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Can This 6 Faced Hero Destroy All of Your Inner Demons You Never Thought You Could ?

DateOctober 13, 2009

Which Nights in October Matter Most? None other than Skanda Shasti. This is the time when Muruga’s Highest Power emerges on the earth plane for us to absorb into our own core essence.Our founder Dattatreya Siva Baba has spoken about the importance of Lord Muruga’s gifts to mankind:

“Muruga is an archetype. He represents the primordial energy and force identified in every ancient tradition in their own imagery. To me, he is the photon light from the Pleiades that is going to start the golden age in 2012.”

Be a witness to the magic!

More about the Power of Lord Muruga

Lord Muruga or Skanda is also known as Jnana Pandita (The Bestower of Wisdom). Lord Muruga is considered an expert about spiritual matters and mystical knowledge, including the secrets of OM. He is usually portrayed holding his Vel or Lance. He frequently is represented with a youthful appearance. His vehicle is the Peacock which represents Infinite Light, and his flag has a Rooster (Kukuta) on the banner which represents Infinite Sound. Muruga’s energy is filled with valor and power. He is always considered to be here and now, within and yet beyond time and space. Lord Muruga is worshiped with the “6 letter mantra: Sa Ra Va Na Ba Va”. Each of the 6 syllables is dedicated to the 6 faces of Lord Muruga. Each night of the 6 Days of Muruga will be dedicated to invoking the power and energy of one of the syllables.

SA – Attracts the perfect people you need to your doorRA – Brings Instant Material Wealth you desire

VA – (Va is also said as “Ha”) – Destroys competition, diseases and debts

NA – Dissuades enemies, completely stops problems before they arise

BA – Magnetic Attraction through Charm and Charisma

VA – Stops Negativity Altogether and influence from all bad planets

How Muruga Rearranges Your Stars and Planets In a person’s horoscope the 6th house signifies debts, disease and litigation. Lord Muruga has the ability to relieve you from the onslaught of problematic legal matters. His 6 lettered mantra will vanquish enemies, ensure success in legal tangles, provide relief from debts and bestow good health.Muruga is the planetary overlord for Mars. Connecting with Muruga on these 6 Nights can help with “Manglik Afflictions” which disrupt harmonious spousal relationships. This will bring bliss and peace even to your current relationships.

Muruga is also closely associated with the nakshatras (stars) Krittika, Mrigasira, Chitra, Vishakha and Dhanishta. Any person born under these stars have an innate ability to resonate with Lord Muruga’s power and should participate whole-heartedly in all of the fire rituals to achieve remarkable life changing results.

Lord Muruga performed his most divine acts at 6 vortexes in India. Offering prayers at these power spots will radiate all the solutions from above into your life.

Explanation of the 6 Temple Vortexes:

Swamimalai (Knowledge) is fourth among the 6 battle field houses of Lord Muruga. The presiding deity Swaminatha expounded the meaning of the Pranava mantra OM to his own Father Lord Siva Himself. This temple symbolizes divine wisdom or Knowledge. Those who aspire to attain wisdom and knowledge should offer prayers here.
Pazhamutircolai (Power) is the 6th of Lord Muruga’s 6 holy shrines. In this temple the Vel or Lance is worshiped. The Lance is the symbolization of Power. Offering prayers at this temple will enable one to achieve power and courage.
Thiruchendur (Overcoming evil tendencies and limitations) is the second house of the 6 battle field houses of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga at this place vanquished the Asura (demon) king Surapadman (Symbolic representation of evil and limiting thought) with the vel (lance) that he received from his mother Goddess Parvati. It is believed that offering prayers at this temple will help a person to attain victory over enemies or any litigation.
Thiruparankundram (Relationship and attraction through charm) is the first of the 6 battle field houses of Lord Subramanya (Skanda). This temple is situated near the city of Madurai in Tamilnadu. At this place Lord Subramanya Muruga’s celestial wedding to Devayani, daughter of Indira (the King of the Celestials) was blessed. Offering poojas at this temple will help to attain good and cordial relationship. It is believed from time immemorial that offering prayers at this temple will bless one with a caring life partner. It is good for people with Mars’ affliction to propitiate this deity.
Thiruthani (Peace) is the 5th of the six battle field houses of Lord Muruga. Here Lord Muruga is known as Thanikaivelan. As its very name indicates, when we propitiate our Lord in this holy shrine, He blesses us with mental peace and bodily happiness. His righteous indignation towards the asuras for their cruelty is said to have been quelled and cooled at this place which is, therefore, known as Shantipuri (Abode of Peace).
Palani or Thiruavinankudi (Spiritual Ascension) is the 3rd in the order of the 6 battle houses of Lord Muruga. The legend of this temple is Lord Muruga became angry with his father, mother and his brother for not being fair to him as they had not given him the rare mango fruit that he thought he had won on merit. The contest was which brother could go around the universe the fastest. Lord Muruga took off with his Peacock and flew around the universe in record time. However, the fruit was given to Lord Ganesha by his father. Ganesha just walked around his father and mother and argued that for a son the father and mother is his world and that Siva and Parvati contain the entire universe. Lord Muruga came to the hill at Palani for a time to reflect on this. This 3rd house of Muruga signifies spiritual ascension and good health, as the statue of Lord Muruga is made of Navapashanam (9 types of poison) which can cure any disease. It is believed that this statue of Lord Muruga was created by a Siddha called Bhogar (who in a later life went to China as Lao Tzu). It is good to offer prayers at this temple for Spiritual Ascension and longevity.

In addition to performing pooja and archana at each of the above respective temples, we are also giving you a Never Before Offered Live World-Webcast of Fire Ritual Events on the first and last night of Skanda Shasti (IST times).If you are reading this, then on an energetic level you have decided to increase Courage, Power and Knowledge into your life. These character traits will rid you of limitations stopping you from achieving your desires. When you are in this peak state, you can’t help but become that spark that attracts more beautiful people into your life.Like the charismatic and commanding presence of Muruga himself, you become the leading example to the world of what is possible. This is our gift to you.

Bring the Power to make this reality come true by joining us as we bring the 6 Nights of the power of Muruga into your life today.

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