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Zodiac Signs with Bad Habits

February 5, 2019 | Total Views : 1,629
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A coin has two sides. Any character too is similar, with the positive and the negative. The good and the not so good quality is also true for the zodiac signs also. Here, let us have a brief look at some of the disagreeable habits of the people, born in the 12 signs, individually.


Aries is a fiery sign, and that makes the Aries-born independent, energetic, enthusiastic and aggressive. However, they often tend to turn arrogant and overbearing and ride roughshod over others causing severe strains in their relationships.


The Taurus-born are generally soft and mild-mannered and have an artistic temperament. They may, however, be laidback, non-serious and pleasure-loving. They may also tend to be perfectionists, and this may turn them inflexible and obstinate.   


They are intelligent, quick-witted and broad-minded people, who love to enjoy the good things of life. However, there is an inherent duality in their character, which can make them often shift focus from one issue to the other. This trait may contribute even to unstable relationships.    


Cancer-born people are sensitive by nature. They are also deeply emotional. This quality can make them unpredictable and moody. They may not be able to stand failures and come out of the unpleasant experiences of life that easily.  


The majestic Leos are born leaders. They are large-hearted, but so is their ego. They may have strong and fixed opinions and try to force their will on others. They may thus start hurting even the dear ones, and in the process, end up working against their interests.  


People born in the Virgo sign are analytical in nature and competent in understanding human psychology. However, they may have a streak of aggression in them that may be well hidden. People who rub them on the wrong side may get a taste of this quality, in the form of a sharp verbal attack.  


The Librans are kind-hearted and generous-natured. However, they are indecisive and find it hard to say ‘no’ to others. While this may put them under avoidable pressure, they may also be somewhat gullible and merely get carried away by sweet talk and superficial behavior. 


The Scorpio-born are strong-willed characters, who may have a hypnotic aura around them. They are aggressive, jealous and distrustful by nature. These may make them quite secretive in their dealings and distance them even from near ones. 


These people are adventurous and enthusiastic. They may, however, be fluctuating and may lack spontaneity in action. These may tell on the effectiveness of their performance in any sphere of activity and on their dependability.  


The Capricorn-born are sensible people, who are logical and goal-oriented. They are ambitious by nature and may become disheartened when things do not go as per their expectations. Too much of logic can hamper their ability to enjoy the subtler sentiments of life.  


These people can have multiple interests, possess a good grasp of the abstract aspects of life and can contribute to making the world a better place to live. However, they are detached by nature and may give an impression of being aloof, which may distance others from them.  


People born under the Pisces sign are kind and compassionate by nature. They may also be highly emotional. They may not be able to face some of the hard experiences of life with poise and may get disheartened and lose all hopes. 

People born in the various signs may get an idea about the possible flaws in their characters here. They may start working towards overcoming these imperfections so that their lives become better in this world.


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