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Kundali-matching: Canons for Happy and Successful Life

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 2,607
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In Vedic Astrology, Kundali or birth-chart of a person is created based on placement of the Moon in a zodiac sign at the time of his or her birth. It is a study of the 9 planets and their placements in the birth-chart. It is a common practice to match birth-charts of bride and groom before their marriage to find out if the planets in each other’s charts are compatible or complement each other for happiness and success. kundali-matching-tips Finding out marital compatibility is the most important analysis that decides the future of not only man and woman but also their family. Placement of the Moon, nature of the Moon sign created by nakshatras and planets are the prominent factors that are taken into consideration. In traditional method of South Indian Kundali matching or Horoscope Matching, Kuta analysis plays an important part. With convenience of online kundali-matching, the process of getting kuta analysis from astrologers is easy.


The different factors which are analyzed for Kuta are: Dina Kuta: This study is based on nakshatra analysis. It determines which of the 27 nakshatras are compatible. If a man’s birth-star is placed as 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 from woman’s birth-star certain points are allocated to the woman. Similarly, different points are given as a rating system of compatibility against the chart of the man. Gana Kuta: This study is based on nature of nakshatras of the bride and the groom. Nature of nakshatras are Deva (Divine), Manusha (Human) or Rakshasa (Demon). Points for compatibility are given based on the nature. For example human and demon natures cannot be compatible, also demon nature man with divine nature woman is also not compatible. Mahendra Kuta: This study is based on the nakshatras that would predict longevity of a relationship. If groom’s birth-star is 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 or 25 nakshatra from bride’s birth-star it is good for long relationship and known as Mahendra kuta. Yoni Kuta: This study is for finding out sexual compatibility based on the yoni or animal form the nakshatras represent. All the nakshatras represent certain animal instincts such as Uttarabhadrapada is female Cow, Chitra, female tiger form, Revati is a female elephant, Dhanishta is female Lion and so on. Nakshatras representing Cow and Tiger are not compatible. Couples born in nakshatras of the same yoni type are most compatible. Rasi Kuta: This study is based on the sign in which the Moon is located. If a woman has a Moon sign as 6th or 8th sign in man’s chart it is a sign of non-compatibility. When the Moon sign of the man is 12th sign of the woman, the couple will enjoy good compatibility between them. Again, between a couple if man has a Moon sign ruled by Mars, the woman should not have Moon sign ruled by Saturn, or vice versa, because they are both malefic planets. Graha Maitram: This study is based on the planets that are overlords of the Moon sign of the woman and the man. It the ruling planets of both the Moon signs are friendly, they will have good mental compatibility but if the planets are inimical the couple will have frictions. Vasyu Kuta: This study is based on Moon sign analysis that categorises certain signs as Chatuspada, Human and Jalchar. When couple have Moon signs that belong to a single category they are said to have good magnetism between them. Rajjus Kuta: Different nakshatras are categorized as five types of Rajjus. Each category is represented as Head, Neck, Stomach, Thigh and Foot rajju. Nakshatras like Chitra, Mrigasira and Dhanishta belong to Head rajju; Rohini, Ardra, Hasta, Swati, Shravana, Shatabhisha to category of Neck rajju. Other nakshatras are categorized under Stomach, Thigh, and Foot rajjus. Nakshatra or star of a man and that of woman should not belong to the same rajju. Analysis of Rajjus is an important factor for analyzing marriage compatibility.

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