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Cancer: Characteristics and Personality

DateJanuary 8, 2016

You’re possibly the most nurturing and sensitive person in the zodiac, dear Cancer.

You’re truly gifted at providing a safe haven for your family and your loved ones and you’re even protective towards your country.

Your sympathetic nature makes you a favorite of all those who are in need of some kind words and peace of mind. You won’t disappoint them and will act like a good parent.

Your favorite style of caring for others is both sensitive and motherly, but you can also focus on your career and achieve great success and wealth.


The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, one of the classical texts of Vedic astrology, declared that your ruler the Moon is, “strong in the night, windy and phlegmatic. She is learned and has a round body. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle-minded and very lustful.”

The main reasons for this description are your gentle nature, quick changeability and a great desire for connection, which makes you very emotional and relationship oriented.

You also know how to make your children feel loved and this is wonderful because they’ll want much reassurance and undivided attention.

Your ideal partner offers stability through a mature and practical personality—and will seem older than you even if you are the same age.

You’re truly heart-based and your emotional ups and downs reflect your ruler’s lunar phases. So you rely on home comforts more than other signs.

You must make an effort to stay balanced and peaceful with the help of relaxation and meditative practices. You have a heart of gold, dear Cancer.

Favorable Traits


Unfavorable Traits

Overly changeable

Nakshatras (or Birth Stars)

The following constellations further define Cancer.


The name of this nakshatra means “good again” as it represents the ensuing peace and quiet after a destructive storm.
Its rulers are the planet Jupiter and Aditi, the mother of the Gods, who is the bringer of abundance and nurturing to every being and life form. Those born here are optimistic and sensitive and seek truth and wealth in both the outer and inner worlds. The home and safety are very important to Punarvasu people born in Cancer. These individuals are also perceived as inspirational figures.


This birth star is ruled by the planet Saturn and Brihaspati, a form of Jupiter and advisor to the Gods. Those born in this auspicious star are nurturing and seek balance through their inspired yet methodical nature.

Their natural wisdom manifests both in material and spiritual matters. They can be responsible, dutiful and hard working. Additionally, their outlook is humanitarian and practical. They also need to feel safe in their surroundings and, because of their deep insecurity, don’t love travels.


This nakshatra means the “embracer” and is ruled by the planet Mercury and the Nagas, the Serpent Gods of wisdom and occult knowledge.

Aslesha bestows tremendous power, along with a dutiful and evolutionary lifestyle, which leads to much insight into the meaning of life, death and transformation. The natives of this nakshatra will often research the mysteries of earthly incarnation.

The sharp and intellectual energy of this star can be challenging to handle and much care is needed to stay positive and balanced. Those born here are naturally gifted healers and spiritualists, who display a great interest in esoteric studies. They’re also clever, philosophical and secretive.

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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