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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

December 3, 2020 | Total Views : 71
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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope for January 2021:

General Overview: Of Wisdom and Spiritual Growth:

The year opens on a note of positives. You could well find yourself on an intensely spiritual path where the focus is on yourself. The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury will be in their Moon sign. You will learn to use your wisdom, energy, and power to manage anything successfully, be it your family, education, relationships, or finance. Your domestic and financial front will be solid and peaceful. Your belief in yourself, your diligence, and your belief in God can help you overcome any hurdle you may find in your path. Keep your mind open and listen to any advice your elders, Guru, or mentor can pass on to you. You may go down the religious path. Get your free and most accurate monthly horoscope astrological predictions from

Love & Relationships: Tread with Care:

Love is around, but you need to rein in your aggressive side. The position of Mars could invite you to become very bold and take risky steps that could negatively impact you and your partner down the line. Try not to dominate or intimidate your partner. Although Venus can bring out your mild side, Mars can make you aggressive. Refrain from harsh communication. Maturity is vital for keeping the relationship steady. Control your aggressive nature and anger, as it could sour your relationship.

Finances: Play It Safe:

This month will be financially steady for you. The inflow is expected to be good. However, you are cautioned not to go overboard and indulge in lavish expenditure. With Venus in your 12th house, the tendency to overindulge may rock you. The wise move would be to save as much money as you can and not initiate any investment that could be futile. Elders are the best people who could advise you to be careful. Tread cautiously this month and keep your financial boat steady.

Career: The Walk of Life- Modesty and Patience Pays:

On the professional front, you will see growth; however, not to your expectations. Positive development in your career may evade you, and promotions may not be forthcoming. Keep the faith; otherwise, you may lose patience and your drive to succeed. This may not be the time for becoming egotistical, so refrain from having negative interactions with your colleagues and seniors at work. It could be that you stand to gain and form some new relationships if you are down to earth and modest.

Business: Diplomacy the Best Policy:

On the business front, you will find things going well for you. You will have positive and productive discussions with your business partners. However, if anything needs checking, it is your own behavior. You need to step back and place your ego on the back burner. Interact with tact and care and do not brandish a conceited image in their faces. This attitude will not help and may mar the business deals you may be negotiating. You need to rein in your superior attitude of having better knowledge and must speak modestly. Be soft-spoken and courteous; it may win you more brownie points in business deals.

Professionals: Save Yourself the Ego Trip:

By nature, you are smart and tend to rely on research. You like to be well prepared and assess everything before you initiate anything new. You will garner praise at the workplace for your research skills from your superiors. However, it is better to play down your talents and stay grounded. Restrain your ego, which may tend to get out of hand at times and allow you to come across as boisterous, cynical, and impolite.

Health: Keep It Simple:

You may not have any serious issues on the health front. However, watch out for lesser irritants like acidity and gastric issues. Overall, stress may affect your health, and you may suffer from headaches and stress-related issues. Please keep it simple. Focus on a healthy diet and exercise. You can do meditation to detoxify and calm your mind. Indulge in Surya Namaskar to stay fit.

Students: Family - Your Best Support System:

Those of you who are students can stand to gain a lot at the beginning of the year. You will find solid support forthcoming from your family members. Your mother will play a pivotal role, and it will bode you well to heed her advice in getting into an educational institution of your choice that can hold you in good stead for a career. You may face some hurdles that could include education loans. However, rest assured your family will step forward to help you out.

This is the time to work hard and focus on your academic pursuits. Your diligence may pay off and bring you success. For some of you, the future may look bright with job opportunities coming through with the help of your parents and well-meaning friends.

Overall, the year starts on a good and positive note for you. You will garner much support from your family, and they will rally around you when you need help. On all fronts, things will look positive. Keep a check on your ego always, and you may find things working to your advantage.

Auspicious dates: 1,2,3,7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 21, 30, 31.
Inauspicious dates: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

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