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Tamil New Year Predictions for Leo Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

April 3, 2018 | Total Views : 3,362
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(Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni 1st Pada) Leadership skills and self-assurance are the inherent qualities of the people born in the zodiac sign of Leo. The ruler of this sign is the Sun, the brilliantly shining celestial entity. This Vedic New Year begins when the Sun shares the sign with Venus that denotes courage and adventure, in the 9th House from the Leo sign. Hence, the activities of Leo Moon sign people may gather handsome speed. Their courage and enthusiasm may increase; they may act with well-focused efforts and succeed in their tasks; their reputation and standing will go up; and they may develop friendships with influential people. However, they may have to be wary of over-confidence. Planet Jupiter will be placed in the 3rd House until 11/10/2018, and this may contribute to obstacles, worries about the future, and fear complex. This is perhaps the time when the Leo-born may realize that they can succeed only with self-confidence and through sustained efforts. Impediments and difficulties may continue even after 11/10/2018, but still, these people may progress through sheer perseverance. It is advisable for them to not to interfere in unnecessary issues, but to act with patience. It is also better for them to avoid night travels and long journeys. Tamil New Year Predictions for Leo Moon Sign 2018 – 2019

Further, as the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will be transiting the 12th and 6th Houses, respectively, until 06/03/2019, unwanted expenditure may shoot up. These people may also have to keep running around without rest. However, something good may happen on account of travelling to other places and also through journeys abroad; employment opportunities may come up in foreign countries; they may maintain good health; enemies may stay away; and the Leo-born may rise through hard work. From 06/03/2019 onwards, Rahu and Ketu move to 5th and 11th Houses, respectively, and multiple benefits may accrue for these people, on account of this change. There may be financial gains; long-standing efforts may bear fruit; their name, fame, position and authority may go up; and long-time desires may get fulfilled. However, children’s health may need special care. It may be better to keep them under watch and to treat them with understanding. It is advisable for the Leo-born to not to interfere in ancestral property matters. Also, planet Saturn is staying in the 5th House throughout the year and this may give rise to stress and worries. As they may have to struggle to take important decisions, it is better for them to keep the mind focused, think on the issues on hand with a clear head and then act on it. They may also have to keep children under their direct supervision and handle them with concern and kindness. Worshipping the family God and also the departed forefathers can do them good.

Leo Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Business

Those in business may need to exercise due care in all their dealings. They can avoid making new investments and can handle customers with diplomacy. They may also be able to stay clear of unnecessary complications, if they manage to keep partners and employees under constant watch.

Leo Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Employed

It will make sense if the Leo-born employees remain careful while interacting with superiors and fellow-workers, during the year. It will be good if they stay away from matters that are not of any concern to them. They can also remain vigilant while handling official documents. Remaining alert and patient can lead them to success.

Leo Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Students

Students may need to take particular care of their studies; they may refrain from interfering in unnecessary matters; they may need to be careful about their health; reading lessons on day-to-day basis can work to their advantage; and they may get benefited if they can maintain cordial relationships with teachers and friends, during the year.

Leo Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Politicians

The Leo-born belonging to the political arena may need to remain careful with their leadership. It is better for them not to trust their leaders and colleagues fully, but to be accommodative of the people at large. Enemies may raise false allegations and spread canards against them, and they may need to be alert about these. People may still succeed in their efforts, if they do their duty with precision and care.

Leo Moon Sign Tamil New Year Predictions for Artists

It is better for those in the field of arts to utilize available opportunities to their best advantage. Fresh openings may get delayed. It may be advisable for them to not to take liberties with celebrities and fellow artists. These people may definitely need patience and alertness in good measures for tasting success, during this year.


  • Leo-born people can donate books to deserving students and provide them with financial assistance
  • They can perform Homa to the planetary Lords Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, do puja and offer worships to them. They can also offer prayers in temples
  • They can do Homa and puja to Lord Muruga also and offer him worship in temples

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