Jupiter transits into Sagittarius 2019

12 Months to Attract Abundance & Opportunities

Nov 5, 2019 – Nov 20, 2020

Jupiter Transit 2019

The benevolent Jupiter returns home after 12 years. Jupiter is a benefic planet and owns the 9th house of the natural zodiac. The benevolent planet joins the shadow entity, Ketu and the Karmic planet, Saturn in the sign Sagittarius. Jupiter’s aspect is considered auspicious. During this transit, the natural zodiac’s 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses, such as Aries, Gemini, and Leo, receive the auspicious aspect of the compassionate planet. Jupiter signifies prosperity, gold, luck, fortunes, knowledge, pious people, etc. and is also the significator of progeny and wealth. The planet related to wisdom also offers unmatched brilliance and helps in acquiring knowledge. Jupiter bestows understanding capability, alongside relieving us from the cloud of ignorance. The ministerial planet is said to offer expansion in the sign it stays. Jupiter’s entry into the house of fortune means that the Divine planet would expand fortunes and strengthen us with its kind eloquence. The presence of Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, tends to offer a chance for us to improve on our spiritual aspect of life.
Jupiter Transit 2019 Date & Time
Jupiter Transits From Scorpio to Sagittarius November 5, 2019, 06:42 am IST
Jupiter Transits From Sagittarius to Capricorn November 20, 2020, 2:55 pm IST

Impact of Jupiter Transit 2019 on All Moon Signs:

Jupiter will be sharing his sign Sagittarius with Ketu till September 23, 2020, and with Saturn till January 24, 2020. This combination would bring progress and determination to come up in life against all the odds. Opportunities for development in personal as well as professional life would knock the door. Inclination towards spirituality and interest towards one’s religious practices would be at its peak. Higher education, important life events in the form of a job change, marriage, and childbirth are some of the important yet significant activities that could happen with the blessings of Jupiter. Jupiter’s stay in Sagittarius would also mean that long-pending judgments could turn favorable. Possibilities of migration can be expected during the transit. A revelation in the field of an ancient system of medicine like Ayurveda and herbal medicines would expose many new curative medications. Even people and the government could revisit this precious heritage and bring them into existence. European countries would welcome students with eye-catching opportunities for higher education when compared to the US and Canada. On the other side, the financial market would witness stagnation. Misunderstandings catering to a war-like situation between neighboring countries are likely. Fraudulent activities in spiritual and educational sectors might come out to the eyes of the public. There could possibly be a threat arising due to the invention of new explosives.
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Choose Your Moon Sign to Read Jupiter Transit 2019 Predictions

AriesAriesThis is an auspicious transit that is likely to bring a lot of positive results. This transit is the time to manifest your personal and professional goals and work on boosting your fortune.
TaurusTaurusThis transit of Jupiter is likely to give positive results in almost all walks of life. This transit is the time to enjoy sudden gains that can bring transformation into your life.
GeminiGemini During this transit, you could find opportunities to increase harmony and understanding with your important relationships. You will enjoy good health, and Jupiter helps enhance your knowledge and skills.
CancerCancerDuring this transit, Jupiter would help you to come out of significant debts and move forward in life. It is the right time for you to make the best use of your knowledge and intelligence for financial and professional growth.
LeoLeoThis period is likely to bring good progress in all walks of life. During this period, your efforts will be rewarded. Gaining knowledge and improving your skills can help you progress in life.
VirgovirgoFor you, this transit can be called as the transit of desire fulfillment. Potential promotions and perks in your profession can keep you happy.
LibraLibraForeign travel and foreign association would bring good fortune and luck. Past issues in your relationships will be resolved smoothly.
ScorpioScorpioThis transit will help you to recover from previous ailments and enjoy good health. Make use of this transit period to plan your finances and work on improving your family harmony.
SagittariusSagittariusThis transit of Jupiter can help you maintain good health. It is recommended to make use of this transit period to plan and focus on self-development and domestic activities.
CapricornCapricornYou will have fruitful travel, especially long travel or foreign travel. Going on a pilgrimage will bring inner peace. Domestic happiness will help you to perform well in your career.
AquariusAquariusThis may be a suitable time to buy a luxury vehicle and renovate your house. During this transit period, a prudent speculative investment could bring a good windfall.
PiscesPiscesThis transit could bring a lot of luck and fortune. You would feel positive and confident in all the work you do. Your efforts would bring good results.