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Libra Career Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (March 24th 2019 - March 30th 2019)

2019-03-24 Work pressure could be present for the day. You may have to shoulder more responsibilities at the workplace.

2019-03-25 You may face certain disappointments or hurdles in discharging your work effectively. Communication with your colleagues will also not be satisfactory.

2019-03-26 Chances of growth appear to be less favorable with respect to your work. There will be excess job pressure which will keep you worried.

2019-03-27 You will be more dedicated and service oriented while doing your job. The ambition to succeed will enable you to achieve success easily.

2019-03-28 You could experience increased work pressure that will make you feel a little sad. This may also make you feel insecure and hamper your output at work.

2019-03-29 Work pressure is likely to be more for the day. Maintain good ties with your colleagues to avoid any problems with them.

2019-03-30 You may could find it a little difficult to finish your work on time. This may cause you worries. It will be wise to adopt a planned schedule for completing your assignments on time.

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