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10 Forms of Kali

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 10,077
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The ten forms of Kali are popularly called Dus Mahavidyas. They are the ten manifestations of the Goddess. During Navratri, apart from worshipping the nine forms of Durga, the ten forms of Kali are also worshipped for destroying evil in one`s life, protection from bad planetary positions, fulfilment of desires and winning over enemies.   ten-forms-of-kali

| Kalo Kali Kalo Kali Kalo Kali Tu Kevala |

|| Kalo Kali Kalo Kali Kalo Kali Tu Sidhi Da ||

According to Kali Saharsanama stotra, in Kali yuga, worshipping Kali alone can give fulfilment of desires and emancipation.

According to Mahabhagavata Purana, the ten forms of Kali rose in ten different directions, after an argument between Lord Shiva and Parvathi.

Goddess Kali

She is the Goddess of death and the slayer of ego in man. She is Adi-Shakti - pure and unmanifested energy. She is seen with one foot on Lord Shiva`s chest in the cremation ground. She has a black complexion and wears a garland of 52 skulls. She is propitiated for protection from evil effects of Planet Saturn. Those suffering from prolonged illness, lack of success in business, black magic, recurrent loss of job, obstruction in promotion and other career related problems should offer prayers to this powerful Goddess.


She is also known as Neel Saraswati. She has blue complexion and has a necklace of skulls. She is propitiated for success in business and for all accomplishments, she has to be worshipped. She also gives one the speaking prowess. To get protection from bad effects of planet Jupiter, she has to be worshipped.

Tripura Sundari

She is the red goddess. She is depicted as a 16 year old Goddess and is called Shodasi. She is the beauty of the three worlds. She protects one from the bad influence of Planet Mercury. Those facing problems of infertility, delay in marriage, disharmony between couple and divorce, enormous debt, poverty conditions, misfortune should pray to this Goddess for relief.


Bhuvaneshwari means creator of the world. She is the fourth among the Dus Mahavidyas. She is very powerful and even the nine planets cannot wield any influence on her. Worshipping her bestows immediate results of good fortune, beauty, immovable property and assets. She grants protection from the bad effects of the Moon, gives emotional maturity, removes obstacles to attain a house or vehicle, makes one responsible, sensitive, confident.


She is also called Prachanda Chandika – she who severs her own head. Propitiating her would result in wealth, health, knowledge, victory and fulfilment. She protects a person from malefic effects of Rahu, debt, poverty, misguided mind, misfortune, sudden loss of life, childlessness and state of difficulty.


She wipes out all sorts of distress. She is the Goddess of destruction and decay. She is called Tripura Bhairavi or Kala Bhairavi. One should worship her for gifts of learning, reasoning, financial prosperity, happiness, peace of mind, expressive and persuasive speech. She protects one from lagna dosha, accidents, worries, disrepute, negative energies, tension, fears and uncertainties.


She is called the widow Goddess or Goddess of death. She is invoked for destroying enemies. She protects one from evil effects of Ketu, widowhood, black magic, sadness, misfortune, tragedy, poverty, death of children, disease and curse of others.


She is also known as Pitambari or Brahmastra Roopini. She destroys the enemies of her devotees. She protects one from the evil effects of Planet Mars, disease, poverty, legal problems, adverse incidents, accidents and evil intentions of enemies. She paralyzes the evil powers of the universe.


She is the Goddess of Royalty. She is closely associated with Goddess Saraswati. She governs speech, music, arts and knowledge. She is worshipped for gaining control over enemies, having strong influence over others, for magnetism, attraction and for power of mesmerizing speech. She protects one from the malefic effects of the Sun, disharmony between husband and wife, stammering, negativity, loss of memory, obstacles in the way of education and career.


She is Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. She has the greatest power to destroy poverty and grant well-being, prosperity and fertility. She creates happiness and abundance all over. She has to be worshipped for malefic Shukra or Venus, to eliminate business failure, childlessness, poverty, lack of material possessions, misfortune and miseries.  

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