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How to perform Griha Pravesh Pooja

The auspicious event of entering a new house is called Griha Pravesh in Hindu Tradition. Sacred Vedic texts lay great importance on conducting a ceremony before starting to live a life in the house that is newly built.

Vaastu Shastra mentions that the house remains fit to reside and conduct ceremony only when the doors are fitted well, the roof is covered and the house is protected with walls and the vaastu deities are propitiated in a due manner.


Fixing of Muhurtam or auspicious time

After the house is complete, muhurtam or an auspicious time is fixed to enter into the house based on astrological calculations. Highly favorable months to move into a new house are: Magha month (January-February) for wealth gain, Phalguna month (February-March) for good children and accumulation of wealth, Baisakh month (April-May) for growth of wealth and prosperity, Jyeshta month (May-June) for birth of son and owning cattle or luxuries.

Decorating the house

The doors are decorated with mango leaves and fresh flowers. Banana stems are also tied to the poles for ushering in prosperity. Rangolis of rice flour are drawn at the entrance and at the doorway for decorative purposes.

Performing Vaastu Pooja

  • This pooja is done before entering a new house. It is done to please the Vaastu deity with the help of a Brahmin priest. Chants are recited to invoke Vaastu Devata`s blessings for peace and negation of all evil energies like jealousy and ill will of others.
  • Vaastu Deity is appeased outside the house with a breaking of ash gourd by the man of the house and this is left at the entrance at the two sides of the threshold of the house. The lady breaks a coconut and this is also placed on the threshold.
  • Then kalash pooja is done to a copper pot or kalash. The pot is filled with water, nine types of grains or navadhanya, and a coin. A coconut is tied around with a red cloth and placed on the kalash with mango leaves placed at the sides of the kalash. The priest does pooja to this pot with recitation of sacred mantras.
  • Both the husband and wife carry this pot inside the house and place it near the ceremonial fire place or havan.
  • At the time of traditional entry, a cow and a calf are let in first before the family members enter for auspicious energies and to welcome prosperity into their households.

Fire ritual

Homas are performed during house warming ceremonies to remove the three sins incurred while building a new house. Digging of earth, cutting of trees and breaking of stones – three doshas incur when this happens. To nullify the bad effects, homas are done to deities for their blessings of protection and purification.

A homa is performed to invoke Lord Ganesha and to appease the nine planets or navagrahas to remove evil energies from the atmosphere and to purify the household. Both husband and wife along with other family members sit around the fire and the priest chants the sacred mantras.

Homas are also done to propitiate Goddess Lakshmi for abundance and prosperity and for overall well-being.

Boiling of milk

After the homa, the lady of the house boils the milk and the milk should boil and spill over to usher in abundance. The milk is boiled at an auspicious time and offered first to the family deity or Kula devata. It is then distributed to all those present in the ceremony.

Serving of food

The priests should be well fed and a sumptuous meal should be served to all. The members should stay overnight in the house and they should not lock the house at any cost. Lamp should be kept burning to attract spiritual energies and for divine protection.

Days to avoid Griha Pravesh

Tuesdays, New Moon days, first day of the Tamil month, tithis or the moon`s phases of 4,9,14 are to be avoided for Griha Pravesh ceremonies. It is also avoided, when a lady of the house is expecting a child.


  1. Namaste Guruji,
    I live in US, we recently bought a new house and we are supposed to move to our new house by the end of Jan. Could you please suggest an auspicious day between Dec 29 2017 to till Jan 29 2018. Your help is highly appreciated, thanks.

  2. JANUARY 22nd is Very Good to move to the New Home.

  3. Sir,

    Is 6.00 to 7.30am is auspicious time to perform grihapravesam on 22.01.2018, Monday.


  5. hi sir/madam,
    we are planning to buy third house all are apartments.did grihapravesam for prev 2 houses.this time we dont want to do it in grand way i mean not to intimate relatives etc.can we perofrm puja in simple way without homam is der any effects for dat.
    only me and my husband can perform ?
    please reply i am in confusion ..

  6. Dear Padmaja,

    Even you buy 10 houses, Gruhapravesam is a MUST, as to remove the negative energies from all the stones of the building/raw materials used, thoughts OR negative energies build by the workers etc.

    To keep the positive energy in the New build house, please perform the House warming.


    With Kind Regards,
    Astroved member support.

  7. When is the auspicious day for gruhapravesham after 15th January 2018 . People are saying from Nov 28 2017 to Feb 19 2018 there is sukra moodam. Is it good for gruhapravesham in sukra moodam period.

  8. 22nd January is Very Auspicious day to perform the house warming.

  9. I have purchased a new flat and wish to perform Grihapravesham in Jan or Feb 2018. I have the following questions.

    1. As I am a widower, can I perform Cow puja and homam by taking sankalpam in my name or I should ask my daughter and son-in-law to do this on my behalf, as I have no sons.
    2. What are the suitable date in Jan and Feb 2018 suitable to my nakshatra, which is Sathabhisha.


  10. YES SIR, YOU can perform the Gho pooja taking sankalpam.

    22nd Jan, 2018 is an Auspicious day.

  11. January 22nd is an Auspicious day

  12. 22nd Jan, 2018 is Auspicious date.

  13. Please suggest good day for house warming after Jan 30th, 2018. Since Dad anniversary coming on Jan 26 and Mom’s mom anniversary coming on Jan 30. So we are planning after Jan 30th. Can we do on full moon day Jan 31st and lunar eclipse coming on the day. How about Feb 5th. I got two different date from two people. Please advise

  14. Dear Dinesh,

    5th and 11th February are the Auspicious dates.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Astroved Member support.

  15. Amazing Article,Very Good Information about griha Pravesh Puja.Thank you For Sharing and Keep on Posting


  17. Are there other auspicious dates in Feb 2018., after Feb. 12?

  18. Hello. Your article is very informative and helpful.I am staying in a rented house at present. I wanted to ask you that I want to shift to another rented house on 24th jan 2018. It’s Rath Saptami day. Is it auspicious to do Griha Pravesh on rath Saptami day? Also can I set up the house one day before and on the Griha Pravesh day I formally enter the house with my family and do Pooja in the morning. There is no priest. I do everything on my own. Where to prepare the Kalash. As am shifting into a pre owned rented house, can you please guide in this case. I badly need your guidance. Thanks a ton.

  19. Dear Ruchi,

    22nd Jan, 2018 is a Muhurtha day, perform on this day.

  20. Hello Sir,
    Namaskaram, Your article is very informative. Thank you for sharing it.
    We have bought an apartment. We are planning to do Graha Pravesham and homam but we would like to do only with my immediate family members (My husband, me and my Child). We want to do Graha Pravesham and other homas in a elaborate way. Is it OK to do all these functions without anyone from both the sides(due to slight financial constraints at the moment).

    Your response in this regard is highly valued.


  21. Namaste Raghavan,

    Thank you for your query.

    Did you perform the grahapravesam.

    If not, please contact http://www.priestservices.com


    With KInd Regards,
    Astroved member support.

  22. Our priest told 27 is good day for grihapravesh, could you tell me it’s good n what ingredients we need for Pooja?

  23. Did you perform the rituals at your New Home.

  24. GOOD MRNG SIR, . JAN 31 MAGA POORNIMA DAY or FEB 2ND NEW HOUSE WILL OPEN OR NOT . please give me solution sir

  25. Did you enter the New House and house warming performed.

  26. Very Nice Article and good information About to perform grrihapravesh puja and keep on posting

  27. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

  28. Hello Sir,
    I live in Mumbai and will be shifting in next week. as per you.. griha pravesh should not be done on Tuesday 13 Feb 2018. We are planning for Mahashivratri day but it is falling on Tuesday… Kindly Suggest.

  29. Hope you have shifted during Maha Sivaratri day

  30. I have bought a house in Japan. I want to shift in my house on February 24th, 2018. Is it an auspicious date to enter the house? Can you please tell me the most favorable timing for grahpravesh? What kind of puja should I perform on the day of grahpravesh?
    Thanks very much.

  31. Did you shift your house during Febraury 2018.

  32. We are planning to shift to new rented flat on First week of April 2018, actually we need to move from the current flat during this time ,Can you suggest an auspicious day and a muhoorta from 1 April to 6th April .It is a rented house

    Thank you

  33. Actually 5th April is Good. You can move on this day OR after Amavasya i.e. on 20th April is Good

  34. My father passed away 6 months ago. Can i ask my cousin or any relative to perform gruha pravesam instead of me. I will get keys in april

  35. Yes, you can do the same. Also, you can sit for the sankalpa during the House warming, as you are eligible to perform this after 30 days of your father’s demise. His blessings will be there for you.

  36. Hai sir,
    We r buying a resale apparment do we need to Gruhapravesham as it is a new flat for us including Gho puja or else only satyanarayana puja enough. Please reply planning do on may38:00pm

  37. Hi Anusha,

    Yes, you have to perform the Gruhapravesam for the resale apartment with Gho pooja. You can perform Sri Satya Narayana Pooja later after 3 OR 6 months.

    With Thanks & Regards,
    Astroved Member support.

  38. We have taken a new flat…. We wanted to do gruhapravesham in the month of April last…. Can u tell me the auspicious date

  39. Dear Srre,

    Please contact support@priestservices.com

  40. We need to move in a rented accommodation between 20th April and 22nd April Guruji. What would be the best day?

  41. gruhapravesaniki mundu roju vastu hommam santi pooja vheyavacha guruji

  42. Yes, you can perform Vaasthu pooja on the Grahapravesam day.

  43. Hi sir/madam
    We are planning to have our housewarming ceremony. Can my daughter who is 7 and my cousin sisters daughter who is 13 do the milk boiling

  44. Yes, your daughter can do the milk boiling, taking much safety measures.

  45. We need to shift from employer provided property to another rental one. Do we need to do housewarming. If yes which is a good date in first week of June’18

  46. We are planning to do grahpravesham for our new house is it possible to do in between May 28-june28 I am anuradha bakshatram

  47. We are planning to do grahpravesham for our new house is it possible to do in between May 28-june28 I am anuradha nakshatram

  48. Sir due to some financial problems we are not completing construction with in one year so do we perform gruhapravesham in 2nd year or 3rd year ..
    Please help me

  49. Good days for gruhapravesham in june

  50. Sir/ Mam,
    My rashi is simmam and star is Pooram.
    We need to shift the house before 31.05.2018 and have to move to another rented house. When can we shift? Please guide.

  51. Hi sir,

    We recently bought a resale flat. What pooja should be performed for gruhapravesam for resale flat. Our priest told to do satyanarayana vrat on 17 /6/18 acc.to our names. BUT we can shift our luggage and can stay before that . As now it is adhika jhaista masam. Can we shift now and do milk boiling and stay now.plz reply sir it’s urgent.

    Thanks in advance

  52. Hello sir
    Can I do gurupravesham in June 14th or 15th

  53. Hello sir
    Can I do grahapravesam in June 14th or 15th

  54. We are planning to move our home which we have already performed the gruha pravesh and rented it.Now we r going there. Do we need any kind of muhurat or puja? Its urgent and there is no auspicious date which will be suitable. in JUNE month

  55. Hi Sir,
    We brought a resale house and planning to do house warming on this month (June) and 17th is my daughter 1st birthday, please advice me the good time and date for both, is gruhapravesha pooja mandatory for resale house??

    Please advise me.

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  57. I have purchased new constructed home on March 2017 and shfted on 30th May 2017. Still i am not done vastu pooja. Is it possible to do pooja after 1 year. If yes which date is suitable.

  58. Yes, you can select an Auspicious date and perform the House warming.

  59. Namaste Guruji,
    we recently build a new house and we are supposed to move to our new house.Could you please suggest an auspicious day from july 2018 on wards. My Father name is Sambasiva Rao My mother name is Ramadevi. Your help is highly appreciated, thanks.

  60. August 16th, 29th and 31st are the Auspicious days. You can perform Morning from 4.30 AM to 6 AM.

  61. I stay at California..kindly give me good muhurat for grahapravesam this month end.
    I HV to shift before Aug 1

  62. Namaste,

    If you do follow the month of Aadi, then until 15th Aug, there is no date.

    But still want to perform without seeing the Aadi month, you can perform on 30th July, 2018.

    With best Regards,
    Astroved Member support.

  63. I stay in Brisbane, Australia. Kindly tell me a good muhurat for Gruhapravesam after Aadi month. Do you require birth stars fro that.


  64. Namaste Bhavya,

    29th August and 31st August are the Auspicious Muhurtha dates for House warming.

    With Best Regards,
    Astroved member support.

  65. Hello sir,
    We are planning to move rented house this month August, so please kindly let us know auspicious day for same and timings.
    Thank you.

  66. Namaste Archana,

    29th August and 31st August are the Auspicious Muhurtha dates for House warming.

    With Best Regards,
    Astroved member support.

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