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5 Vedic Planetary Practices That Transmits Positive Vibes

March 24, 2023 | Total Views : 435
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Vedic astrology claims that energy animates all things in life. Energy can be both positive and negative. Positive energy gives us a boost and helps us to accomplish many feats. Negative energy pulls us down and makes us feel low-spirited or depressed, making life seem dark and hopeless.

Today, let us have a look at 5 important Vedic practices that can help us become more confident, assertive, and successful in life.

At home, we are surrounded by energy. This energy can also affect your body, mind, and soul. Some people may feel calm and peaceful when they are at home. Others may feel tense and anxious. Your feelings, whatever they are, have a connection with the energy around you and the nature of its flow. When the energy is positive, or the energy flow is smooth, without any blocks, you feel happy and peaceful. But if you feel agitated and restless, there may be negative energy around you, and it may be overpowering the positive energy. To restore joy and peace, you have to balance them.

Vedic astrology says that both positive and negative energies are present in every person’s birth chart. With the help of some simple tips and practices, we can improve the quality of our life by reducing the bad effects of negative energy and increasing the good effects of positive energy.

These tips and practices must be incorporated into your daily routine for the best results. Not all tips may be equally effective for everyone, as it all depends on the individual’s birth chart.

Below are some Vedic planetary practices to boost the positive energy in your life.

Color Therapy

Colors swirl around us all the time. We cannot imagine a world without color. Each one of us may have some favorite color or the other. Colors, in fact, have therapeutic uses. They have been used to cure various diseases since ancient times. Using colors for various remedial uses is called ‘Color Therapy’.

The Egyptians used color for healing. Color therapy may have existed as early as 2000 BC. Primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) were mostly used for healing as the ancient people did not know about mixing 2 colors to create a new one.

In Egyptian mythology, chromotherapy (color therapy) was discovered by Thoth, one of their gods. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used colored stones, crystals, minerals, salves, and dyes as remedies. They also painted the places where treatments were given in different shades of colors. It was Avicenna (AD 980) who was responsible for advancing color therapy. He stressed the importance of color in diagnosis and treatment. He argued that red color moved the blood, blue or white could cool it, and yellow could reduce muscular pain and inflammation.

Vedic astrology asserts that colors can maintain the balance of positive and negative energy in a person based on their Ascendant sign or zodiac sign. Negative colors can impair one’s decision-making ability and cause mental disturbance and confusion. But, positive colors help one to make quick decisions and boost confidence.

Let us say you are an Aries/Leo/Cancer/Scorpio/Sagittarius/Pisces Ascendant (any one of them). If so, red, pink, orange, yellow and white colors can enhance the positive energy flow in your life and send out positive vibes to you.

You must, however, avoid colors like Black, Grey, and Dark Green if you wish to control the negative energy flow.

But, if you are Taurus/Gemini/Libra/Capricorn/Aquarius Ascendant, colors like Navy Blue, Black, Purple, Sky Blue, Cream, Grey, and Green are good for you, and they can enhance the positive vibes in your life. You should also avoid colors like Red and Orange as they can increase the flow of negative energy for you, leading to some adverse effects in your life.

Offer Water to the Sun

The Sun is the king of the Vedic planets in Indian astrology. All the other planets shine by its light. If the Sun is favorable in your birth chart, you are very fortunate indeed. But if it’s unfavorable, you will face many struggles, and success and fame will elude you. So, how can you please the Sun?

By offering water to the Sun before breakfast and after you have taken a bath in the morning, you can maintain the equilibrium of the positive-negative energy flow in your life. By offering water, you can increase the power and strength of the Sun in your life. The Sun in Vedic astrology represents name, fame, success, and stability. It is the only deity that we can actually see in its real form (unlike the other deities who are worshipped as idols and pictures). Hence, offering water to the Sun boosts the power and strength of the Sun. This ensures that name, fame, success, and stability can be yours.

Feed Birds and Fish

You may have seen many people feeding birds and fish. Some do it because they have a kind heart, and some others do it as an astrological remedy. It is a fact that feeding birds and fish during the period between early morning to sunset can improve the flow of positive energy in life. This is very beneficial for those who have malefic effects or bad effects of Vedic planets like Rahu or Ketu or both in their birth charts. It is also effective if you are planning to leave the country to settle abroad.

Feed Ants and Insects

By feeding ants or insects a spoonful of a mixture of sugar and wheat flour you can boost the flow of positive energy around you. Place the mixture in the corner or in a park or field, or under a tree so that ants and insects can eat it. There should be no water around it. This practice is good for those who suffer from the negative effects of bad planets in their natal chart. The results may come quickly, too. By making it a daily habit, you can create positive vibes around you.

Taking the Right Step

Often, we do not pay attention to what step we put out first when leaving the house. Here is a small tip to boost positive energy. Before you leave the house, put forward your right foot first. This is beneficial for all zodiac signs (ascendant). This attracts positive vibes into the house.

Who doesn’t want a happy and peaceful life? Well, you can have it by following these Vedic planetary practices and tips. They will reduce the bad effects of malefic planets in your natal chart as well as the bad effects of your past life karmas. They will increase the positive energy and vibes around you, and you will soon experience many good things in your life.


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