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Tamil New Year Predictions for Pisces Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

April 4, 2018 | Total Views : 4,698
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(Purvabhadra 4th Pada, Uttarabhadra and Revati) People born in the last zodiac sign of Pisces possess a lot of finer sentiments and they tend to fall easily in love. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter, regarded perhaps as the most influential of all planets. When this Vedic New Year begins, the giant planet of Jupiter will be transiting the 8th House from the Pisces sign. This may warrant people born in the Pisces Moon sign to take great care in all their actions during the year. It is better for them to not get entangled in issues that are of no concern to them; not to stand as surety to anyone; to keep their minds tranquil; to handle issues diplomatically or to stay clear of them; and to take good care of their health. If they are able to discriminate between the good and the bad and also remain alert in their dealings, they can come out unscathed during the year. Planet Jupiter will be staying in the 8th House till 11/10/2018 and this may put the Pisces–born under unexpected difficulties. It is advisable for them to avoid long distance travels and journeys during night times; not to stand as sureties in financial transactions; and to be patient, as otherwise they may be dragged into litigations. Better times may come after 11/10/2018, as solutions may emerge for their problems; the prevailing atmosphere may turn cordial; they may get divine blessings; they may land in honorable positions; and their standing and esteem may go up.

Tamil New Year Predictions for Pisces Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

Further, the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will be moving respectively in the 5th and 11th Houses till 06/03/2019 and this may require the Pisces-born to take special care about the health of their children. The young ones can better be kept under direct supervision, and handled with sympathy and affection. Also, ancestral property matters may warrant attention. People can offer prayers to family deity without fail and can take recourse to activities like Yoga, meditation and worships, to stay clear of mental strains and confusions. Still, a slew of benefits may be in store for them during the period, as elder brothers and friends may extend assistance and their efforts may all succeed. However, the shifting of Rahu and Ketu to the 4th and 10th Houses, respectively, after 06/03/2019, may signal a testing period for the Pisces-born. Mother’s health may cause concern; bitterness may develop with mother and other relatives; people may need to handle documents related to moveable and immovable properties with caution; they may be required to be alert about possible obstacles that may come up from superiors and colleagues in workplace; and unpleasant rumors may also be spread against them. Patience and alertness may come in handy for them to tide over the period with relative ease. Planet Saturn, who will be transiting the 10th House throughout the year, may however come to their rescue. Differences that had developed with father may die down and relationship may improve; disputes relating to ancestral properties may get solved; there may be improvement in profession; people may reap the benefits of their hard work; they may enjoy career progressions and pay hikes; new ventures may prove fruitful; and this year may also remain as the ideal time for starting new businesses.

Pisces Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Business

Business prospects may not be bright until 11/10/2018; the Pisces people may keep their partners and employees under constant watch, for their own good; and they may better not do fresh investments, during the period. The time after 11/10/2018 may see manifold rise in trading activities and handsome profits from new investments.

Pisces Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Employed

Some problem or the other may keep cropping up until 11/10/2018, for those in employment and people may better to cautious about it. They may also be careful while interacting with superiors and colleagues. Post 11/10/2018, career prospects may improve and people may get promotions and increments.

Pisces Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Students

Boys and girls may make it a point to concentrate on studies, particularly until 11/10/2018. They should see that poor health does not affect their performance. It may also be advisable for them to maintain and improve their relationships with teachers and friends. They may however be able to come out with a strong academic performance after 11/10/2018, and win acclaim.

Pisces Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Politicians

The Pisces-born in politics may be careful about not taking many liberties with their leadership until 11/10/2018 and avoid being too frank with others. Leaders and fellow-politicians may however turn in their favor after 11/10/2018; they may attain good respect and fame; and leaders may entrust them with new responsibilities.

Pisces Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Artists

These people may have to utilize the available opportunities well, until 11/10/2018, as new chances may be delayed. Artists may also be advised to refrain from developing enmity with anyone. However, handsome new opportunities may come to them after 11/10/2018; they may start commanding a lot of respect and fame; and may become popular.


  • People born in the Pisces sign can extend financial help for the studies of students and children
  • They can perform Homa and Pooja to Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, and also offer worshipin temples
  • They can also do milk Abishekam, Homa and Pooja for Lord Shiva and offer worship to him in temples

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