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Why Sharukh Khan is the King of bollywood?

June 10, 2015 | Total Views : 2,887
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He came, He saw, and He conquered. A passionate guy with no pedigree to boast of comes to the film city to show his mettle and eventually proves his worth through sheer grit and hard work. When Shahrukh Khan, ‘the King of Bollywood’ was asked to talk about his success, the candid actor said, “Success just happens”. sharukh-khan-the-king-of-bollywood Barry John, a theatre director and teacher who had mentored Shahrukh during his formative days said the actor is blessed with a whole lot of positive qualities - talent, perseverance, belief in yourself, a never-give-up-attitude and of course, a bit of luck. Indeed! A study of the Khan’s Birth Chart has revealed the presence of favorable energies that supported him throughout his career and become the ultimate Baadshah of Bollywood. Here are some of the superb planetary combinations in Shahrukh Khan’s chart

  • The favorable position of entertainment planet – Venus is the planet that supports success in the field of films and entertainment. He is the lord of the professional 10th House and is positioned in the 5th House in Khan’s Birth Chart. Success of a celebrity is judged by the position of planets in the 5th House (indicating arts and cinema). Presence of 10th house lord Venus in the 5th house has brought immense good luck to Khan. Moreover, Venus also receives the favorable aspect of Jupiter.
  • Benefit through enemies - Shahrukh enjoys the benefit of Viparita Raj Yoga. In this yoga the unfavorable astrological houses, 6, 8 and 12 gives favorable results if they occupy each other’s position. In Shahrukh’s chart the lord of the 12th house is placed in the 6th house. The 12th house brings unexpected luck and its lord in the 6th house of profession has blessed Shahrukh with rewarding profession and an ability to accumulate money.
  • Planetary support for fulfillment of desires - When Shahrukh first came to Mumbai, he had to spend nights in a railway platform. He had told his friend then that one day he will have a house in Mumbai and it will be one of a kind. Today, he owns few lavish homes around the world. Jupiter, the lord of the 5th house of entertainment is occupying the 11th house, the house of fulfillment of dreams and desires. The presence of this planetary combination in Khan’s chart has been instrumental in materializing his desires.
  • Overseas Success – The position of Rahu, the planet for professional prosperity and overseas success, in the 10th house of career has played a big role towards King Khan’s popularity in the overseas market. Twelve of his films have accumulated a gross earnings of over INR100 crore (US$15 million) worldwide, making him one of the most successful leading actors of Hindi cinema. The BBC has rated Shahrukh Khan among the most popular movie stars of the world, along actors like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.
  • Past life good deeds – The 5th house in a chart is an indication of one’s past life. Jupiter, the most beneficial of all the planets is the lord of the 5th house in Khan’s chart. This has been a great blessing for Khan and helped him to achieve tremendous success in his career.

Combination of all these planetary aspects in a Birth Chart is a rarity and the one blessed with these will inevitably be the Baadshah. Even the personality of the King of Bollywood is a reflection of the dominating planets in his chart.

Shahrukh’s Sign of Royalty

Shahrukh Khan’s Ascendant is Leo, a sign of royalty and its lord Sun is considered the King in astrology. Leo Ascendants have a magnetic personality. They never fail to make an impression either through their charisma or appearance. They are carried away by grand and royal gestures The unmatched popularity of Khan in India and overseas is not just because of his acting skills, but because of his amazing mass appeal. Moreover, the beneficial aspect of Jupiter on Sun would help Shahrukh Khan, whose name literally means ‘Face of the King’, retain the throne.  

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  • nikhil
    Shahrukh khan ka chart h to 12th house bhi unexpected luck hi laega .. abhi iski jgah hmara chart hota to 12th house havoc lata ..
    March 25, 2017
  • Nick
    DOB-20 April 1987 TOB- 05.35 AM POB- Srinagar, J&K. If you could please throw some light on this horoscope as I have been going through somemail tough times for the past several years. Also, will a business be more suitable for me or a job? Or a career in acting? Lots of good wishes and love to you in advance for analysing my chart in detail.
    December 15, 2016