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Aquarius General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (January 19th 2020 - January 25th 2020)

2020-01-19 Be calm and patient with things all through the day. This will ensure happiness and prosperity. You might be stressed out a bit, but you should not let this take a toll on your health. Avoid unnecessary and upsetting feelings.

2020-01-20 You should be able to meet all your requirements. Long-term planning will do you good. Avoid taking any major decisions.

2020-01-21 You will be quick in your actions on this day. This might stress you out a bit, but eventually it will give you a lot of happiness. Visiting places of interest will help you relax.

2020-01-22 The day promises to yield progressive results owing to your will and enthusiasm towards self-development. All round prosperity will be enjoyed.

2020-01-23 The day promises to be favorable for fulfilling your desires. This will yield deep satisfaction in you. Maintain an easy approach to achieve success.

2020-01-24 The day may not prove to be very meaningful and render unsuccessful any attempts to achieve your goals. You need to keep yourself relaxed and adopt a friendly attitude. Involvement in spiritual pursuits will give you relief.

2020-01-25 The day may find you besieged by insecure feelings due to certain distressing circumstances. You need to overcome such challenges with openness and discretion. Involvement in spiritual pursuits will give you relief.

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