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Libra Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (January 12th 2020 - January 18th 2020)

2020-01-12 You will experience feelings of satisfaction by exchanging pleasant moments with your partner. You will also spend some good times with your partner.

2020-01-13 A deeper attachment towards your partner could develop and will reflect while interacting with each other. This will enable you to enjoy a good relationship.

2020-01-14 You could tend to show and express deep feelings of love and affection towards your partner. This will enable you to develop close bonds with each other.

2020-01-15 You tend to have more loving feelings towards your partner and sincerity will also be present. This will make your beloved very happy with you.

2020-01-16 You may tend to have arguments with your partner. Adopt a calm attitude to sustain harmony in the relationship.

2020-01-17 Adopt a friendly approach in all matters to sustain good understanding and harmony with your partner.

2020-01-18 Your partner and you need to work equally towards making your married life better. If you both are friendly with each other, things will work out good.

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