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Scorpio December 2023 Monthly Horoscope Predictions | Scorpio December 2023 Horoscope

November 29, 2023 | Total Views : 459
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Scorpio December 2023 General Horoscope

Dear Scorpio Natives! Your focus could be on self-upliftment and the family in December. Material gains and intellectual breakthroughs on key issues are on the cards now. You may also be able to resolve key points in your personal and professional life. The initial half of the month may bring travels to foreign countries and other states in general. Expenditures towards the well-being of the partner are also likely. You may generally wish to maintain good relationships with people. There could be real estate gains, too. Enthusiasm towards life could increase, and you may feel refreshed, which may enhance your confidence. You might also feel positive vibrations and energy in your life. You may also have adequate sleep and spend quality time with loved ones. Overall, we foresee a favorable period for you this month.

Love and Relationships:

You may resolve misunderstandings in relationships. It is advisable to use words carefully while communicating with the partner/spouse, as the choice of expressions could decide the fate of the relationship. The natives who are already married can be separated from their partner due to unavoidable circumstances. Wishes and expectations should be within limits. Avoid arguments in the family and relationships. There could be collective investments in real estate by the partners. Ego clashes between the couple can lead to unnecessary troubles in the family life. Those of marriageable age can get a marital proposal towards the end of this month. There could be a strengthening of love and bonding between the couple. A few may meet their soul mate now. Overall, this month looks like a moderate period for love and relationships.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Venus Pooja


This could be when the native has to be careful in investment and speculation matters in the stock markets. There are possibilities of incurring losses in the first half of the month, but there could be gains towards the end of this month. It is advisable to invest in gold and other risk-free bonds and deposits. That might ensure that your hard-earned money is safe and protected. Financial inflows, including from profession/career, look reasonably good. Some sudden income is also possible, while you may earn through hidden sources as well. However, in the initial half of the month, the native may incur more expenditure towards the spouse/partner in order to strengthen the relationship. There could be expenses on account of your father's well-being, too. At the same time, there can also be more spending for beneficial purposes. We also foresee expenditures towards travel, housing, vehicles, and the family welfare.

Divine Technique to improve your Financial Status: Jupiter Pooja


There appears to be good financial prosperity, growth, and success in career throughout this month. People working in government sectors could expect pay hikes and promotions. There can be positive results in foreign-related assignments as well. Overall, the career prospects of the Scorpio natives would be good. The boss can be more favorable in the second half of this month. But there are possibilities for heated arguments in the workplace; you may have to exhibit intelligence and smartness to overpower enemies in the work environment. But you may gain recognition later in the month since the management could favor you. People in sales and marketing may have to struggle to achieve their targets. However, their colleagues can prove beneficial to them towards the end of this month. You may feel the work burden, but it might decrease after the middle of this month.


The businesses carried out by Scorpio natives might have a positive environment this month. Income flow appears reasonably good. Those operating in the field of defense, real estate, government contracts, and consultancy can witness good growth. However, those involved in industries like communication, entertainment, logistics, cosmetics, etc., might experience troubles and see a fall in the market share in December. But there are chances of attracting new customers into your businesses towards the end of this month. There could be a rise in the prices of products and commodities in the gold and jewelry business. However, there are possibilities of meeting with embarrassing situations due to issues in documentation. Nevertheless, there could be good profits and gains, barring the businesses mentioned earlier. Business partners can also be supportive and beneficial in the second half of the month. But please be careful while signing any agreements and finalizing deals.


The Scorpio professionals operating in the technology, communication, and internet fields can witness setbacks. It is advisable to make critical career/profession-related decisions only after consulting your mentor and seeking their guidance on critical issues. Besides, you may also have to be very careful and diplomatic in your communication, as there are possibilities of getting involved in controversies. This period also looks financially sound for you. There could be restructuring of partnerships, business agreements, and collaborations during the month. Governmental authorities can be beneficial throughout this month.

Divine Technique to improve your Career, Business and Profession: Mercury Pooja


Your health may be moderate this month. But, your aged parents can have some health issues, while your mother could go through a period of recovery. There are possibilities of cold and cough-related problems. There can also be some allergic issues, especially related to blood and skin. Children, too, can suffer some health concerns.

Divine Technique to improve your Health: Saturn Pooja


School students have good chances of scoring well in the examinations. They may also take care of their health. But they should not get distracted through entertainment. On the other hand, college students may be required to travel long-distance for some assignments. They may also have to refrain from arguments and ego clashes at their institution this month. Students desirous of pursuing their higher education abroad could get suitable opportunities. Students, in general, may have to put in more hard work to overcome struggles. They may also do generally well in their studies in the second half of the month. However, the tendency to do research and develop a new strategy in the initial half of the month can prove costly. Hence, it is good to resort to the method that has been well practiced and already proved to be good in the examinations. The natives may also be interested in showcasing their leadership skills.

 Divine Technique to improve your focus on Education: Hayagriva Pooja

Auspicious dates for the Scorpio sign: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25 & 31.

Inauspicious dates for the Scorpio sign: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 26, 27 & 28.


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