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VAIKASI VISAKAM Manifest on Pleiadian Muruga’s Bday

Invoke Pleiadian Muruga to Manifest Your Dreams, Vanquish Negativity & Succeed in Life

3 Grand Fire Labs for Unparalleled Courage, Wisdom & Overpowering Enemies

Exclusive Poojas & Ceremonies to Overcome Hardship & Attain Success

LIVE on Jun. 11, 2022 at 3:00 pm HDT

“It is my invitation, which is rather the invitation of Muruga, to come and use this very special time to change your life for the better.”

– Dr. Pillai



Muruga’s Birthday: Destroy Negative Influences Stopping You

Muruga is a powerful Cosmic Warrior-God created to save the world from dark forces and emerged as a manifestation of the five elements of nature and pure consciousness.

On Vaikasi Visakam- auspicious birthday powertime of Muruga, invoking his cosmic energy can help destroy obstacles that are preventing your growth and success, and helps you manifest your dreams into reality through the power of his pure spiritual energy and Divine consciousness.It is the prime time to deeply connect with the Pleiadian Warrior-God to diffuse bad karma impacting money, health, and relationships.

Birth of Pleiadian Warrior Muruga in Scriptures

According to Skanda Purana, when the world was besieged by the demon Surapadman, the Devas (celestial beings) pleaded with Shiva for his assistance. Shiva opened his third eye and emitted six sparks of fire that became six babies.

These babies were cared for by the six Krittikas, the stars of the Pleiadian constellation. Goddess Parvati embraced the infants, who merged to become a single child with the combined beauty and charm of the six Divine babies. The baby Muruga, with six heads and twelve hands hence came to be known as Shanmuga, the six-faced.

The six heads of Shanmuga (Muruga) represent his six attributes

Vaikasi Visakam 2022 : Birthday of Lord Muruga
  • Jnana (wisdom)
  • Vairagya (detachment)
  • Bala (strength)
  • Keerti (fame)
  • Shree (wealth)
  • Aishwarya (divine powers)

Muruga emanated as an embodiment of perennial beauty, grace, eternal youth, prosperity and valor that inspires devotion in our hearts. Invoking Muruga as Shanmuga and Bala (Baby Muruga) on his birthday Powertime through pure love and dedication can bestow blessings of all that he represents.

Planetary Support to Gain Muruga’s Birthday Blessings

On Jun. 12, 2022, the Moon will be in the star Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter, and in the sign Libra ruled by Venus. The Star Vishaka relates to ‘Vyapana Shakti,’ meaning the power to manifest what you seek. Thus, this planetary position makes the day powerful to worship Muruga, and seek his blessings to overcome your negative emotions, win over enemies, and manifest your dreams.

Invoking Muruga during his birthday can help drive out evil eye, curses, and other dark forces manifesting as confusion, depression, ignorance, illusion, and illness and can give you courage, strength, self-confidence, and empower you with a winner’s consciousness to succeed in life.

To help you harness the tremendous energy of Muruga and receive his birthday powertime blessings, AstroVed will be performing powerful ceremonies as prescribed in sacred texts.



According to sacred texts, traditional practices and Powerspot beliefs, performing these powerful Vaikasi Visakam Poojas can help you deeply connect with Muruga and gain the following blessings

3 Grand Fire Labs for Unparalleled Courage, Wisdom and Overpowering Enemies

Sri Saradha Tilakoktha Shanmuga Moola Mantra Homa

5-Priest Sri Saradha Tilakoktha Shanmuga Moola Mantra Homa (Muruga Seed Sound Fire Lab)

This grand Fire Lab invokes the birthday blessings of the warrior God by chanting a unique seed sound of Muruga from the sacred book, ‘Saradha Tilakam’, a collection of mantras and instructions for the worship of deities to gain their blessings. Chanting the Muruga seed sound prescribed in this book during the sacred fire on Muruga’s birthday is considered auspicious.

  • Destroys evil forces, obstacles and enmity
  • Grants courage and victory
  • Bestows Divine protective


LIVE on Jun. 11, 2022 at 3:00 pm HDT
Bala Muruga Homa

5-Priest Bala Muruga Homa (Desire-Fulfillment Fire Lab)

Muruga, in the form of a child, is invoked in this Fire Lab. Bala Muruga is revered as a symbol of beauty, courage, self-confidence, and strength who can dispel all negativity and fulfill earnest wishes.

  • Helps you accomplish goals
  • Grants success in real estate & property dealings
  • Instills courage and knowledge to succeed
  • Removes blockages that limit growth


LIVE on Jun. 11, 2022 at 5:00 pm HDT
Kukuta Homa

Kukuta Homa (Rooster Fire Lab for Success & Removing Negativity)

Rooster, the emblem on Muruga’s flag, is a symbol of victory over evil. Performing this Fire Lab can infuse you with confidence to face the world head-on and the spiritual energy emanating from this ceremony can elevate your sense of overall wellbeing.

  • Counteracts negative energies
  • Helps overcome lethargy and indolence
  • Brings success in ventures
  • Helps recover from debts
  • Revitalizes relationships


LIVE on Jun. 11, 2022 at 3:00 pm HDT

6 Powerspot Poojas & Hydration Ceremonies to Overcome Hardship and Attain Success

Archana at Four Muruga Powerspots

Archana (Pooja) at Four Muruga Powerspots (Sikkal, Thiruvidaikazhi, Thiruveragam & Thirumalaikoil- Vishaka Star Powerspot)

  • Bestows prosperity and affluence
  • Gives relief from planetary adversities
  • Fulfills wishes
  • Grants wedding and child boon
  • Offers family wellbeing & longevity
  • Helps get rid of confusion, anger and fear
  • Provides resolution to all problems in life
  • Absolves sins
  • Helps excel in education and career
  • Removes obstacles in life
Milk Abishekam at Swamimalai Powerspot

Milk Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) at Swamimalai Powerspot

  • Gives relief from enmity and troubles in life
  • Fulfills all earnest wishes
Milk Abishekam to Naga Subramanya

Milk Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) to Naga Subramanya at Kerala Powerspot

  • Helps resolve snake related afflictions
  • Solves relationship issues
  • Grants relief from debts
  • Reduces the malefic effects of Rahu or Ketu

Vaikasi Visakam 2022