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How to Connect with Muruga on His Birthday: Vaikasi Visakam

DateMay 3, 2024

Muruga, the offspring of Lord Shiva and his consort, Goddess Parvati, rules the planet Mars. Muruga is also linked to the Pleiades, a constellation of 6 stars called Krittika. His birthday is celebrated as Vaikasi Visakam.

Hindus believe that they can connect with their favorite deities more easily on their Jayantis or birthdays. Hence, they celebrate the birthdays of gods and goddesses grandly at home and in temples. They take part in various rituals and make special offerings to the concerned deity to invoke divine blessings and for wish fulfillment. Thus, for devotees of Muruga, Vaikasi Vishakam, his birthday, is a powerful time to connect with him.

How to Connect with Muruga on His Birthday: Vaikasi Visakam

Two stars or Nakshatras are associated with Muruga. One is Kritthika, and the other is Vishaka. Though Vishaka is not Muruga’s birth star or Janma Nakshatra, it is very significant to him. Krittika, however, is the birthstar of Muruga.

Mythology says that Muruga emerged from Shiva’s third eye, which represents the Pineal gland. This gland takes one to a different dimension of understanding, as it can see what is not visible to the other two eyes. The third eye is also the eye of wisdom, which bestows omniscience. One can gain knowledge of all things if the third eye is open.

Muruga being born out of Shiva’s third eye implies that he is associated with great intelligence. He has the ability to change dimensions and one’s perception of time. When our perception of time changes, it is possible for us to do whatever we wish to do.

Muruga has 6 heads. They signify 6 parts of the brain. The most important is the 6th head, which is the Pineal Gland or the third eye. The remaining 5 heads belong to Shiva, representing the right brain, the left brain, the parietal lobe, the frontal lobe, and the occipital lobe. Each of these has different functions.

Connecting with Muruga

Muruga is always present on Tuesdays during Mars Horas. This time is very important for those who wish to connect with him. One should be alert and try to focus all attention on the third eye, understanding deeply the qualities of Muruga and what he can bestow.

Wearing a coral gemstone also helps, as this red-colored stone is associated with Mars and, thereby, Muruga. Coral can help you connect with Muruga more powerfully. Vishaka Nakshatra has associations with two deities –Agni/Fire God, and Indra, the god of heaven. This is a very powerful star, which is also called Radha, who is Lord Krishna’s beloved. Vishaka star represents love, relationship, and luxury. By connecting with Muruga on this day, one can gain all these.

Muruga and Arunagiri the Saint

Muruga has revealed what he can do through certain chosen people. One such person was the saint Arunagiri. Muruga bestowed Siddhis on him. A person who has Siddhis can perform astonishing miracles. Muruga gave these powers to Arunagiri almost instantly. Usually, it takes years of sadhana (spiritual practices) to acquire such powers.

As per the story, Arunagiri was dejected with his life and decided to commit suicide. So he jumped off the Temple Tower in Arunachala. Muruga, in the form of an old man, caught him in his hand and put him down safely. He also gave him a Mantra called ‘Summa Ira Sollara’, which means, ‘Be quiet’, or ‘Be still without words’.

‘Sollara’ means ‘without words’, and ‘Summa Ira Sollara’ denotes ‘to be in this condition’. Under such circumstances, the mind, which creates all our problems and misunderstandings, vanishes.

To resolve problems and perform miracles instantly, one has to connect with the gods as they know the secrets. By sharing these secrets with you, they can make your life easy.

When Muruga shared the Mantra with Arunagiri, the latter was in a different state of consciousness. He could perform miracles as he was in that state of mind, where he had no thoughts at all. In the absence of his mind and thoughts, he was like god himself sans the constraints of time.

Best Day to Connect with Muruga

The mind creates time, ignorance, and limited understanding. When the mind and thoughts vanish, the only thing that remains is complete silence or void. It can also be called the quantum ground state. In this state, you are everything. Muruga can make this possible. He can do it on his birthday when he is accessible to devotees. On this day, it is easier for you to connect with him, understand him, and benefit from his intelligence.

The Moon will be in Vishaka Nakshatra on June 12. Vishaka Nakshatra is associated with ‘Vyapana Shakti,’ which is the power to manifest one’s desires. Due to this planetary position, this is an ideal day to worship Muruga and invoke his blessings to overcome negativity and one’s enemies and also manifest one’s desires.

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