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August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Predictions

July 6, 2020 | Total Views : 76
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August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - General Overview:

This may remain a purposeful month for the Aquarius-born. You may do well in the financial as well as the vocational front. Some of you may invest money and start new business ventures. You may make gains from the mother’s side, whereas a few may buy vehicles. There are chances for love affairs ending in marriages, though some minor hiccups are also seen in this regard. The married and eligible may get progeny. You may get invitations from far off places and undertake long-distance travels to meet commitments. There are also possibilities of pilgrimages in this time. The employed may have moderate fortunes, while business may require close monitoring. The expenses may be high, and these may cause a strain on your income. Your father may suffer from health issues. What Aquarius make best pair with? Using our Aquarius compatibility meter you can find out the best match for Aquarius zodiac sign.

August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - Love and Relationship:

Love-life may not be too rosy, and love affairs may also run into obstacles. So, patience is advised in matters of the heart. You may also have to be patient and diplomatic in solving family problems. Worshipping Goddess Durga on Fridays will be of help to you.              

August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - Finance:

Your financial position is likely to be bright, and this can bring you reasonable joy. You may also be making a good income, and this may be enough to take care of all your responsibilities.  

August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - Career:

Career may witness steady progress. You may handle work-related problems with courage and confidence and deliver results. You are still advised to pay close attention to your work. Treating your subordinates with kindness and courtesy will also be of help to you. 

August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - Business:

You may pay special attention to business growth, and this may give you handsome returns. Your positive frame of mind and ability to get into immediate action can also prove very beneficial for trading activities.

August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - Professionals:

Your commitment to work may earn for you, prestigious, new responsibilities. Your professional contribution will also be sizeable in the completion of your tasks. This may also prove to be the ideal time for you to recover whatever you have lost before.

August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - Health:

Your health may only be average; so, please do take good care of yourself now. Follow a strict diet regimen, and also, do daily meditation. These can help to improve your fitness.   

August 2020 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - Students:

Studies should go on smoothly, and students can expect marked progress in their educational pursuits. You may also receive unstinted support from parents and teachers now. Try to develop a better rapport with friends, and this can be of greater help to you.

Auspicious dates:  1,2,15,16,17,24,25,28,29
Inauspicious dates: 3,4,18,19,22,23,30,31


  • Worship Lord Muruga and Sri Ganesha, do poojas, and offer prayers to them in temples.  
  • Do homas and poojas to Chevvai (planetary Lord Mars), Guru (planetary Lord Jupiter), Shani (planetary Lord Saturn), Rahu, and Ketu, and worship them. 
  • Help renovate temples and do service there. Perform poojas in Siddhar samadhis. Also, help and feed the ascetics.

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