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Aquarius Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (September 15th 2019 - September 21st 2019)

2019-09-15 You may have a difference of opinion with your partner over a family issue. This may even lead to a heated argument. Try not to succumb to this.

2019-09-16 There may be chances of difference of opinion or arguments with your partner. You need to adopt a friendly approach with your beloved to sustain harmony.

2019-09-17 Enjoying some good moments with your partner are indicated You will be able to take your partner out with you to your friend's house. This will foster better understanding between the two.

2019-09-18 You will share good relations with your partner. Mutual exchange of words will help create deep bonds with each other.

2019-09-19 You will strive to maintain harmony in the relationship with your partner. There will be discussions with your partner about an event likely to take place at your home.

2019-09-20 Confused thoughts may make you adopt an argumentative stance with your partner. Avoid such behavior to maintain harmony.

2019-09-21 You could get the feeling that your partner is indifferent towards you. However, you should take measures to develop better understanding by adopting a friendly attitude.

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