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How To Improve Your Career Path

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,821
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Your natal chart reveals about your intrinsic nature, your passions and talents that will find prominent expression in your present life. Your chart also reveals the earthly life you will lead such as condition of your finances, means through which you will receive money, the amount of wealth you will enjoy, a profession you will pursue and respect you will receive through your activities and so on. Considering all these factors, a Vedic astrologer suggests the type of career in which a person has good scope and the factors that supports his or her career success.

Knowing the kind energies supporting your decisions about your career can help you find a good path for success in career. A brief glimpse of astrology will help you take a peek at how an individual’s chart can help him or her in mapping his or her career growth.

The Houses that are considered in a chart for making judgment about profession:

  • The 2nd House – The House of Finance reveals about flow of money in an individual’s life. This house will tell you how
  • you will get access to money from various sources including income through profession or career.
  • The 6th House – When considered for professional prospects this house is the House of Service and Employment.
  • It tells about the kind of work one will do, and the type of role one will undertake.
  • The 10th house - The House of Career tells about the status one will acquire in job or business and the environment
  • one will have at work place. The type of higher authority or seniors you will work under and what kind of relation
  • you will have with them is also indicated by your 10th House. This house also shows how one’s karma will be translated into actions.

The Planets that influence profession:

Saturn or Shani: In vedic astrology, Saturn is considered malefic for one’s profession. It brings adversities and delays success and achievements.

When Saturn influences one’s career, it tries to rectify a person so that he or she can come to terms with realities of life.

General observations about Saturn are:

  • When Saturn is aspecting 10th House or the House of Career, it is said to bring about struggles and set-back.
  • If Saturn is Karaka or Significator of 10th House itself, it will bring very slow growth through hard work but eventually the individual will accomplish success. Saturn brings favorable results only when an individual is dedicated and tries to gain deep knowledge in the field of his/her career. Saturn’s presence in this house brings good life and helps the individual to gain good status in society.
  • During its transits, Saturn causes lot of conflict and tensions in profession.
  • Saturn in conjunction with the Sun, Moon, Mars and Ketu give rise to conflicting energies.
  • Sun: In vedic astrology, the Sun represents will-power, vitality, wisdom and royalty or position of authority.

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Sun’s effects in individual lives differ based on the planet with which it is placed and the houses:

  • Generally observed, if the Sun is Karaka or Significator of 10th House, it makes an individual very successful.
  • Sun provides good potential, and sense of responsibility required for success in profession. A well-placed Sun in this house also brings fame and respect in profession.
  • Effect of the Sun is not good for individuals with Moon signs of Libra, Aquarius and Capricorn.
  • During its transit through these signs, the Sun may bring problems and tensions in life.
  • The Sun in conjunction with Saturn, Venus and Rahu give rise to conflicting energies.
  • If you have your natal-chart already created, take look at it from above perspective and weigh it with situations of your life.
  • The deeper you delve, more interesting it becomes. You can also create your own birth chart at AstroVed website. Vedic astrologers study the natal chart along with Dasamsa, or the Tenth Divisional chart to tell us about the tendencies we carry and how they can help us grow in certain profession or careers.  

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