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Aquarius Money Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (April 14th 2019 - April 20th 2019)

2019-04-14 Money flow will be smooth for the day. Gaining money in an unexpected manner will also be possible.

2019-04-15 Money flow will be seen in abundance. You can opt for some useful investments.

2019-04-16 You are likely to witness good progress related to money. You will also be able to increase your savings. There are also good chances for you to maintain a fair amount of money.

2019-04-17 Money flow will be poor for the day. You will also incur additional expenditure. There will be less scope for you to save.

2019-04-18 There are probable chances of losing money on this day. It will be wise to be more attentive while handling money.

2019-04-19 You are likely to incur unwanted expenditure on this day. You will be spending more money towards renovating your house.

2019-04-20 You could face some financial constraints on this day. You need to keep a check on expenses for maintaining stability.

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