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Libra General Weekly Horoscope (January 14th 2018 - January 20th 2018)

2018-01-14 You will feel more confident and relaxed. Major activities will get done for the day.

2018-01-15 The day will not favor you to achieve your objectives. This will leave you in a state of worry. You need to use your presence of mind in all your dealings to avoid negative results. You need to be determined to achieve your goals.

2018-01-16 The day will help you see you better results, if you adopt a light and humorous attitude. This will also help you to overcome problems or worries for the day. You can find relief and solace by engaging in prayer.

2018-01-17 The day will fail to produce expected outcomes. It will be wise to avoid taking major decisions. You need to keep yourself entertained and this is most essential for the day. Involving in prayers and divine practices will greatly benefit you.

2018-01-18 The day may not be filled with much activity. You need to think deeply before performing any action as there may be chances of negative results. Keep your mind inclined towards listening to music and in amusements.

2018-01-19 The day will fail to produce expected results. You need to think deep before initiating any action to avoid bad results. You also need to be careful over your words during conversation that may bring about negative consequence.

2018-01-20 The day will see you filled with feelings of uneasiness. You need to remain focused on your goals and decide the course of action for the day. To see better results, you need to be optimistic in your outlook and get rid of negative thoughts.

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