Characteristics of the 12 Houses or Rasis or Zodiac Signs

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Characteristics of the 12 Zodiac Signs

February 7, 2023 | Total Views : 82
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In astrology, the Zodiac has 12 divisions called Houses or Rasis. The planets are found in these Houses or zodiac signs, though not all Houses in a horoscope may have planets in them. The House which is occupied by the Moon in a person’s birth chart is called the Rasi. Thus, if the Moon occupies the Aries zodiac sign, the Janma Rasi of the person is Mesha. Moon signs are different from the birth signs in Western astrology, which is based on Sun signs. A third sign called the Ascendant or Rising sign is also taken into account by astrologers when making predictions. In Vedic astrology, Moon signs are the most important.


People whose Moon sign is Aries have an ambitious and energetic nature. They are often independent. They will be able to deal with difficult situations more easily than others. They can be dynamic, but also pushy. They seek fame and can be domineering. They are likely to exaggerate things. They are impatient and impulsive. They tend to be self-centered, stubborn, and wilful. For these people, the Dasa periods of the Moon, Rahu, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury can be unfavorable.

Jupiter and Sun are their favorable planets. Their mutual aspect or conjunction can be very good.


People with Taurus Moon sign are often good-looking. They have an emotional nature and are very attached to their loved ones. They love luxuries. They will be very stubborn and set in their ways. They are hardworking and trustworthy. They seek financial security in life. They can be slow in their actions and at times, rather lazy. This Rasi is associated with music and Mantras. They may undertake long journeys. They are practical and good in business. They should avoid complacency. They are very family-oriented.

The heart, throat, and bladder can be problem areas. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu Dasas can be favorable for them. Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Ketu Dasas are not good, while Saturn can be a benefactor.


They will be very sociable and talkative. They have a keen interest in art and literature. They will be articulate, clever, witty, and versatile. They can shine in business. Often, they may have two different sources of income. They are very intellectual and can be good orators and writers. Their relatives may be one source of income. They may have sexual problems.

If Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu afflict their horoscopes, especially the Lagna or Lagna Lord, they will face difficulties in all aspects of life.

They may have many interests. Problems like pleurisy, pneumonia, asthma, and anemia are likely. Rahu, Venus, and Ketu are the good Dasas. The unfavorable Dasas are Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Mars.


These people will be very caring and sensitive. They may not like to travel often. They have a well-developed sense of intuition. Cancer rules areas like the chest and heart. Parents will have a strong influence on them. They can be secretive. They are good at mastering languages. Because of their emotional temperament and worrying nature, they may suffer from many health issues. Problems in married life are possible.

Jupiter, Mars, and Ketu Dasas will be good. Mars is the only benefactor. The Dasas of Rahu, Venus, and Mercury can be bad. Problems with the lungs and brain are likely. They may have breathing problems too.


People of this sign have a regal personality, like a lion. They are very brave, generous, and large-hearted. They like to be the center of attention. They may have good leadership qualities. But their bold and egoistic nature can create some issues. They have the ability to inspire others. They can be extreme in love and rather vain. They like to spend time in forests and mountains. The natives will be respected and recognized by the government. Problems with the heart and blood circulation are likely. The teeth and the stomach may be weak

Mars, Sun, and Rahu Dasas will be good, while Mercury, Venus, and Ketu Dasas can be bad.


Virgo Moon sign people are very efficient, organized, disciplined, and practical at home and work. They have a chaste and refined nature. They don’t make friends easily as they are reserved. They aim for perfection in all that they do, and they also expect others to be like them. They can be very fussy and critical. They hate untidiness and dirt. The later part of their life will be more peaceful. The intestine, digestive tract, and liver are the weak parts.

Venus, Saturn, and Ketu are good Dasas, while Jupiter, Moon, Rahu, and Mars are unfavorable.


Libra symbolizes balance. These people want to be fair and just in their dealings. They are very indecisive. They are usually goodlooking and attract a lot of admirers. They are sweet in their speech and courteous. They like to please others and dislike confrontations. They may not have many children. They will be very artistic. They love beauty and luxuries. Gains may come through women. They need to control their sex drive. Kidneys and liver are likely to cause problems.

Jupiter, Moon, Sun, and Ketu Dasas will be bad.


Scorpio Moon sign natives are very emotional and possessive. They have an intense and controlling nature and form strong likes and dislikes. They can be cunning and will have few sincere friends as they tend to suspect people’s motives and intentions. They have a vengeful nature and will retaliate if someone tries to harm or betray them. They may get unexpected legacies and gifts. They are very passionate, and their sexual urges are strong. They will be interested in the occult. They may face sexual and romantic problems. The natives may have many relatives. Good Dasas are Jupiter, Rahu, Sun, Moon, and Ketu.


These natives have a jovial and friendly nature. They are intelligent and fun-loving. They can also be philosophical. They love outdoor sports and are quite independent. They don’t find commitments easy, so they may take time to settle down in life. There may be differences of opinion with their family members. They love to travel and explore new places and cultures. They are risk-takers. Mundane jobs and routines make them feel suffocated. Excess heat in the body may cause health problems.

Sun, Moon, and Mars Dasas will be good. Venus Dasa may be bad.


Those whose Moon sign is Capricorn are very practical. They are very ambitious and hardworking. They will pursue their goals with a singleminded focus. They can be workaholics. They may face some internal conflicts. Stubborn by nature, they may not heed the advice of others. They are suspicious of others. There may be a lack of funds and financial losses at times. They should avoid committing sinful acts, as they will lose their peace of mind. They may oppose their family members. They can be separated from their parents and relatives.

Venus and Mercury are good Dasas, while Mars, Moon, Jupiter, and Ketu are bad Dasas.


Great saints and thinkers have this sign. It deals with hidden themes. The natives may make unexpected trips. Problems in domestic life are likely. Their friends have a great influence on them. They are humane and idealistic. If the major planets are well-placed, they may render great service to mankind by using their knowledge and wisdom for human progress. Their materialistic prosperity is linked to their spiritual nature. They have an unconventional outlook. Teeth, legs, eyes, and ears may cause problems. Poor blood circulation is also possible.

Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu are good Dasas. Jupiter, Moon, and Mars will be bad. During the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Ketu Dasas, their life may be in danger.


Pisces Moon sign natives have a very compassionate, empathic, and intuitive nature. They can be very moody. They care deeply for their friends and relatives. They may have many siblings. Their children can be very fortunate. They like to help others. But they are prone to losing themselves in fantasies and daydreams. They are escapists who don’t like to deal with unpleasant realities. They also tend to develop addictions. At times, they choose to withdraw from others. They are very artistic. They may have more daughters than sons. Common colds and mucus discharges may bother them.

Mars, Moon, and Ketu are favorable Dasas, while the bad Dasas are Venus, Sun, and Mercury.

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