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Cancer Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 1,867
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Cancer, the sign that is As the fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer represents the roots. For Cancer, Family is the keyword, Tenacity, their quality and Empathy is their identity. The Latin word Cancer means Crab, happens to be their symbol. The crab will retreat into its shell, when it feels the need. Likewise, the Cancers will withdraw into their shell when not in mood, which indicates their temperamental nature. Moon is their key planet, denoting the mind, sensitivity and feelings. Water is their element, which points to emotions.
Cancer is sensitive, sympathetic, persuasive, reliable and can hold fast to something with a calm determination. But they are temperamental and can at times sink into moods of pessimism. Cancer Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Cancer Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Cancer is a family man, through and through. These people stand rooted firmly on the strong foundation provided by the close knit family ties. Relationship means a lot to them and wield a strong influence even in the making of their personalities. They consider the time they spend quietly with their families, relatives and close friends, precious. While they may overlook their shortcomings, they may even be prepared to compromise on some of their own things, for keeping the ties strong and intact. They are highly emotional people, being the products of varied and even contradictory emotions. They are also extremely sensitive. Tradition and its values too hold a pride of place in their scheme of things, and being loyal and faithful find an important place among them. Yes, the Cancer men can be counted for their loyalty and faithfulness towards people and also to the causes, they hold dear. That way, they are also very dependable, who can be trusted completely. Their emotionality and sensitivity manifest themselves as some enviable traits such as care, sympathy and empathy. They remain caring individuals in whatever role they play, as partners, family members, employees, employers and even citizens, and are also large hearted, especially with reference to their loved ones. They are also sympathetic by nature. Theirs is no mere lip sympathy but has great genuineness in it, as it often transforms into tangible empathy. In fact, some Cancer people even take upon themselves the noble task of nurturing others, for the sheer benefit of them and for their own pleasure. The same care makes them responsive too, as sometimes, they bend over backward to extend a helping hand to others.
The element of Cancer is water, which keeps flowing, adjusting and finding its level, fitting itself into any place or shape. Cancers too are likewise, flexible and extremely adaptable to any situation and at times, to other individuals too. They are sharp and intuitive, and are also tenacious to the core, who will simply cling on, refuse to give up, fight to the finish and achieve what they want. But Cancer people, many times err on moderation, take some of their traits to extremity and end up turning some of their strength themselves into weaknesses. They are truly sensitive, but in practice often become hyper sensitive. Water and moon are their signs; while the former is driven by high and low tides, the latter is affected by phases of waxing and waning. Cancers are likewise, given to wild moon swings. This makes them temperamental. In reality, their emotions are often driven by their temperaments. The caring Cancers can become selfish and self- absorbed, dragging themselves almost to the point of becoming narcissistic. Forced to balance such contradictory characteristics, they can also become vulnerable, insecure and unpredictable, and sink into depression and self-pity and withdraw into their own selves. Cancer men can be extremely romantic as they are loyal. They will be true lovers, caring husbands, and doting and protective parents, taking care of all the physical and emotional needs of the family members and also their comforts. But they can be sentimental and moody, to the point of becoming touchy, taking things personally, getting hurt and as a result, deliberately hurting back the loved ones. If they can manage to put their strengths like care, sensitivity and tenacity to effective use, and exercise restraint on their emotions and moon swings, Cancer men can be lovable individuals who can also be very effective in their endeavours, and can thus make life a fulfilling experience for themselves and also for those around them.

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