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Leo: Characteristics and Personality

DateJanuary 13, 2016

Your talents shine in creative endeavors and your educational activities command respect and admiration, dear Leo.

Few can claim your mastery of public life. Whether you pursue a career in cinematography or other performing arts, or the political arena, your natural leadership will secure respect and honors.

You radiate higher and noble qualities in service to others, like a good royal. When you engage in spiritual matters, you discover that in this area, too, you’re gifted.

You’re comfortable both onstage and in your skin and your naturally regal demeanor attracts a number of fans throughout your life, even if it’s just within your family and friends.


The only small chink in your otherwise admirable qualities is a feeling of insecurity during the natural downtimes we all face occasionally.

When you feel dejected, you demand attention from others. But when you relax and help those in need, your natural spark returns and your self-esteem improves accordingly. That is when others really can’t help adoring you.

We love your flair for clothing and adornments—no one does the ‘catwalk’ like you, dear Leo.

The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS), one of the classical Vedic texts of astrology, says that the noble Sun, your ruler also known as Simha (meaning ‘lion’) in Sanskrit, “is ruled by Surya and is sattvic [or pure and righteous]. It is a royal rashi [or sign]. It resorts to forests and rises with its head. It has a large, white body. It resides in the East and is strong during daytime.”

This same text also says that “the Sun rules strong trees.” This is probably why we need your energy and guidance—you make us feel grounded and well guided, dear Leo.
Parashara, the author of BPHS describes you as “noble, large hearted, magnanimous and generous.”
We agree and love you for that. We need energetic and noble leaders like you.

Favorable Traits


Unfavorable Traits

Overly proud
Overly materialistic

Nakshatras (or Birth Stars)

The following constellations further define Leo.


This bright nakshatra is ruled by the lunar node Ketu and the Pitris—the forefathers of humanity and ancestral souls. Those born here attain high positions in life and might even take birth into noble and royal families. The attachments within family traditions and lineage are strong and bring a strong focus on achievements and material life. But you have a need for high morals and ethics, too. Ketu gives an overall spiritual orientation.

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Purva Phalguni

This is a star of Venus and the God of good fortune and delight, Bhaga. This nakshatra brings fulfillment of desires and good luck for good past karma.

People born here achieve their goals in life on both the material and spiritual planes. The soul is resting on its path to enlightenment, which makes this nakshatra a perfect window for rest and relaxation. There is also an energy of renewal, creativity and artistic expression. Those born here are charming, refined and polite. Their relationships are happy and they enjoy prosperity.

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Uttara Phalguni

This is a nakshatra ruled by the Sun God and Aryaman, the God of nobility and leadership.

Leo people born in this birth star have a sense of royal destiny and easily achieve high positions of power. They are born leaders, gracious and worldly, help others in their quests and are service oriented. Their excellent qualities lead them to work in contact with VIPs. They’re also competent and creative in their chosen field. They are naturally noble and generous and more giving than other Leo nakshatras—in fact their ruler Sun often leads them to giving too much. This brings them respect, honors in society and others truly adore them.

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Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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