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Effects of Sarpa Dosha in Horoscope

November 27, 2018 | Total Views : 3,645
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What is Sarpa Dosha?

Sarpa Dosha is an affliction, believed to be caused due to the curse of the serpents. Sarpa is a snake, and this condition is said to occur on account of harming or killing of the snakes or destroying their places of dwelling. A person might have done such activities in any of his or her previous births, or those might have been committed even by the ancestors, it is believed. This affliction is also known as Naga Dosha, as the word ‘Naga’ too, refers to a snake.   

Snakes have always been regarded as mystical creatures, with many spiritual powers. They are closely associated even with supreme Gods like Shiva and Vishnu and have been spoken about highly and quite elaborately in our scriptures and ancient texts. Hence, snakes have remained an object of worship from very ancient times, and so, causing harm to them in any form has been regarded as an outright sin.    

Planetary Placements Indicate Sarpa Dosha

Sarpa Dosha is said to occur in case of a person, when his or her horoscope reflects certain planetary placements, particularly concerning planets Rahu and Ketu, which are considered as snake-forms. When these malefic planets occupy the Houses – 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th – in a person’s natal chart, he or she is said to suffer from this affliction.

The positioning of these snake planets in every one of these Houses has its astrological interpretation. When Ketu is present in the all-important 1st House known as the Lagna, this is said to cause marriage-delays and is known as Mangalya Sarpa Dosha. Ketu in the 2nd House may affect the native’s Aayur or longevity, and so, this goes by the name Aayurbhava Sarpa Dosha. Similarly, Ketu in the 11th House may affect pregnancy and cause issues in childbirth, and hence, this condition is known as the Putrabhava Sarpa Dosha.      

Effects of Sarpa Dosha

It is generally believed that Sarpa Dosha can affect many aspects of life. There are however some specific areas, where this affliction is feared to cast its spell quite strongly, and these can be listed as under:

  • There may be delays in marriages     
  • People who are already married may face problems in relationships. There may be friction and marital discords between life partners, and in some extreme cases, this may lead to temporary separations or even to divorce, the final parting of ways   
  • Eligible women may face problems in conceiving, while there may also be excessive delays in conception. Pregnancy too may not be smooth, and some women may have to undergo abortions
  • Health may pose serious concerns, and some people may have to suffer from chronic ailments. There may also be issues like skin diseases causing acute discomfiture
  • Some natives may get involved in accidents, big or small, and these may result in severe injuries, incapacitating them for short or long periods  
  • Emotions may run high, leading to stress and tension. People may become temperamental, and end up taking hasty decisions at crucial moments, and these may result in undesirable consequences
  • Life itself may become a burden for some, with no wellness, prosperity or progress
  • Some of the natives may even be denied of good sleep, with many having bad dreams or nightmares. Their dreams may also be often about serpents and snakes, and this may cause them fears and trepidations

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