meditation one has to be aloof and meditator tries to explore oneself rather than going in a relationship. so lord ganesha was not looking for marrying anyone. moreover he only wanted to marry someone who possess the same divine qualities like her mother parvati. so ganesha politely refused tulsi ma for marriage. this broke her heart. tulsi took this as an insult and she became very angry. in her anger tulsi ma cursed ganesha that one day he will get married against his wish of not getting married. (related post – is lord ganesha married) lord ganesha also in turn cursed tulsi that she will be married to an asura (demon) and then under a blessings from the sages (or gods) will become a plant. listening this curse, tulsi ma realized her mistake and she begged ganesha for forgiveness and prayed to him with divine hymns. listening her sincere prayers ganesha became pleased and he said ” you will be regarded as supreme among the plants. all gods will be happy with your fragrance. lord vishnu will be specially glad to receive the worship with your leaves. but you will always be unacceptable by me in worship”. saying this, lord ganesha left the place. later on, as per the curse tulsi ma married the demon king called ‘shankhachuda’ (or with jalandhara). she was a very devoted wife and they lived happily for a number of years. then one day her husband was killed in a battle with gods. then on getting the blessings from gods she became tulsi (holy basil). With Kind Regards, Astroved member support.
      September 23, 2016
  • rocky
    how do u know that god ganesha like these flowers
    September 5, 2016
    • Sales
      HI Rocky, When one offers the concerend fresh flowers to the deity with a spirit of surrender and devotion, it helps to increase the positive energies or the sattwic energies in a person. The deity becomes gratified and bestows the blessings of health, wealth and prosperity.
      September 23, 2016
  • Sandya
    Thanks for sharing the most valuable information, I searched importance of Parijatha But here i got more information on all fav flowers. Also Add surya kanthi pushpam (looks like sunflower but small in size) which is very powerful to get many blessings from Lord ganesh
    September 9, 2015
    • Sales
      OK thank you.
      September 23, 2016