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Moon Signs at a Glance


Aries Moon Sign

zodiac sign - taurus
Aries Mesha
Symbol A Ram
Ruling Planet Mars
Birthstars Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika

Favorable traits of Aries include the ability to be self-assertive, full of initiative, courageous, hardy, ambitious, and adventurous.

Unfavorable traits of Aries include the ability to be selfish, aggressive, compulsive, impatient, uncooperative, unwilling to accept mistakes, egotistical, overly critical, and too private.

Aries are very capable of getting things done. The focus of an Aries personality is on one’s self and one’s independence. They like to take leadership positions where they can be the dominant figure, direct others to action, and gain recognition. They have the ability to surmount all kinds of problems due to their valor, boldness, intelligence, and strength. They have abundant physical vitality and they like to exercise and compete in sports. This vitality should not be suppressed as it can lead to aggression, anger, and hostility. Aries are travelers and like to move about , which may lead to frequent trips and changes in residence. Due to their independent spirit it is often difficult for them to work in a team. They may encounter trouble in marriage due to egotism. They do not like to be advised, give priority to their own opinions, and can be uncompromising. They like to act quickly and can be hasty to put new ideas and decisions into practice. They must learn to cultivate patience and think more before they act. They respect privacy so much it is often difficult to know what is on their minds – they don’t like to share information with others.

Professions which are best suited to Aries include: military officers, martial artists, real estate, defense department worker, policeperson, surgeon, butcher, barber, tailor, thief, baker, cook, carpenter, physician, watchmaker, boxer, advocate, munitions maker, mechanic, wrestler, detective, and chemist.

Famous People: Martin Luther King, Charles Manson, Robert Kennedy, Swami Muktananda, Liza Minnelli, Alexander the Great


Taurus Moon Sign

zodiac sign - taurus
Taurus Vrishabha
Symbol A Bull
Ruling Planet Venus
Birthstars Krittika, Rohini, Mrigashira

Favorable traits of Taurus include the ability to be productive, materialistic, ascetic, pleasing, earthy, organized, patient, loyal, cheerful, affectionate, and strong willed.

Unfavorable traits of Taurus include the ability to be stubborn, unforgiving, greedy, inflexible, proud, lazy, hedonistic, overly materialistic, and possessive.

Taurus are very stable, organized people with an extreme interest in material possessions. This sign is ruled by Venus, so these people love beauty and the arts. They have a strong desire for money, luxury materials, food, and properties due to their sensual nature. They have a friendly, intelligent, compassionate personality and can be very generous to others. They have the steadiness and energy to be successful in life and accomplish their desires. They make very good friends and they like platonic relationships and permanence in relationship. They are usually steady in relationship, however their tempers are difficult to control once they are set off. They hold on to the past and do not always forgive. They are extremely productive, however they can be stubborn when it comes to their own point of view.

Professions which are best suited to Taurus include: corporate executive, treasurer, banker, stockbroker, gambling manager, and salesperson.

Famous People: Sri Krishna, Queen Victoria, Bagwan Rajaneesh, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mick Jagger, Wilt Chamberlain


Gemini Moon Sign

zodiac sign - gemini
Gemini Mithuna
Symbol A set of Twins or Couple
Ruling Planet Mercury
Birthstars Mrigashira, Arudra, Punarvasu

Favorable traits of Gemini include the ability to be versatile, analytical, quick minded, innovative, diversified, flexible, an impressive conversationalist, and socially adept.

Unfavorable traits of Gemini include the ability to be restless, scattered, over talkative, insensitive, indecisive, demanding, irresponsible, promiscuous, and inclined not to complete tasks.

Gemini are adept at fast thinking and communicating effectively. They like to be stimulated intellectually and are often found in environments where there is much change. Often they try to do too much and can be found at simultaneous occupations. They are usually capable of meeting the demands of their hectic lifestyles as they love variety, testing out new ideas, and they do not like to be bored. Their tasks may need to be controlled by others to ensure completion, due to a dissipated interest. As they are in constant need for stimulation, they may have many relationships and move many times. They do not like rules and restrictions to be placed on them. They like to be entertained, have fun, and they enjoy full social lives. They may have an inability to concentrate and their minds may waver as they have so much going on at once. This can result in their taking a long time to make a decision. They often require instant gratification, and thus have limited patience, which may result in their giving up too easily.

Professions which are best suited to Gemini include: authors, teachers, preachers, writers, speakers, researcher, linguist, journalist, and translator.

Famous People: Albert Einstein, Robert Deniro, Ram Dass, Leonard Nimoy, Cher, Orson Welles, Pope John Paul


Cancer Moon Sign

zodiac sign - cancer
Cancer Karka
Symbol A Crab
Ruling Planet Moon
Birthstars Punarvasu, Pushya, Aslesha

Favorable traits of Cancer include the ability to be supportive, protective, loyal, emotionally involved, loving, healers, and a good family person/friend.

Unfavorable traits of Cancer include the ability to be secretive, critical, emotionally needy, over attached, moody, discrediting, and hypersensitive.

Cancer are focused on their feelings and relationships. As the Moon represents the mind and emotions, Cancers often are moody and hypersensitive. They are good natured and nurture the people in their lives, enjoying family, friends, and home. They enjoy entertaining others. Although they can be extremely adaptive, due to their sensitivity, they are often introverted, nervous, irritable, impatient, insecure, and shy. Their personalities are extremely changeable. They may have difficulty in marriage and often marry later in life. They often choose to have few children. Often they depend on others to make them feel cared for and safe. They like to live near water and they enjoy water sports. They are interested in foreign travel. They are communicators and are often found in service-oriented positions dealing with the general public. They have leadership qualities – as they are so service oriented they have a natural tendency to attract followers and loyal people around them.

Professions which are best suited to Cancer include: psychotherapist, hotel manager, resteraunt, nursing, historian, journalist, speaker, teacher, preacher, and archeologist.

Famous People: Marilyn Monroe, Prince Charles, Al Gore, Muhammed Ali, Sri Aurobindo, Jack Nicholson, John Travolta, Tina Turner, Meryl Streep


Leo Moon Sign

zodiac sign - leo
Leo Simha Lagna
Symbol A Lion
Ruling Planet Sun
Birthstars Magha, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni

Favorable traits of Leo include the ability to be ambitious, pleasant, shrewd, commanding, forceful, self-confident, patient, decisive, faithful, truthful, dignified, and organized.

Unfavorable traits of Leo include the ability to be overbearing, demanding, egotistical, unable to hassle the details, unaccepting of failure, a workaholic, vain, and opinionated.

Leos like to be in command and like to feel that the world revolves around them. They are often in positions of leadership, where they are in control of their lives and the lives of others. They have strong, large bodies and achieve much in their lives due to their intense physical power, which often intimidates others. They are athletic and like to be competitive. They work hard and tirelessly to meet their lofty, idealistic goals. Due to their effort they are often very successful materially. They are good directors and ideas people who delegate and leave the details for others to work out. They are patient, forgiving, generous, honorable, sincere, brave, friendly to others, and kind hearted. They appreciate nature and beauty. They greatly dislike serving under anyone, however will come forward to help those in need, even if this puts them at personal risk. They love to hear others praise them, which leaves them susceptible to flattery. They are very affectionate to those they care for. They may have a tendency to become suddenly enraged and talk to themselves aloud, however these episodes cool down as quickly as they arise. They may have early troubles in marriage as well as challenges with children. They like to make their own decisions – they often act after having patiently considered the advice of others.

Professions which are best suited to Leo include: chairperson, manager, CEO, director, registrar, office head, controller, superintendent, sales manager, government official, and movie producer.

Famous People: Paramhansa Yogananda, Madonna, Uma Thurman, James Taylor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Nixon, Tom Hanks, Mozart


Virgo Moon Sign

zodiac sign - virgo
Virgo Kanya
Symbol A Young Girl in a Boat
Ruling Planet Mercury
Birthstars Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra

Favorable traits of Virgo include the ability to be service oriented, pleasant, organized, spiritual, devoted, analytical, neat, sensitive, and reserved.

Unfavorable traits of Virgo include the ability to be narrow in focus, worrisome, critical, lonely, lacking in emotion, too introverted, cold, and shallow.

Virgo’s focus is on service and perfection through purification. They love beauty and the arts. They are interested in seeking purity and perfection through cleanliness, good health, proper diet, and exercise. They are creative, philosophical, sensitive, honest, cordial, and reserved. They are intelligent, methodical, and conscientious workers, capable in their careers and businesses. As they are perfectionists they are very neat and pay attention to detail. Being perfectionists may also make them less forgiving and more critical of both themselves and others. They have a positive outlook and they like family life. They like fashion and are usually well dressed. They are well liked by others, however as they are reserved it is often difficult to know what is on their minds. At times their reserved natures maybe interpreted as a lack of warmth by others. As they are detail oriented, they may tend to be overly analytical and worrisome which can bring delays in their undertakings and affect their health adversely. They may have marital difficulties, and tend to choose a more spiritual mate. They have few children if any.

Professions which are best suited to Virgo include: auditor, inspector, editor, secretary, organizer, and proof reader.

Famous People: Bill Clinton, John Lennon, Shirley McClaine, John F. Kennedy, Julie Andrews, Jacques Cousteau, Tiger Woods, Sally Field, Cat Stevens

Libra Moon Sign

zodiac sign - libra
Libra Tula
Symbol Balance Scales
Ruling Planet Venus
Birthstars Chitra, Swati, Vishakha

Favorable traits of Libra include the ability to be balanced, friendly, graceful, pleasant, insightful regarding issues, positive, helpful, diplomatic, and adaptive to others.

Unfavorable traits of Libra include the ability to be indecisive, overly sensitive to criticism, narcissistic, too compromising, false in dealing with others, and dual in nature.

Libra likes to maintain harmony, seek fairness, and lead a balanced life. They are deeply interested in justice and they want to serve others to create a better society. They are mild, soft spoken people, who have a pleasant attitude and a balanced mind. Even when they lose their temper they fall quickly back to the middle. They do not like to argue at all. Due to the influence of Venus, they enjoy luxuries, are sensual, and are patrons of the arts. They are often interested in photography, gardening, drawing, painting, dance, drama, and the cinema. Their “pleasure seeking” tendencies may lead to narcissism, overindulgence in relationships, laziness, and drug/alcohol abuse. Often their sexuality gets sublimated by their professional interests. They do not like to be alone and may adjust their personalities to fit those around them. They are focused on relationship and are liked by others. They may have trouble in early marriage. They use discretion and like to weigh the consequences before making a decision, which may lead to an inability to make timely decisions. They can be philosophical, care sincerely for others, and be compassionate and generous to those less fortunate in life.

Professions which are best suited to Libra include: tradesperson, lawyer, liason officer, psychologist, musician, painter, engineer, salesperson, receptionist, ambassador, and statesperson.

Famous People: Mahatma Gandhi, Adolph Hitler, Sigmund Freud, Frank Sinatra, Gloria Steinman, Jimmy Carter, Joseph Stalin, Johnny Carson, Jackie Onassis, Ramana Maharshi, Napoleon, Diane Keaton.


Scorpio Moon Sign

zodiac sign - scorpio
Scorpio Vrishika
Symbol A Scorpion
Ruling Planet Mars
Birthstars Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha

Favorable traits of Scorpio include the ability to be intuitive, intelligent, imaginative, quick, and a hard worker.

Unfavorable traits of Scorpio include the ability to be unyielding, secretive, sarcastic, over critical, unable to complete things till the last moment, rebellious, greedy, hoarders, and a cutthroat.

The sign of Scorpio creates an interest in that which is secret and unknown. It is often hard to know people of this sign, they are hard to read and they hide their true intentions, which makes them seem mysterious. They are intelligent, imaginative, intellectually brilliant people who can be demanding and intense towards those around them. They are capable of both great acts as well as lowly, cruel acts – it is often difficult for them to control their emotions. They often lean towards personal gain and can be ruthless and relentless in obtaining their goals, which they usually achieve through tireless work. They especially like to be involved in business and deal making. They may have problematic relationships due to their temperament. They like to seek pleasure which can result in alcohol and drug abuse. Their interest in that which is secretive can create spiritual inclinations, which are fostered by their deep intuitive capabilities. They show hastiness, self-confidence, courage, and independence, which creates a tendency to rule over others. They are very giving to those they care about. In financial matters they usually suffer ups and downs.

Professions which are best suited to Scorpio include: broker, insurance agent, deal maker, chemist, medicine, secret police, investigator, surgeon, army/military personnel, and researcher.

Famous People: Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Herman Hesse, Winoma Ryder, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marlon Brando, Nietzche, Elvis Presley.


Sagittarius Moon Sign

zodiac sign - Sagittarius
Sagittarius Dhanus
Symbol An Archer who is Half Man and Half Horse
Ruling Planet Jupiter
Birthstars Mula, Purvashada, Uttarashada

Favorable traits of Sagittarius include the ability to be idealistic, just, independent, self-confident, truthful, enthusiastic, concerned with the needs of others, and happy with their lives.

Unfavorable traits of Sagittarius include the ability to be pompous, boring, impractical, fanatical, unable to listen to others in control, needful of change, and overbearing.

Sagittarius is an environment for idealistic people who are interested in fairness and justice. These people are liberal, philosophical, charitable, optimistic, and they usually have religious and spiritual pursuits. They aim at high targets and they usually have the ability to pursue higher degrees, grasp matters quickly, teach and council others. They are enthusiastic about life, and enjoy sports, travel, and learning. They are highly interested in meeting foreigners, and often live abroad or marry foreigners. They are usually more successful in places far from their birth. At times others may be envious of them, but they have the ability not to care about what others think of them and in general they live very fulfilling lives. They are truthful, honest, and frank – at times to the point of being too openly honest. They like to associate themselves with people of their level, which can make them pompous. They are independent and often immature early in life, however as they mature there is more of an interest in family life and achieving peace and harmony. Due to their independent nature they possibly may be arrogant, greedy, and bossy.

Professions which are best suited to Sagittarius include: professors, scientists, judges, doctors, philosopher, lawyer, bank employees, financial dealer, preacher, orator, and editor.

Famous People: Mother Teresa, Jimmy Swaggart, Sean Connery, Sophia Loren, Jim Jones, Ted Kennedy, Dustin Hoffman, Priscella Presley.


Capricorn Moon Sign

zodiac sign - Capricorn
Capricorn Makara
Symbol A Being with the Head of a Deer and the Body of a Crocodile
Ruling Planet Saturn
Birthstars Uttara Ashada, Shravana, Dhanishtha

Favorable traits of Capricorn include the ability to be perservering, loyal, faithful, intellectually talented, conservative, moderate, ambitious, and resolute.

Unfavorable traits of Capricorn include the ability to be ruthless, uncaring, ungenerous, obsessive, fixed, pessimistic, afraid of closeness, and negative.

Capricorn are interested in serenity and achieving prosperity through endurance. They are often liked by others and can be good, loyal friends and faithful in relationship, however they are very self-focused and put themselves first. They are intellectual, talented, analytical, and can have a more pessimistic, negative attitude towards life. They are often blind to their own faults and think that they are perfect. They are not interested in quarrels and are pleasant conversationalists. They are afraid of the criticism of others and are not interested in negative encounters with others so they usually do not get close. They do not trust and have problems with relationship as they keep their emotions concealed. They usually do not marry early. They do not give up easily and through their patience often attain achievements which would be difficult for others. In some cases they may be quite ruthless in achieving their goals. They like to exercise, be fashionable, and care greatly about their physical appearance. They are conservative in nature and they can work in spite of obstacles for their success. They usually work for a constant and defined income. They have a special ability to manage financial matters. They prefer solitude over noisy environments.

Professions which are best suited to Capricorn include: masonry, engineering, tool maker, engineer, detective novelist, philosopher, mathematics teacher, detective, doctor, scientist, and builder.

Famous People: C.G. Jung, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Billie Holliday, Rodin, Roseanne, Kirk Douglas.


Aquarius Moon Sign

zodiac sign - taurus
Aquarius Kumbha
Symbol A Man Pouring Water From a Pot
Ruling Planet Saturn
Birthstars Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada

Favorable traits of Aquarius include the ability to be helpful to others, humane, scientific, talented, unserious, able to juggle many sides of life, insightful into others character, and intuitive.

Unfavorable traits of Aquarius include the ability to be inflexible, unsure of themselves, unconventional, incapable of following a routine, strong in likes and dislikes, stubborn, a loner, and secretive.

Aquarius are idealists and innovators. Often they are intelligent, spiritual people who want to change the world and are extremely dedicated to social and political causes. They are well liked by other people, however others have difficulty in figuring them out as Aquarians can behave quite different under any circumstance. It also can be difficult for others to understand Aquarians’ philosophical values. They usually have a positive attitude toward life, loving helping others, music, dance, the outdoors, beautiful places, and travel. They never want to hurt anyone, however ignite their temper and they can be ferocious. They are not susceptible to flattery and they have great memories. They are hard, dedicated workers, who usually like to not be in charge and will persevere in spite of failure. They can be fixed in attitudes and opinions and prefer to earn income from a single source. They are long standing in affection and companionship. They have the ability to bring together persons of difference and may sacrifice their own interests for that purpose. They are interested in innovative projects and they enjoy meeting others whom are committed as they are and with whom they can exchange ideas. Many times they feel insecure in intimate relationships or their relations with the opposite sex, which may create a tendency to lock themselves up in isolation. Frequently they experience health problems due to their high strung nature.

Professions which are best suited to Aquarius include: researcher, anthropologist, social worker, surgeon, medicine, astrologer, technologist, civil rights worker and activist.

Famous People: Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Dr. B.V. Raman, Whitney Houston, Sri Ramakrishna, J.P. Morgan, Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Alexander Graham Bell, Alfred Hitchcock, Janice Joplin

Pisces Moon Sign

zodiac sign - Pisces
Pisces Meena
Symbol Two Fish, Side by Side, Swimming in Opposite Directions
Ruling Planet Jupiter
Birthstars Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati

Favorable traits of Pisces include the ability to be philosophical, honorable, romantic, intuitive, spiritual in nature, open minded, imaginative, compassionate, intellectual, firm, broad in outlook, helpful, and analytical.

Unfavorable traits of Pisces include the ability to be stubborn, obstinate, egocentric, a workaholic, promiscuous, fickle, and unfocused.

Pisces are mystical beings who are extremely attracted to spiritual life. Their focus is on belief. They are fond of foreign travel, the arts, and romance. They are very imaginative and relate to the world through their feelings. They are not interested in hurting others. They gravitate towards professions where they can use their intellect and are interested in learning throughout their lives. Often they will pursue different disciplines and have a great passion to teach wha they have learned. They are kind, firm, sympathetic, compassionate beings, who are helpful, giving, and faithful to their friends. Due to their energetic nature and constancy in effort they are capable of progress in their goals and attaining fame. As they are very open minded and giving they often may feel cheated as their friends will not reciprocate as much. Due to their advanced psychic ability, they may have difficulty in making a decision and facing reality, which often makes them difficult to understand and emotionally unbalanced. They make good marital partners, but are often suspicious in relationship. They are not afraid to speak their minds and win others to them via sympathy.

Professions which are best suited to Pisces include: artist, poet, musician, painter, beautician, food industry, social work, health worker, and author.

Famous People: Michiel Gorbachev, Walt Whitman, Robert Redford, Barbara Streisand, Pete Rose, Bette Midler, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Pryor.