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Worship Lord Hanuman Through Mantra and Yantra

DateJune 8, 2018

Mantra and Yantra, an Introduction

Mantra is a series of words or even sounds that is normally in praise of a particular God or Goddess. When chanted with devotion, it can get for the devotees, immense divine blessings.

Yantra refers to a mystical diagram. It is a sort of a simple contraption which is said to have been born out of the ancient Tantric traditions of our land. These Yantras are generally energized with the powers of many different Gods and Goddesses, and are widely believed to possess great powers, that can bestow worshippers with various material and spiritual benefits. Yantras have remained a part of our worships both at homes and in temples, from very ancient times.


Greatness of Lord Hanuman

Hanuman is a unique God of the Hindu pantheon. Also known as Maruthi, he is a great devotee of Lord Rama, who is said to always dwell in his heart and hence, Hanuman is often referred to as Rama Baktha Hanuman. Born as the son of the monkey chieftain Kesari and his spouse Anjana, he is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and also born by the grace of Vayu, the Wind God. Thus, Hanuman has in himself the divine aspects of various divinities including the supreme Gods, Vishnu and Shiva. Hanuman is a monkey-faced God and is a rare combination of courage, strength, scholarship and humility. He did great service to Rama and Sita, helping Rama to defeat the mighty demon Ravana in a fierce battle, and thus rescuing Sita from captivity and uniting her with her loving husband. He, thus, got the blessing of being a Chiranjeevi, an immortal, and it is believed the he is present whenever and wherever the name of his Lord Rama is taken and his glory is sung.

Shani Dev, the much feared Navagraha, the planetary Lord was once captured and imprisoned by the mighty demon Ravana and it was Hanuman who rescued him from the Asura’s captivity and restored him to his original position. Hence, Shani Dev is said to be ever grateful to Hanuman and so, people who are afflicted by the powerful planet can pray to Hanuman and get relief from Saturn’s ill-effects.

Hanuman Mantra and Yantra — Basics of Worship

Hanuman Yantra too, like other such Yantras, consists of a series of geometric designs and patterns drawn on a flat metallic plate. It is believed to be a powerful device and a great cosmic conductor of divine energy. It is strongly advised to keep one’s eyes and mind at the center of the Yantra and focus on it unwaveringly for optimum effect.

Worshipping of the Hanuman Yantra can be a very effective means of propitiating Lord Hanuman. It can help to generate the immense energy of the Lord and that can stimulate our spirits, power our lives, bestow knowledge and courage, and also act as a potential shield against dangers. The divine energy can relieve us from even incurable diseases, bad habits like laziness and malefic Saturn effects, and bless us with communication skills and a long, productive life. Thus, the Yantra puja conducted with faith and devotion can remain a potent tool for bestowing a life with many blessings like health, success, prosperity, proficiency in practices like yoga and meditation etc.

It is said that Hanuman worship in any form should be done on Tuesdays and/or Saturdays for getting the unstinted grace of the Lord. Also, like any other puja, Hanuman Puja too can begin with the worship of Vinayaka/Viswakshena with flowers, and offerings like fruits and other eatables, so that all possible obstacles to the worship are removed.

Installation of Hanuman Yantra

Hanuman Yantra is a sacred device which should be maintained with care. It should be cleaned often with milk or rose water, then rinsed in water and wiped dry. Sandal paste may be applied to all its four corners and also to its center. The Yantra can then be installed at an appropriate place, at a scared alter, facing east or north. Oil lamps and incense sticks can be lighted in front, and fruits or dry fruits can be made as offerings.

Hanuman Mantra and Yantra Puja

With the Hanuman Yantra so setup, the puja can be started in front of it, with this dhyana sloka, that is, a meditative hymn dedicated to Hanuman.

Sri Ramadhutamsharanamprapadhye’.

The Yantra can then be formally consecrated with the chant ‘Hanuman Yantra Aavahayami’.

Making flower offerings to the Yantra then, recite —

‘Yantraraajayavidhmahe Mahayantrayadhimahi, Tannoyantraprachodayaat’
‘Mantrarajayavidhmahe Mahamantrayadhimahi, Tanno mantra prachodayaat’.

Then Archana, the Light and Sound ceremony can be done, invoking Lord Hanuman with flowers, taking his names as under:

‘Om Sri Hanumathe Nama:
Om Sri Anjaneyaya Nama:
Om Sri Ramabhakthaya Nama:
Om Sri Chiranjivinae Nama:
Om Sri YantraSwarupinae Nama:
Om Sri TantraSwarupinae Nama:
Om Sri Mantra Swarupinae Nama:
Om Sri Sanaischaradoshapaharinae Nama:
Om Sri Sarvagrahapidavinasinae Nama:
Om Sri Sarvarogaharaya Nama:
Om Sri Sarvadukhkhaharaya Nama:
Om Sri Dhirgayushyadaayakaaya Nama:’

Then Hanuman Gayathri Mantra can be chanted as under:

‘Om Ramadhutayavidhmahekapirajaayadhimahi, Tanno Hanuman prachodayaat.’
‘Om Anjaneyayavidhmahevayuputhrayadhimahi, Tanno Hanumath prachodayaat.’
‘Om Anjaneyayavidhmahevayuputhrayadhimahi, Tanno Maruthi prachodayaat.’
‘Om Harimarkatamahamarkata

Paraprayuktha mantra yantra tnatra bhayam

Then, the following Mantras can be chanted 12 times:

‘Om aim hrimsrimhanumatheramadhuthya
Lanka vidhvamsanayaanjanaagarbhasambhuthaya
Hanumadhdevayaom aim hrimshrimhraamhrimhrum
hum phatsvaahaaharihariaangaang.’

Now, make offerings of dhoopa, deepa and naivedhya, that is, incense, light with oil lamp and oblations, respectively. Offer turmeric powder mixed rice or flowers and wave lighted lamp or lighted camphor in front of Hanuman Yantra. Please meditate deeply on the Lord, place all problems at his feet, make honest wishes and seek his divine blessings.

The Puja may then be concluded by reciting the following hymn –


Meaning — Oh Lord Hanuman, you are capable of completing successfully even the tasks that are impossible to be done; then, is there anything impossible at all for you? Oh Lord, the messenger of Rama and the ocean of mercy! Kindly fulfill my requests and desires.

Then place some flowers on the Yantra and conclude the puja with the humble appeal —

Yatpujithammaya deva paripoornamtadhasthu me’.

Meaning — Oh Lord, there may be mistakes in the mantra chanting, worship and even in my devotion, still kindly do accept the puja as complete!’.

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