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Aquarius Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (July 14th 2019 - July 20th 2019)

2019-07-14 You need to be sportive with your partner to maintain harmony in the relationship. You also need to take measures towards rebuilding confidence in the mind of your partner.

2019-07-15 Your encouraging words will please your partner. Some memorable moments will be spent together.

2019-07-16 You are likely to have a loving disposition and exhibit such feelings towards your partner. This loving attitude will make your beloved develop a good opinion about you.

2019-07-17 A difference of opinion with your partner is likely. You need to adjust a lot with each other to retain happiness.

2019-07-18 You could tend to be highly sensitive and express these emotions to your partner. This may affect the harmony in your relationship.

2019-07-19 Mental frustration may affect the behavior towards your partner. There will be a lack of understanding and also lack of harmony in the relationship. .

2019-07-20 Small issues created by you may result in affecting the relationship with your partner. You need to be more friendly in the approach towards your beloved.

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