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10 Must Know Significance of Giving Roti to Cow

January 13, 2021 | Total Views : 104
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Cows have a hallowed place in Hindu culture. Hindus believe that several gods and goddesses reside within the cow. The cow is also equated with a mother (gaumata) as it provides milk to us. For these reasons, cows are venerated in India, and in many parts of the country, eating their meat is considered to be a sin. In Hindu astrology, cow feeding is touted as an astrological remedy for various problems.

Cow feeding on Amavasya and giving jaggery to cows for marriage is practiced in Hinduism, as these are believed to bring many benefits. It is also a popular practice to feed bananas to cows, which is popular among many Hindu sects.

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Hindus worship cows with great devotion. It is said that cow feeding helps to overcome the malefic effects of planets in a person’s horoscope. Generally, green grass and sweet flour are given to cows, which is believed to bring positivity in our lives.

The cow is also seen as a symbol of Mother Earth. Even in Buddhism, cows are regarded as sacred and are worshipped. The Hindu god, Krishna, has the names Baala Gopala and Govinda which mean ‘protector of cows’, and he was a cowherd.

It is believed that worshipping a cow is equal to worshipping 33 core Hindu Gods.

Benefits Of Feeding Cows:

  • All the Vedic scriptures speak of the importance of the cow. There are many astrological remedies related to cows, too, that can solve astrological issues and eliminate the adverse effects of unfavorable planets in the horoscope.
  • When Sun is not favorable in your horoscope, give wheat bread to cows.
  • When the Moon is weak in one's horoscope, one should keep a cow or give water to the cow daily. This will help reduce the malefic effects of the Moon.
  • When Mars is weak in the horoscope, give jaggery and gram to cows on Tuesdays.
  • To improve the effects of planet Mercury, give green grass or green leafy vegetables to cows on Wednesday.
  • To improve the effects of planet Jupiter, give jaggery and soaked gram to cows on Thursdays.
  • To make Venus strong or reduce the adverse effects of Venus, give a portion of your food to a cow daily.
  • If you are going through Rahu Maha Dasha, give soaked black dal to a black cow or a black buffalo every evening. This will reduce the malefic effects of Rahu.
  • When Saturn is afflicted in your horoscope, or you are undergoing the ill effects of Sade Sati, feed the cow oiled bread or green spinach every Saturday, as this is said to eliminate the malefic effects of Shani.
  • When Ketu is not favorable, feed some sesame seeds mixed in wheat flour. This will help you to overcome the malefic effects of Ketu.
  • If you are going through a bad time, daily, after taking a shower, get a cow’s blessing by touching its feet. This can bring peace, harmony, and prosperity in life.
  • Keeping a calendar or photo of Krishna playing the flute and surrounded by cows in the house is very auspicious and can bring positive energy.
  • Seeing the cow or hearing its voice is very auspicious when going for some important work.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, the presence of a cow in the house has the power to remove any Vastu Dosha. Lighting a ghee lamp in the temple also creates positivity in the house.

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