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Different Trunk Postures of Lord Ganesha

June 12, 2015 | Total Views : 4,225
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Parabrahma roopam Ganesham bhajema” | Let us pray to Lord Ganesha, who is the parabrahman or supreme Godhead.

Ganesha is the lord of remover of obstacles who is invoked before commencement of any venture.

According to…..In the Mudgala purana, a scripture of eminence dating to16th century mentions about the 8 incarnations of Lord Ganesha. In one incarnation, he is called Vakratunda or the Lord with the curved trunk. He is seen seated on a lion to fight the asura or demon, Matsara. The demon is symbolic of evil traits like jealousy.

Ganesha`s trunk

The curved trunk also symbolizes the primordial cosmic sound of OM. The trunk symbolizes intellect and wisdom and Lord Ganesha helps one follow the path of truth and corrects those erring souls who transgress the laws of righteousness. Lord Ganesha`s form is very auspicious in nature. The well grown trunk of His form represents a well developed intellect and wisdom. When one prays to him, he bestows sharp intellect and powers of discrimination to see the good and bad. Statues of Ganesha are kept at home to attract prosperity and ward off bad influences. Whenever anyone buys a statue of Ganesha, they are asked to buy a Ganesha with its trunk facing left and avoid the right. It is said there are reasons for this.


Importance of the direction of the curve of trunk

  • When the trunk curves right, it is called valampuri in Tamil and Dakshinabhimukhi in Hindi. The sun`s energies flow through the trunk and it is called Surya nadi or sun channel. This form of Ganesha is called Siddhi Vinayaka, as it can immediately yield desired results. It needs special worship and one has to be very careful in keeping such idols at home. If prayers are not done as per Vedic rules, then it incurs the anger of the residing Lord and as the heat principle is governed by the Lord Sun, it burns away good results. Rules should never be violated and poojas should be done at the right time, in the right suitable way, which is very difficult for householders to adhere to. Many avoid Ganesha idols with the trunk curving towards right.
  • The dakshinabhimukhi idol or idol of Ganesha with trunk curved right is not usually worshipped at home as there is an emission of frequency waves coming from the south called Tiryak or raja frequencies. When all Vedic norms are followed meticulously and worshipped accordingly, then it increases the sattwa or highly positive vibrations that can withstand the raja frequencies emitted from the south direction.
  • When idols with trunk curved right are worshipped, it bestows boons of moksha or salvation. It liberates the soul from worldly fetters.
  • If the trunk faces straight, then it signifies that the sushumna is open and such idols cannot be seen easily.
  • If the trunk is swung high up in the air, it means that the kundalini current has merged with the sahasrara permanently.

If the idol of Ganesha is placed at the main entrance of one`s house it deflects all the negative energies that enter the house. It is believed that keeping Ganesha statues at home and office brings in good luck. Read our related articles 6 Things That Takes You Close to Lord Ganesha


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