Vedic Technology for Courage, Victory and Divine Protection From Negativity

LIVE on Jun. 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET | Jun. 4, 2020 at 5:30 am IST

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“It is my invitation, which is rather the invitation of Muruga, to come and use this very special time to change your life for the better.”

– Dr. Pillai

Muruga’s Birthday: Destroy Negative Influences Stopping You

Muruga was created to save the world from powerful dark forces that threatened to enslave humans and were impossible for anyone to defeat. On Muruga’s birthday, his energy is available to destroy negative influences that are stopping you. Evil eye, curses, and other dark forces manifesting as confusion, depression, and illnesses can be driven out. Muruga’s light can give you precise thinking, courage, strength, and self-confidence. He can empower you with a winner’s consciousness, especially in your profession.

Birth of Muruga in Scriptures

When the Gods requested Shiva to rescue them from the harassment of the demon Surapadman, Shiva opened his third eye and emitted six sparks of fire that became six different children. Raised by six foster mothers, divine mother Goddess Parvati embraced these six children, who merged to become a single child with six heads and twelve hands known as Shanmuga, the six-faced. Shanmuga (Muruga) is the incarnation of pure consciousness and divine knowledge.

The six heads of Shanmuga (Muruga) represent his six attributes. They are

  • Jnana (wisdom)
  • Vairagya (detachment)
  • Bala (strength)
  • Keerti (fame)
  • Shree (wealth)
  • Aishwarya (divine powers)

Why Connect With Muruga on His Birthday

Shiva Purana hails Muruga as the divine personification of supreme consciousness, intelligence and wisdom, who can dispel bad karma and remove darkness from your life. He can endow you with clarity of thought, courage, strength and self-confidence. According to Skanda Purana, his benevolence can help you overcome internal and external battles and destroys negativity, ignorance and disease. He can instill courage and hope in your psyche and help you accomplish wonders in your professional life. Reach out to Muruga on his birthday and obtain his divine blessings for a prosperous and blessed life.

Vedic Technology To Harness Muruga’s Birthday Blessings

Subramanya Pancharatnam Chanting
Subramanya Pancharatnam Chanting Followed By Bala Muruga (Child Form of Muruga) Fire Lab at AstroVed Remedy Center – Live On 4-Jun-20 at 5.30 am (IST)

The sacred hymn Subramanya Pancharatnam which means Five Prayers to Muruga as Subramanya extols his beauty and powers. According to scriptures, chanting this mantra can fulfill your wishes and worldly pleasures. Sacred texts say invoking Bala Muruga, the child form of Muruga can destroy evil forces, obstacles, enmity, and grant courage, victory, and Divine protection from all kinds of negativity in life

Archana (Pooja) at Three Muruga Powerspots

According to Powerspot tradition, performing Archana at these Swamimalai, Thirumalaikoil (Vishaka Star temple) and Thiruverakam Powerspots can:

  • Give relief from planetary adversities
  • Fulfill wishes
  • Grant wedding and child boon
  • Bestow family wellbeing, longevity, and prosperity
  • Get rid of confusion, anger, and fear
  • Give success in education and job
  • Remove obstacles in life
Kukuta Homa
Kukuta Homa (Rooster Fire Lab)

Rooster, the emblem on Muruga’s flag, is a symbol of victory over evil. According to scriptures, performing Kukuta Homa (Rooster Fire Lab) can infuse you with confidence to face the world head-on. It is believed that the spiritual energy emanating from this ceremony can elevate your sense of wellbeing and cleanse your aura to be filled with positivity

Milk Abishekam
Milk Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) at Swamimalai Powerspot

As per Powerspot tradition, performing milk Abishekam for Muruga at Swamimalai Powerspot can bring relief from enmity and troubles in life, and fulfill all your earnest wishes

Panchamrutha Abishekam
Panchamrutha Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) to Muruga at Swamimalai Powerspot

As per Powerspot tradition, performing Panchamrutham (Mixture of 5 ingredients- Jaggery, Ghee, Fruits, Honey, and Sugar) Abishekam for Muruga at Swamimalai Powerspot can bestow long life and success in all your endeavors