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Aquarius Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (March 24th 2019 - March 30th 2019)

2019-03-24 Keep away from unwanted arguments with your partner. Everything depends on your mindset, and it will be wise to maintain your cool.

2019-03-25 There will be a good level of understanding shared with your partner. You will be able to exchange pleasant words with each other and this will make you very happy.

2019-03-26 You are able to exchange pleasant talks with your partner. This will enable better understanding to develop with each other.

2019-03-27 A good level of bonding will be possible with your partner. This will enable both of you to enjoy a harmonious relationship.

2019-03-28 You will be more sportive with your partner. A friendly conversation will help you maintain good harmony.

2019-03-29 You can make the day better by remaining silent and not communicating with your partner. Misunderstandings may arise if talks are exchanged.

2019-03-30 There are chances for heated exchange of words in the relationship. It will be necessary to remain calm and handle things in a mature manner.

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