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Bhagya Suktam - A Vedic Hymn for Good Fortune and Happy Marriage

July 30, 2021 | Total Views : 65
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Bhagya Suktam

Bagya Suktam is a Vedic hymn. This is dedicated to God Bhaga, who remains one among the 12 Aadityas, the sons of the Vedic Goddess Aditi. These Adityas represent the various forms of Surya, the Sun God, and Bhaga remains one of them. The term ‘Bhaga’ also carries the meaning, good luck, fortune, and affluence. Hence, Bhagya Suktam, pronounced as Bhaagya Suktam, is hailed as a hymn seeking good fortune and prosperity. Bhaga also presides over marriage, and so, it is also chanted for blessings for a happy and successful marriage.   


Suktam refers to a group of Mantras or verses found in the Vedas. A Suktam is generally associated with a sage, a God, and a poetic meter called Chandas.

Bhagya Suktam, the 41st Suktam of the 7th chapter of Rig Veda, consists of 7 Mantras. This Suktam is associated with sage Vasishtha Maitraavaruni and principally addresses God Bhaga, who is also referred to in the Vedas. However, its different Mantras are in different meters. In addition to the Rig Veda, Bhagya Suktam also appears in Atharva Veda as Kalyaanaartha Prarthana Suktam, the hymn praying for the wellbeing of the marriage. This hymn occurs again in Taittiriya Brahmana of Krishna Yajurveda and remains part of the prayers for the sanctification of water, known as the Udaka Shanthi Mantras.

Bhagya Suktam remains one of the hymns of significance, chanted for performing Homas or Yagnyas, the fire rituals, to seek the blessings of Lord Bhaga, as a representative of Surya Bhagavan, the Sun God.

Bhagya Suktam English

The Prayer of the Morning

Bhagya Suktam principally remains the invocation of the dawn and hence is also known as the Praathah Suktam, the morning hymn. It begins with the seeking of the blessings of various Gods as the day breaks, and it is believed that its chanting in the morning with sincerity and faith can make the day a blessed one for the devotees.    

This Suktam of 7 verses begins by invoking many deities, who remain the principal forces of nature and seeks their benevolent grace. Then, it speaks the greatness of Lord Bhaga and offers prayers to him for his blessings of wealth and prosperity, which it seeks particularly as the cattle, horses, and people in the form of good progeny, well-wishers, and followers.      

Bhagya Suktam – Mantras with Meaning

We give below the text of all the 7 Mantras of Bhagya Suktam, along with their meanings:

1. Praatharagnim Praatharindram Havaamahe Praatharmithraavarunaa Praatharashvinaa

Praatharbhagham Puushanam Brahmanaspathim Praatah Somamutha Rudram Huvema

At dawn in the morning, we invoke Agni, the Fire God; Indra, the Lord of the heavens and Rain God; Mitra - Varuna, the two Aadityas, generally regarded as the Sun God and God of the ocean, respectively; the Ashwins Nasatya and Dasra, the Godly twins of health and medicine; Bhaga, the God of good fortune; Pushan, the deity of nourishment; Brahmanaspati, the deity of the prayers; Soma, the Moon God, and Rudra, the God of the storm.   

2. Praatharjitham Bhaghamugraṃ Huvema Vayaṃ Puthramaditheryo Vidharthaa

Aadhrashchidyaṃ Manyamaanasthurashchidraajaa Chidyaṃ Bhaghaṃ Bhakshiithyaaha

We invoke the aggressive and victorious Bhaga, son of protector Aditi, in the mornings. And that Bhaga is the one sought after by all like the poor, the king, and even those with pride. 

3. Bhagha Pranetharbhagha Sathyaraadho Bhaghemaam Dhiyamudavaa Dadannah

Bhaga Prano Janaya Gobhirashvairbhagha Pranrbhirnrvanthah Syaama

Bhaga is the Lord and is the one propitiated by the righteous - let him bestow us with prosperity and sublime intellect. O Bhaga! Do fill our abodes with cattle and horses, and may we be provided with men and followers. 

4. Uthedaaniiṃ Bhagavanthah Syaamotha Prapithva Utha Madhye Ahnaam

Uthodithaa Maghavan Suuryasya Vayaṃ Devaanaaṃ Sumathau Syaama

May we remain blessed with glory at the time of dawn now and also during the daylight and afternoon. Oh Indra, the Maghavan, may the Gods cast their benign glance on us, even at the Sunset.

5. Bhagha Eva Bhagavaanasthu Devaasthena Vayaṃ Bhagavanthah Syaama

Thaṃ Thvaa Bhaga Sarva Ijjohaviithi Sa No Bhaga Puraethaa Bhaveha

May Bhaga be truly the source of great wealth and oh Gods, may we remain prosperous, thanks to him. We all invoke you, oh Bhaga, and may you be our advocate.  

6. Samadhvaraayoshasonamantha Dadhikraaveva Shuchaye Padaaya

Arvaachiinam Vasuvidam Bhagam No Rathamivaashvaa Vaajina Aa Vahanthu

To this Adhvara, the Yagnya, the ritual of the dawn, and to this place of great sanctity, let the revered Gods bring the wealthy Bhaga here to us, just like Lord Agni, as the divine horse Dadhikraava, brings the chariot.  

7. Ashvaavathiirgomathiirna Ushaaso Viiravathiih Sadamuchchanthu Bhadraah

Ghrtham Duhaanaa Vishvathah Prapeethaa Yuuyam Paatha Svasthibhih Sadaa Nah

May the Gods of the dawn invoked earlier bless us with cows, horses, and the heroic ones. We propitiate you with milk and ghee profusely, and oh deities, do always protect us with your kind blessings.

People can chant this highly efficacious Bhagya Suktam, especially in the mornings with devotion and faith, and receive divine blessings for prosperity, fortune, happy and fruitful marriage, and all-round wellbeing. 

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