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Leo Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 1,868
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Leo, the sign that is As the fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo represents gracious majesty. For Leo, Power is the keyword, Confidence, their quality and Leadership is their identity. The Latin word Leo means the Lion, which happens to be their symbol. The lion represents energetic action. The Sun is their key planet, denoting will. Fire is their element, which points to energy and warmth. Leo is warm spirited, action oriented, ambitious, power loving and gracious. But they do remain proud and egoistic. leo-man-personality-characteristics-nature

Leo Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Leo is a natural leader. A commanding personality, he is the personification of supreme confidence, which is so contagious that it can make even the weaklings around him, feel strong. There is an element of regality surrounding him and also an aura of sovereignty, and he seems to be the king even without the crown. A Leo man is everything that makes an undisputed authority, strong, courageous, determined, optimistic, warm and generous, with an air of power around him. Their ruler is the all-powerful Sun, which provides infinite energy the universe and virtually sustains it. Leos too are high energy individuals, whose power and positive vibes can be felt all around. Their in-born confidence manifests itself in many ways, and optimism is perhaps the chief among them. They may be down, but never really be out; they may taste defeat, but will never really give up. Undaunted and shaking off the disappointments that result due to setbacks, they rise again with determination to reclaim their exalted position, which they believe, is rightfully theirs. Such is the level of self-esteem, they associate themselves with. They have their own set of values, loyalty being important among them. They don’t simply expect, they actually demand loyalty from their associates, and true to their personality, they too remain so. Leos can be counted for their trustworthiness.
Leo men may come across as an authoritative figure, that may even evoke fear, but they will definitely be looked upon with admiration for the kindness they so generously display. They are large hearted and possess such an empathy, that they can simply overwhelm people with their affection, which they are often quite demonstrative of. With the sort of self-worth they have, they generally remain straightforward, and one can expect a Leo man to be frank, even to the point of being blunt and undiplomatic. They are also bright and sunny characters, with creativity. With so many such compelling traits, Leo men remain a great source of inspiration and motivation. But every coin has two sides, and Leo men are more than a coin in that sense. Their negative traits are seen as strong as their character itself. Leo men are headstrong and are seen as arrogant, in no uncertain terms. Such is their self-regard that their own views and opinions remain gospel truths for them. Convincing them is an herculean task, while making them change their stance may be out of question. It will be unfortunate that they won’t realize that this attribute often works to their own disadvantage. They have a big ego which is quite brittle. They can get hurt even over non issues and make life miserable for the unsuspecting souls who have caused them. They like to remain in command and love to dominate, putting people around them to unnecessary and avoidable pressure. As employers, they are bossy, and may use strong language and sharp words against their colleagues and subordinates, even in public. This can hurt others and seriously affect their self-esteem, causing resentment around and irreparable damage to working relationships. It is possible that only yes-men and sycophants surround him then, and impair his own interests in the long run. He is also jealous, possessive and impatient, which may mar his judgment and make him err at the time of taking crucial decisions. Leo man loves to live a life of great comfort and luxury. His extravagance can well be seen in his companionship. He will be extremely sentimental and brilliantly demonstrative as a lover, and his passion will continue through the marriage. But his unbridled pride can play spoil sport in his personal life too, and may lead to frictions and fights in domestic life. If only they can manage to dwell on their celebrated strengths like confidence, dignity and generosity, and have a conscious check on arrogance and pride, Leo men can become individuals worthy of intense admiration, and can remain as good examples, whom others would like to emulate and follow.

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