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Cancer Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 1,843
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Cancer, the sign that is As the fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer represents the roots. For Cancer, Family is the keyword, Tenacity, their quality and Empathy is their identity. The Latin word Cancer means Crab, which happens to be their symbol. The crab will retreat into its shell, when it feels the need. Likewise, the Cancers will withdraw into their shell when not in mood, which indicates their temperamental nature. Moon is their key planet, denoting the mind, sensitivity and feelings. Water is their element, which points to emotions. Cancer is sensitive, sympathetic, persuasive, reliable and can hold fast to something with a calm determination. But, they are temperamental and can at times sink into moods of pessimism. Cancer Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Cancer Woman

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Cancer is an immensely caring person. She is also very sensitive, and that makes her to have deep and genuine concern for those close to her and others. But, that she is governed by the eternally waxing and waning moon, reflects powerfully on her character. Combined with the flowing water and other signs, she is very emotional and can be any sort of a personality at a given point of time. She can also be a combination of complex and contradictory behavioural patterns. She can be reserved and outgoing, stubborn and accommodative, defiant and compliant, docile and furious, and peace personified and passion incarnate. She can be all these and more, and that too, within a short duration of time. The seemingly simple Cancer woman, thus remains too complex a personality to get classified under any particular head.
But still, she stands persistent and strong-willed, anchored firmly on the strength of relationships and family ties. She holds these so close to her heart, that she may overlook the shortcomings of dear ones, and be even prepared to make compromises, so that the ties remain strong and intact. She is actually quite feminine by nature, is modest and normally, a sort of an introvert. Traditional values hold a pride of place in their scheme of things, and they remain very truthful and dependable, who can be trusted completely. Their emotionality and sensitivity manifest themselves as some enviable traits like sympathy and large heartedness. Theirs is no mere lip sympathy but has great genuineness in it, as it often translates into tangible empathy. In fact, some Cancer women even take upon themselves the noble task of nurturing others, for the sheer benefit of them and for their own pleasure. The same trait makes them responsive too, as sometimes, they bend over backwards to extend a helping hand to others. Cancer women love security, especially in married life and has the common sense to equate it to money. They value money, are averse to adventures in financial dealings, prudent in their spending and save good money, even where they don’t earn it. She will also have the practical wisdom to use the money judiciously and fill her home with comforts and minimum of luxuries. They are also flexible and adaptable to different situational requirements. They possess the intuitive ability to understand people precisely, even without any obvious hints. They are also tenacious, who will simply stick to an issue, refuse to give up till the very end and get what they want, ultimately. But Cancer people often tend to err on moderation, take some of their traits to extremes and end up with some of their strengths themselves turning into weaknesses. They are truly sensitive, but in practice do become hyper sensitive. They will not be able to take criticism, and even a frown on the face of those close to them will be enough to disturb or hurt them deeply. They may then sink into depression and withdraw into a shell, or get provoked and behave even violently. On such occasions, people may be surprised or shocked to find a woman so different from the one, they thought they knew so well. Cancer women are cautious to begin with but can be intense in romance. She will be a devoted lover and a sensitive partner. She is care personified and will be an exceptional mother to her children, making home a virtual heaven for them. But when she goes off balance, she can throw her entire home into a tizzy. If they can manage to put their strengths like care, dependability and prudence to effective use, and exercise restraint on their hyper sensitivity and erratic behaviour, Cancer women can be lovely and lovable beings, who can spread their warmth around and make life a fulfilling experience.

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