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How to Improve Your Spiritual Powers

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,795
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Our consciousness is a mesh of planetary energies. A deeper look into it can bring before you an amazing and mesmerizing sight of particles playing out their roles. These particles keep creating complex energies in us. Just like the God’s particles (the Higgs boson) play their roles in forming this complex Universe.


When you plunge deep inside yourself to understand the complex mesh of energies hidden within you, you begin to gain spiritual powers. Such abilities can be acquired through consistent practice. Let us understand that gaining spiritual powers is corollary to achieving higher consciousness or intelligence. Now, how can we condition ourselves to realize such powers or intelligence? Improve your consciousness: Supernatural, supra-normal and spiritual powers – all these terms indicate powers or energies which are beyond the material world of physics, logical deductions of scientific experiments and beyond any normal perception. It is otherwise known as the Divine or Godly consciousness.


Practice of controlling the mind through meditation, resorting to spiritual practices, strengthening physical and mental powers through yogic exercises are some of the ways to increase your consciousness. These methods help you connect to the Nature and Universe around you which in turn increases your intrinsic intelligence which are intuition, gut feelings and good power of judgment. Improving your intelligence to understand the wonderful nature is all about getting to know the interplay of energies. Increasing your consciousness about the celestial energies can help you access extra- terrestrial energies.

The few simple ways you can increase your consciousness:

Becoming conscious of planetary horas: Understanding and connecting to planetary energies can help you acquire the right consciousness at the right time. Each hour (hora) of a day is ruled by a planet. Trying to understand the energies ruling the hours of the days can make you more sensitive and conscious of super-natural powers. Becoming spiritual through specific planets: When you propitiate and receive blessings of certain planets you can gain spiritual powers.

  • Jupiter is the controller of all other planets, and it plays the role of a revered spiritual master of the demigods. It influences individuals into subjects of philosophy and spirituality.
  • Saturn controls the practice of yoga and renunciation, or detachment from the material world. Lessons learned from it help in gaining spiritual perspective on life. Such realizations lift people from their limiting circumstances to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Ketu is also a spiritual planet and an indicator of enlightenment. It brings spiritual tendencies and non-attachment from material world. It also gives wisdom to attain spiritual knowledge or knowledge of the self (self-realization). It is the "moksh-karaka", or a force which can lead to enlightenment and freedom from the cycle of repeated birth and death.

Understanding hierarchy of Gods

In Hinduism, the vast universe is represented with the variegated, colorful and myriad Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Each God here represents a different energy or different aspect of the Universe. Dedication and devotion to these Gods helps to increase spiritual powers. The most prominent array of Gods of the pantheon is the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. They are the three major energies: the creator, the maintainer and the destroyer – that explains the process of renewal of energies in this Universe. Next in importance is the Shakti – it has a line of beautiful Goddesses like, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati and so on, who have immense powers for creative energies. The other line of Gods like Muruga, Ganesha, Krishna and others are considered to be the army of Gods who are always ready to be deployed for rescue operations – simply said, they save you from your different troubles. These Gods are closer to normal human consciousness and are easily attainable through concentration and dedication. Gods and planets make you aware of energies which are above and outside our daily nitty-gritty affairs of life. They make you see beyond the close circle of life on earth. Your consciousness increases as you become aware of such new aspects of life and things around you. The deeper you look more conscious you become till you began to observe things at the level of particles. Your intelligence increases as your horizon of understanding keeps expanding.  


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