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Libra General Weekly Horoscope (June 25th 2017 - July 1st 2017)

2017-06-25 You can make the day worthwhile by your sensible planning and systematic approach. You will achieve a lot by your efficient way of communication and this will fetch you wonders. You need to focus on your intelligence to be successful in your efforts.

2017-06-26 The day will see you with broad vision that will enable you to accomplish your objectives easily. Your sincere approach will pave way for stupendous success. Involving yourself in charitable deeds and spiritual practices will give you a lot of relief.

2017-06-27 You will find the day to be good for achieving success. You will posses the determination and courage to act swiftly and you will do this with much grace. You will possess all the abilities that will identify your potential.

2017-06-28 You will be in a good position. You will be successful in your activities and your progress will be very fine. Today is the ideal day for fulfilling your wishes.

2017-06-29 The day requires you to be patient in all dealings of the day. You will succumb to mental confusion and you need to think twice before taking any action. Dullness will be seen in you at times.

2017-06-30 You will find the day to be a passive one. You need to keep your hopes alive and remain positive. This is very much required for the day to see success in your endeavors.

2017-07-01 Lack of confidence may dampen your development for the day. You need to encourage positive thoughts and aim for bigger goals.

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