How to Celebrate Your Mom this Mother’s Day

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How to Celebrate Your Mom this Mother’s Day

May 4, 2021 | Total Views : 195
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Parents are among the most important people in our lives. and though both parents love and care for their children, it is a fact that mothers have a special place in our hearts. For they carry us within the womb for nine months, suffering a good deal of discomfort and inconvenience, and even after we emerge into the world, they wait on us hand and foot, making sure that we are fed on time, all our needs are met, and keep watch over us to ensure that we come to no harm. As a saying goes, God couldn’t be everywhere, so he invented mothers. A statement that defines mothers beautifully and pithily.  

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Whether they are housewives or working women, mothers invest a lot of time and effort to raise their children. Many women sacrifice their passions and careers to focus on their kids, and they do so willingly and with no expectations. However, we take them for granted and fail to appreciate all that they have done for us as well as the fact that they gave up a lot of precious things in order to be there for us. But fortunately, there is a day in the calendar to remind us of our mothers and the need to acknowledge their place in our lives – Mother’s Day! 

Mother’s Day 2021 will be celebrated on May 9, a Sunday. Make sure that you celebrate your Mom on this special day and give her something that will reveal to her how much she means to you. If you need some gifting ideas, here are some.

Personalized Photo Book:

A personalized photo book would make a great gift for your Mom. Snapshots of children and grandchildren bring mothers a lot of joy, but for Mother’s Day, you could select some photos that feature your Mom in her finest and happiest moments and create a hardcover photo album. It could be of her holding you in her arms in the hospital after giving birth, being felicitated at work, baking the perfect cake, playing with your kids, having fun with her friends, and so on. She will love it, for sure, and thank you for the beautiful memories you curated for her. 

Special “Us” Day:

You and your mother probably did a lot of things together when you were growing up - shopping expeditions to the local mall, long walks in the park, visits to the zoo, watching movies, etc. As you grew older and developed friendships with people of your own age, you must have drifted away from your Mom. And once you became an adult and began working or got married, such moments of togetherness must have become very rare. So, on Mother’s Day, it would be a great idea to spend the entire day with just your mother – a special “Us” day. Plan a trip to the beauty parlor or spa in the morning, and later, brunch at your Mom’s favorite restaurant, followed by some retail therapy. Just spending some time together and having a heart to heart chat with you will make her very happy and create some new memories for her to cherish.

Family Meal:

What gives most mothers great happiness is seeing their entire family gathered around the dining room table for some good food and great conversation. So, this Mother’s Day, a family meal may just be the perfect gift for her. Along with your siblings, you can create a menu featuring her favorite dishes. You can also decorate her dining room with a photo collage. She will be absolutely thrilled. 

Relaxing Day Trip:

Does your Mom love to travel? Maybe there is a place that she has been planning to visit for a long time. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to ring in Mother’s Day with her there? If you can afford it, pamper her by whisking her away to her favorite place. Take her by surprise, so that you can savor her amazement and delight. And make sure that she has the time of her life.   

More Gift Ideas:

What if you are living in a different city or country and it is difficult to get together to celebrate Mother’s Day with your Mom? In that case, try searching the internet for a perfect gift. You could send her a bouquet of roses or your mother’s favorite flower. Or you could send her a dress matching her favorite color. Paintings, jewelry, flower vases, premium tea or coffee packs…there are any number of gifts you could give to your Mom, if you know her tastes well enough. If she is an animal lover, you could even gift her a kitten or puppy. 

None of these gift ideas can go wrong. So choose one, and get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021!  

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