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Libra Money Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 14th 2019 - July 20th 2019)

2019-07-14 Loss of money is indicated for the day. You need to be careful in spending and handling money to avoid losses.

2019-07-15 Money could come in through elders. You will secure this as a gift and fill you with a sense of satisfaction.

2019-07-16 There are chances of gaining money through an inheritance. A considerable amount of savings is also possible.

2019-07-17 You may not be able to figure out when money comes in and when it goes out. Such situations could exist find this will cause some worries for you.

2019-07-18 Money flow is likely to be limited for the day. Increasing commitments could make it hard to fulfill requirements. This may not be very comfortable for you.

2019-07-19 You could have a tough time retaining money as you may have to bear some unwanted expenses. Increased commitments will make it difficult to manage.

2019-07-20 Financial progress could get affected on this day. You may have to incur more expenses and this will be a matter of concern.

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