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Libra General Weekly Horoscope (March 18th 2018 - March 24th 2018)

2018-03-18 You will be able to gain success with your flexible approach. There will be a good relationship with friends and associates.

2018-03-19 This is a favorable day for you. Major decisions taken at this time will bring about good results. Efforts taken will prove to be worthwhile and apparently easy.

2018-03-20 Some tense moments could arise on this day. This could be related to some unexpected issues occurring which could result in you getting stuck in handling your affairs properly.

2018-03-21 Your patience will be tested on this day. Therefore, you should plan your day well. Involving yourself in prayers and listening to mantras will benefit you greatly.

2018-03-22 A sense of loss will overwhelm you. Being positive in your approach is very vital. Involve yourself in meditation and prayers to guide you in the right direction.

2018-03-23 This day could turn out to be slightly less favorable for you. You need to rely more on the efforts you make rather than luck and this will be the need of the day. Avoid taking any major decisions.

2018-03-24 Your actions will be quick and you will be able to discharge your responsibilities easily. Your dreams will be realized and you will have the positive mindset to attain your objectives easily.

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