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The Spiritual Significance of Mother's Day

May 4, 2021 | Total Views : 44
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The love between a mother and her progeny can be described as the best example of worldly love. Imagine a mother with her baby, which is utterly helpless and dependent on her. The mother adores the child and she loves the child totally. She does not feel anger at all, when the infant pulls the mother’s hair, pummels the mother with its tiny fists, or passes urine, soiling the mother’s clothes. The mother has so much love for the child that she will put up with all these annoyances with compassion and tenderness. Such is the bond between mothers and children. Even when the child is in her womb, the mother feels great discomfort when the child within kicks her but she bears it patiently. For nine months, she carries her child in her womb and at the end of nine months, undergoes great pain to deliver the child. But her ordeal does not end with the birth of the child. The next few years are devoted to raising the child and nursing it during sickness so that it grows into a healthy and intelligent adult. In most cases, the mother is forced to give up on her dreams and ambitions in order to look after the child. It’s a huge sacrifice indeed for her to make but she does so without any complaints.

Mother's Day 2021 Sale

Mother’s Day 2021 was established to celebrate and honor motherhood and mothers all over the world. The bond between a mother and her child is a sacred one in all cultures and traditions.

We owe our existence to our mothers. They made immense sacrifices to ensure that we had a happy childhood, but as we grow up, many of us forget our mothers’ sacrifices. This day reminds us to be grateful to our mothers for all that they did for us.

God, the true parent:

We also forget that all human beings in this world and the generations who came before them are here because of God, who is the true Mother or Parent. We forget that we are here in this world only because God created us.

Some of us have the hubris to assume that we are the center of the universe. In the beginning, scientists were under the impression that the solar system revolved around the earth. However, later they discovered that it was the earth that revolves around the sun. Similarly, we believe that all creation revolves around us. We fail to realize that we are merely bit players in God’s drama. This world can be compared to a play put together by God. We are not separate from God, we are a part of Him. We are also God’s creations, and we are just playing our roles in this world.

Thus, the deeper significance behind Mother’s Day is to honor our true parent, God, and not just to honor our mothers who gave us life in the physical sense. But God gave us life physically, intellectually, and spiritually. While remembering our mothers, we need to remember God too for creating us.

When children are ungrateful, parents feel great pain that they do not appreciate the love and sacrifices made by them. On the other hand, they feel very happy when we recognize their love for us and express our gratitude and appreciation for them. The same difference exists between those who are grateful to God and those who are ungrateful or fail to acknowledge God’s love and compassion.

How can we remember God? By meditating silently, we can commune with the spiritual power residing within us. Through meditation, we can get to experience God. When we experience God within us, we can also appreciate and feel grateful for God’s blessings.

Do you ever thank God for the life and blessings you have been given? We tend to complain to Him when something goes wrong in our lives, but God has blessed us with many things that we often take for granted in the same way we take our mothers for granted. Seeing and experiencing God with our inner spiritual eye and hearing His voice with our inner spiritual ear, we will be able to feel more grateful to God as He bestows His grace and love.

Celebrate Mother’s day, but also make a commitment to celebrate your mother not just on this day but also every day. Thank God, too, for his gift of life. And the best way to express gratitude for His blessings and love is by adopting an ethical lifestyle, doing good to others, being loving and compassionate, and practicing meditation. All this will enable you to make good progress on the inner spiritual path.

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