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Leo Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,147
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Leo, the sign that is As the fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo represents gracious majesty. For Leo, Power is the keyword, Confidence, their quality and Leadership is their identity. The Latin word Leo means the Lion, happens to be their symbol. The lion represents energetic action. The Sun is their key planet, denoting will. Fire is their element, which points to energy and warmth. Leo is warm spirited, action oriented, ambitious, power loving and gracious. But they do remain proud and egoistic. leo-woman-personality-characteristics-nature

Leo Woman

A Leo woman is a strong personality, who has an aura of magnetism around her. She is confident and can even be somewhat aggressive. Her self-assurance can be so contagious that it can make even the weaklings around her, feel strong. She is a lioness, and there will be an element of unmistakable regality surrounding her. She may not have any authority in reality or wield any power worth its name; and there may not be any army for her to command, but still she looks a leader and sounds queenly. She is strong, fearless, charismatic, warm and generous, and comes across as someone dying to take charge and thus, worthy of serious attention.
Their ruler is the all-powerful Sun, which provides infinite energy to the universe and virtually sustains it. Leos too are high energy individuals, whose power and positive vibes can be felt all around. Their in-born confidence manifests itself in many ways, and optimism is perhaps the chief among them. They may be down, but never really be out. They may taste reverses, but will never really give up. Undaunted and shaking off the disappointments that result due to setbacks, they rise again with determination to reclaim their exalted positions, whatever these are and whichever fields these are in. For, they genuinely believe that those are rightfully theirs. Strong and clever she is, but she is also extremely affectionate and even sentimental at times. Her kindness may manifest as unbelievable generosity, and often result as tangible benefits to the needy, at the most appropriate times. Leo women are warm, who can spread their cheer across and bring sunshine to the lives of others. They are ambitious but remain dignified. They have their own self-esteem and a set of values, loyalty being important among them. They remain true, loyal and trustworthy, and definitely expect the same from others too. She is also graceful, refined and well groomed with good manners. These are the qualities which make her a memorable person, and an object of awe and admiration. She is definitely confident and also looks so, but there is a delicately sensitive personal inside her. Her feelings are quite fragile and she may get hurt easily. Leo women often need good words of appreciation to keep up their spirit. This is the reason they can be found dramatizing things at times, for remaining the focus of attention. But there are strong shades of negativity to the Leo women character, and ego occupies an important place in that. They are egoistic, dominating and stubborn. They also have immense pride and value it all the more. Beneath her placid exterior, there may be a wild and turbulent interior and even a perceived slight to her self-esteem can make her erupt wildly in anger. Quite demanding and intolerant, they may get ruffled easily, pickup arguments and fights, and can even resort to temper tantrums and violent outbursts. They are idealists to some extent, have unreasonable expectations for others, and when disappointed, may get irritated, but they don’t hold any grudge. Many of them turn out to be spendthrifts, who are indiscriminate with their spending for buying expensive items. A Leo woman is a passionate romantic and a sensual lover. As a wife, she can envelope her entire family with her grace and affection. She will also be an adorable mother. But she can be a tempest waiting to unleash. Rub her on the wrong side, knowingly or otherwise, and there she becomes too much for any earthly force to handle. If only they can manage to dwell only on their celebrated strengths of confidence, dignity and generosity, and have a conscious check on their pride and ego, Leo women can become individuals worthy of intense admiration, and can remain as good examples, whom others would like to emulate and follow.

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