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Why Katy Perry is so Popular in Singing

June 10, 2015 | Total Views : 2,256
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Katy Perry: Destined for Stardom

Birth Details
Star : Vishaka
Time : 6:59 am
Date : October 25, 1984
Place : Santa Barbara, California

Recognition and success was inevitable to Katy Perry, the American singer, songwriter and musician. Perry has been passionate about singing and started taking lessons at an early age of 9. She had very little exposure to the mainstream pop or rock music and so she took up gospel music as a teenager. Perry’s initial albums did not do well and success came only after she moved to mainstream pop music. Her first pop album, titled ‘One of the Boys’ released in 2008 was a commercial success. Katy was always persistent to follow her instincts as there was something inside her that made her believe that she has got what it takes to be a successful singer. why_katy_perry_is_a_good_singer

Entertainment Planets in Perry's Chart

A strong association of Venus in Katy Perry’s chart has been instrumental for achieving astounding success. Venus is a planet for arts and entertainment and grants skills like singing or acting. Perry’s Ascendant and Moon sign both falls in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus. The planet Venus signifies artistic talent and entertainment industry. Libra is an airy sign and it gives an inclination for music. The association of both Venus and Libra in Perry’s chart aroused her fascination for music at an early age and encouraged her to take it up as a vocation.

Beauty and Creative Passion

Perry also has the benefit of having an exalted Saturn and Mercury along with Sun and Moon in the Ascendant. Saturn is an indicator of one’s profession and an exalted Saturn in the chart is an indicator of the professional success. Moreover, 5th house signifies creativity, artistic talents and entertainment. Saturn, the lord of the 5th house positioned along with the luminaries in the Ascendant has given Perry a charismatic personality and the recognition through the entertainment industry. The presence of Mercury in the Ascendant made her intelligent, sharp and witty. The placement of Moon and Sun in the Ascendant makes Perry value her parents. Apart from her astounding success in the singing industry, Perry is also a beauty idol for the thousands of her fans and followers. Moon grants beauty and attraction. The placement of Moon in her Ascendant has blessed Perry with an appealing beauty and style. The singing sensation has been chosen to grace the cover page of the July edition (2013) of American fashion and lifestyle magazine, Vogue for the first time.

Philanthropic side of Perry

Katy Perry has received remarkable love and appreciation from the society and she feels a compulsion to return it back, at least to those who will appreciate it. Perry is associated with number of charity organizations like American Foundation for AIDS Research, Red Cross, United Service Organization etc. The presence of an exalted Saturn in her Ascendant has aroused a feeling of compassion in Perry. Saturn makes a person humanitarian. Moreover, Perry’s Nakshatra is Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter, which is strongly placed in his own sign Sagittarius. The planet Jupiter confers philanthropic outlook in a person and the strong position of Jupiter has made Perry more kind and gentle towards the disadvantaged section of the society.

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