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Libra Career Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (October 21st 2018 - October 27th 2018)

2018-10-21 You will be more dedicated and put in all your efforts towards completing your work assignments. You will be able to succeed in your attempts to make even complex jobs appear simple.

2018-10-22 You will find good job opportunities coming your way. You will also be quick in completing your tasks at work.

2018-10-23 All should be fine on the work front and you will be able to make good progress. Innate skills will enable you to complete all tasks easily.

2018-10-24 You will be praised for your skills with respect to your work. New job opportunities will bring you happiness.

2018-10-25 Your work schedule will be very tight for the day. There are less chances for you to find relaxation. Plan your schedule of work for the day.

2018-10-26 You may find it hard to execute your job on time. There will be some long delays in carrying out your tasks.

2018-10-27 You may face some job pressure for the day. This may cause some concern for you since stiff targets could be set and you may not be able to complete your assignments on time. Lack of proper scheduling may make you face such a situation.

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