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Libra Career Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (September 15th 2019 - September 21st 2019)

2019-09-15 Positive results over your work will be made possible through sheer hard efforts. There are also likely chances of gaining acclaim for your work. This will keep you brimming with joy.

2019-09-16 The job front will be smooth enough for the day. You will be able to carry out your work well and deliver quality results.

2019-09-17 You will be able to carry out your work on time without delay. Even complex work can be undertaken with ease.

2019-09-18 Progress at the workplace is foreseen. You will be satisfied with your performance at work. You will also enjoy new job opportunities.

2019-09-19 Hard work and dedicated efforts will fetch due rewards. You will carry out your tasks with enthusiasm.

2019-09-20 Work atmosphere will be quite favorable as you will gain success through sheer hard work. You will be able to easily handle tough tasks.

2019-09-21 You will not share a good rapport with your colleagues. However with care and patient handling, better results will follow.

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