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Eating Habits in Astrology

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 4,680
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Our human body is a miniature universe representing the nine grahas or planets and 12 Zodiac signs. Each planet and sign directly relate to different parts of our body contributing to its effective functioning. A birth chart that displays the position of planets in the signs, reveal not only circumstances of life but also constitution of a person’s body and mind.


Grahas or planets and our body:

Each planet has a role to play:

  • The Sun is responsible for level of energy a person has, vitality and functioning of heart.
  • The Moon governs the digestion system, and flow of blood in the body.
  • Mercury governs intellect, creative thinking, ability for precise calculations and so on.
  • Venus rules our senses, and regulation of sugar in body.
  • Mars governs kidney and bladder functioning, red blood cells and so on.
  • Jupiter influences physical growth, limbs, liver, kidney functioning and accumulation of fat in our bodies.
  • Saturn governs the bones of our skeletal structure and oversees distribution of calcium and vitamins in our body.

Different states or phases of a planet, such as when it is debilitated, exalted, retrograde or in transit, influence a person in different ways.

Four types of bodies:

Astrology broadly identifies four categories of human body constitution such as Fire, Air, Earth and Water. You can identify the category to which category you belong by determining the nature of your Ascendant sign in your Vedic Birth chart. You can run your own Birth chart for free at https://www.astroved.com/report.aspx?type=chart. After you take a look at your chart, and find out your Ascendant and the sign you belong to. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are Fire signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Air signs, and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are Water signs. People of each sign category usually express inclination towards certain type of food. Generally speaking, people with Fire signs like spicy and fried food, Earth signs love eating starchy food and tend to overeat. Air sign persons enjoy snacking on quick bites and beverages whereas Water signs are prone to take sea food, addictive beverages and fizzy drinks.

Food beneficial for the four signs:

Fire signs:

FiresignsThey should eat green leafy vegetables, consume lots of fruits, salads, cereals and body coolant drinks. An Aries needs to include large share of salads and food that contains iron and vitamin B12. A Leo must cut down on the quantity and eat calcium and magnesium rich diet. As a Sagittarius tends to pick up anything at hand to eat, they must avoid refined and sugary food and thrive on seafood, nuts, legumes and green vegetables.

Earth signs:

EarthsignsThey should have herbs and herbal drinks for detoxification; have citrus fruits and green vegetables. A Taurean should include cereals and grains for fibre content and healthy oils in their diet. Though a Virgo is quite health conscious, Vitamin B in their diet will keep them in good health. A Capricorn should increase intake of calcium rich diet as in dairy and sea food and also fruits with vitamin C.

Air signs:

AirsignsThey should prefer porridges with milk, consume broths, and rice with butter and spices that enhances digestion such as cumin, asafetida, aloe- vera and so on. A Gemini should include fish, beans, lentils and those rich in vitamin B. A Libran should have adequate amount of nuts and healthy oils in their diet. An Aquarian requires a diet with sufficient vitamin B and manganese through nuts, bread, tofu, beans, spinach and cereals.

Water signs:

WatersignsThey should include green leafy vegetables, lots of fresh fruits and high fibre content food such as oat, wheat-germ, raagi and so on. A Cancerian should resort to diet rich in potassium and B2 with spinach, tomatoes, sweet potato, beans, yogurt and egg, mushroom, beans, broccoli, soyabeans and others. A Scorpio must include herbs that would help in detoxification, such as ginger, flaxseeds, high fiber fruits and vegetables and of course plenty of water. A Piscean should keep themselves healthy with vitamins and minerals in their diet. A practice of detoxifying your body is advisable to balance our metabolism. It would cleanse your body, relax and rejuvenate your muscles and of course, you will be forgiven for indulging into excessive and not-so-healthy eating.


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