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Dreams about Falling

July 11, 2020 | Total Views : 31
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Almost everyone in this world would have had a dream about falling down. Dreams are the language of the subconscious, according to psychoanalysts. In dreams, we see the things we have repressed, pushed deep down into the dark recesses of our mind, where they cannot torment us. When we sleep, the conscious mind is at rest, and the subconscious mind takes over, and what we have suppressed comes up to the surface in the form of dreams. So our dreams do have a meaning. Let us see what the dream of falling down means.

Dreams of falling indicate loss of control, whether it is in a relationship or at work. It comes from a sense of being overwhelmed by some situation in our waking life. It reflects our instabilities, insecurities, and anxieties. It may also represent a sense of inferiority or failure. For instance, failing in an exam, a job, love, etc. But Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst, felt that dreams of falling meant that the dreamer wanted to give in to a sexual urge or impulse.

Biblical interpretations put a negative spin on such dreams. They suggest that it is about straying from the path of God. Most psychologists, however, feel that dreaming about falling is the mind’s way of alerting us to a situation in our waking life where things are going haywire. The core psychological issues involved here are fear, a sense of failure, or loss of control. Astrology offers its own interpretations for such dreams too. Let us see some of them.

Dreams about Falling

Falling from a High Place into an Abyss

This indicates that you are worried about something and lack confidence. Sometimes, youngsters who have illicit sex have this dream, which reveals the inner conflict between sex and morality.

Falling from the Sky

This suggests that you are feeling tired and warns you to be alert to prevent accidents. It is a reminder to take enough rest, sleep properly, consume the right diet, etc. If in the dream, you are falling very quickly, it portends great changes in life.

If you are falling very slowly, it indicates that your thought process is prudent, and you are planning to opt for a new solution or lifestyle.

If you fall heavily to the ground in the dream, and immediately wake up, it indicates that you are very alert and lack trust in the people surrounding you.

Falling Dreams Depending on the Type of Person

A patient who dreams about falling from a high place to a low area signifies that they are unlikely to recover soon.

A businessman who dreams about falling indicates that his money flow will see a sharp decline.

A woman dreaming about falling indicates problems for the husband in finance and happiness.

A man dreaming about his wife falling indicates he will have to spend much money on his wife’s medical expenses.

Old people dreaming about falling from the bed to the ground is an indication that they will fall sick, or even die.

Meanings of falling dreams, according to how you fall

Dreams of falling from a horse indicate that your opponent will defeat you, and you should exercise caution to avoid a great loss.

Dreams about falling from an elephant's back indicate poverty or being insulted by others.

Dreams about falling from the roof suggest that you may be evicted from your home.

Dreams about jumping from the edge of a cliff indicate great stress in life or work, and a subconscious desire to escape from the situation.

Dreams about being pushed down from a bridge or a tall building by someone indicates that you are worried about an agreement or job contract, and a lack of trust in the surrounding environment.

Dreams about falling down before others, or stumbling at a party suggest anxiety about making a fool of yourself before others.

Dreams about falling down and being injured indicate that you may go through a hard time.

Dreams about being all right after falling down suggest that a setback will not cause major harm to you.

Dreams about standing up after falling down suggest that you have the strength to overcome difficulties and achieve remarkable things.

Dreaming about Others Falling Down

Dreams about someone else falling down indicates that you will overcome your opponent.

If a woman dreams about her child falling down, she must pay special attention to the child's health as the dream indicates serious illness for the child.

A man who dreams about falling down with his lover indicates that they will get married.

Dreams about Slipping Down

A dream about someone else slipping down is a bad sign, which indicates a loss for you.

A dream about slipping down with your wife indicates a very deep love that will endure for many years.

Dreams about losing your balance and falling

This suggests an aspect of your life, where there is some imbalance. For instance, it could be a lack of work-life balance, or expenses exceeding income, or equality in relationships, etc.

Dreams about being pushed by someone and falling

If you fell down after someone pushed you, it indicates two things. It could be a repressed part of yourself that is pushing you towards a tough situation. Or, it could be a sign that you need to beware of people around you. For example, if you are forced to work extra hours, stuck in an unhappy relationship, or getting married against your consent, then it is probably your own self, which is pushing you in the dream. But if all this is not the case, it can be a warning not to put too much trust in certain people.

Dreams about falling and trying to hold on

If you dream that you are going to fall, but managed to hold on to something for support that stopped the fall, it could mean that you are trying to fix a situation that went wrong.

Maybe it’s a quarrel with a loved one, a break-up of families, or being relocated against your will. If in the dream you are on the edge of a cliff, it may also indicate that you should deal with life calmly and slowly.

Dreams about falling and landing at the bottom

If, in your dreams, you are falling and landing at the bottom, it suggests an ending. It could also mean failure and hitting rock bottom in a particular situation.

Dreams about falling and landing on your feet

Sometimes you may dream of falling but still landing on your feet, safe and sound. This indicates that you will be able to overcome an obstacle in your life safely.

Each falling dream means something. Now you have the keys to unlock the hidden meanings behind such dreams.

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