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How to Read and Analyse Your Birth Chart in Vedic Astrology? Find Out!

May 9, 2023 | Total Views : 2,236
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Introduction:- Your birth chart, also known as Kundli or natal chart, details the placement and the transit of planets in a particular sign under a degree at the exact time you were born. It holds critical information about your unique life path and personality. A birth chart was simply a physical map of the celestial sky bodies when you were born.


What Is a Birth Chart?


A birth chart is a cosmic snapshot or pie chart of the planets taken from the time you were born. The birth chart shows where in the sky the Sun, Moon, planets, and unique points like where or what your Rising sign or we Ascendant sign and the Nodes are were at the exact moment of your birth. Interpreting these planets and Houses in the Zodiac sign of the Horoscope chart can help you learn more about your personality, desires, happiness, hobbies, and life path. BTW: A birth chart can also be called Kundli or Natal Chart.

How to Read and Analyse Your Birth Chart in Vedic Astrology? Find Out!

Importance of the Birth Chart:-


As per the definition, your birth chart, also called Kundli or natal chart, is a diagrammatic representation or signification of the celestial bodies or placement of stars, zodiac signs nakshatras, planets, and alignment or configuration of other celestial things in the Universe at the exact time of birth of the native. The birth chart consists of 12 Houses, or we can call them Bhavas, with planets being posited in them and moving in a particular direction under a specific degree. This astrology or Horoscope chart helps astrologers deduce the personality and character of a native, along with predicting what's in store for them in the future.

  • Analyzing a birth chart or Kundli can help you gain information about your past, present, and future. It also helps you realize your drawbacks, negative qualities, and attributes within your personality to overcome that to achieve your goals, dreams, and success.
  • Your birth or natal chart-based depth analysis can provide information regarding your inherited and acquired wealth, talent, strength of your earning ability, savings, financial resources, and properties or gifts.
  • This zodiac, or Rasi, also called the D1 chart, helps reveal your communicative ability, education, student life, natural talent, hobbies, courage, and how you connect yourself through communication with the world.
  • It tells you about your immovable like land and property, machinery, etc. It also helps you know about your investments and their outcomes in the near future.
  • Birth Chart provides information about your creative ability and liger after marriage and children. It can just chalk out your life in childhood, youth before marriage, and after marriage.
  • This astronomical birth chart offers insight or information about your good and bad times in the future, your happy and sad times, your hidden enemies, incoming troubles in a particular period, your debts, and your health issues. Your birth chart also shows the way to recover from illness, obstructions, failures, bad times, etc.
  • It reveals information about your love, life, affairs, spouse, and married life.
  • This Horoscope chart, known as the birth chart or Kundli, can reveal your business, type of employment, services, jobs, profession, income, and gains during this lifetime.
  • Evaluating a natal chart or Horoscope can guide you toward the path of spirituality and religious inclination.

Enlightenment and Moksha. It also tells about your expenditure, health issues, your inner desire, pleasure, and psychological problems and gives an idea about what makes you happy and content.

Your Horoscope or Natal Chart can guide you regarding your professional life and career. It also depicts your education, qualification, foreign settlements, and the effects of travel on your life.

Birth Chart Planets:-

The Sun

The sun's location impacts your destiny, lifestyle, status, and the significance of your personality and life ideas. It represents your conscious self, ego, self-esteem, confidence, status, talent, and sense of pride and achievement. Your sun sign reflects the kind of fame or success you may enjoy in this lifetime.

The Moon

Your emotional, inner world—your inner sub-conscious self—is best denoted by the placement of your Moon in your chart or Moon sign. You can look at the key traits, positive or negative, of your personality, emotion, sentiments, sensitivity, and health. This sign teaches you more about your most private self, your intuition, your love life, your emotion, and your relationships with others or worldly materialistic influences in your life.


Mercury rules over your communication as well as our thought process. You can analyze all this from where Mercury falls in your natal chart for how you perceive and rationalize things. It can reveal to you how you make choices or decisions and how you process and disseminate information.


The Divine feminine watery planet, or we can the plant of attraction, Venus, represents pleasure, worldly success, comfort, prosperity, love, and money. Your sign and planets in Venus can give you an awareness of how you perceive love, your views on courtship and romance, and your personal tastes, along with the idea of your personal, domestic, and married life.


Mars represents or signifies action, courage, energy, aggression, physical passion, and drive. The masculine planet Mars signifies how you assert and project yourself in the world. This planet gives you insight into what gives you a sense of direction, motivation, goals, and energy. Mars gives you ideas and information about one's personality and traits, especially when that native is under pressure, driven, aggressive, competing, racing, or meeting a deadline.


Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, expansion, abundance, prosperity, growth, success, luck, spirituality, intelligence, teachings, learnings, and philosophy. Your Jupiter sign can give you ideas about your education, philosophy, wisdom, and morals that govern your life. Its placement in your natal chart can reveal your perceptions of gurus, authorities, wealth, receiving gifts and blessings, and experiences of travel through long journeys.


Saturn concerns or gives ideas about your approach to work, professional achievements, discipline, and hard-working capacity. You can look into your Saturn sign to know about your ambition, perseverance, discipline, and maturity in life.

The North (Rahu)and South Nodes(Ketu)

Also called "the Moon Nodes of Destiny" or "the Moon Nodes of Fate," the North and South Nodes of the Moon are always opposite to each other in any birth chart. In our charts, these two Nodes show us our past and destiny—the South Node shows where you're coming from the past life, while the North Node shows where you're going in the present.

Study the 12 Houses:- The birth chart or Kundli is formed through 12 House and 12 Zodiac signs which you know about. This natal chart contains 12 divisions which we call Houses or bhavas. These 12 Houses are related to our life's events, changes, and fortunate and unfortunate events or times at different ages or stages of our life. People visit an astrologer if they face any difficulty in significant areas of life like marriage, lawsuits, career, health, etc. Let's understand how these 12 houses or bhavas denote different aspects, stages of our life and personality :

  • First House: The 1st Bhava represents you or 'Self.' Through this House, a person's physical stature, looks, personality, physical traits, mental traits, general luck, and prosperity is observed.
  • Second House: This House represents accumulated wealth, finances, and immediate family members of the person.
  • Third House: This Bhava represents siblings, communication style, talent, and efforts of the native.
  • Fourth House: This House signifies property, prosperity, general happiness, family life, domestic environment, luck, comfort, and the person's happiness derived from the mother. It also represents homeland and property or all fixed assets.
  • Fifth House: This Bhava represents education, entertainment, hobbies, artistic talent, fortune, past life, creativity, fun, romance, and children after the marriage of the native.
  • Sixth House: This Bhava represents debt, enemies, and diseases. It is also the House of Services, Competition, and Challenges.
  • Seventh House: This House signifies your married life, happiness through marriage, compatibility in your marriage, and your spouse's characteristics in your birth chart. This Bhvaa also denotes business partnerships and foreign connections or matters.
  • Eighth House: This Bhava signifies an individual's longevity, in-laws, and inherited wealth of the native.
  • Ninth House: This House signifies your higher learning, education, wisdom, religious affiliation, spirituality, fortune, foreign travel, success, settlement, father's health, and status. It also represents the guru of the person.
  • Tenth House: It's Karma Bhava that represents your reputation, status and, success, popularity in society.
  • Eleventh House: This Bhava signifies your earnings and denotes profits, gains, contacts, friendships, and social affairs of the natives during their life span.
  • Twelfth House: This House denotes Moksha and spirituality. It is also the House of Expenditure's secret pleasures, earnings in foreign lands, and settlement in foreign lands.

Conclusion:- The birth chart Or Kundli of the person plays a key or vital role in one's life. How and where one's life is being directed, the timing of events in their life, their physical and mental traits, positive and negative points, etc. One can easily gaze at and analyze all about your life through your birth chart if one knows how to read and calculate a birth chart.



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