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Saraswati Pooja on Vasant Panchami 2015

June 12, 2015 | Total Views : 1,979
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Seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati on Vasant Panchami, 24th of January 2015. On this day children are initiated into formal education, scholars and artists renew their devotion to enrich themselves with higher level of talents. She is the symbol of purity, knowledge and artistry – qualities that assist in beautiful manifestations of any creation. In Saraswati Gayathri mantra, she is invoked as the Goddess of speech, and consort or creative force of the Creator, Lord Brahma.


Goddess Saraswati is beautiful, elegant, pure, and an epitome of learning and creativity:

Goddess Saraswati bears a peaceful countenance, usually draped in white sari and seated on a lotus with a lute or veena. She has four hands: in one of her rear hands she holds a book that symbolizes knowledge and education, in the other a rosary representing higher intellect and spiritual essence. She holds veena with her two hands in the front signifying importance of music that emerges from the lap creative and artistic mind. She rides on a white swan.

Devotion to Saraswati is essential for acquiring true wisdom and creativity:

Saraswati pooja is an expression of devotion to Learning and Education. She is an embodiment of beautiful mind and higher intellect required for being creative. She emerged as “Vaak” (the primordial sounds that created the Universe). Brahma had ordained her to live on the tongue of learned people. So, She lives in music, poetry and imparts communication skills to her devotees. As the wife of Brahma, She is His imagination and creative force who dispels ignorance and brings about appreciation for beauty of Creation.


She is worshipped by students, researchers and teachers:

Saraswati pooja during Vasant Panchami is looked forward to by all those who are in pursuit of knowledge. Her blessings increase their power of concentration, cognitive skills and ability to stay focused. By praying to her over a period of time, one evolves emotionally and intellectually to sustain a better growth and development in any field of study and research.

Vasant Panchami 2015 is celebration of onset of the Spring:

Vasant is the Indian Spring, when Nature flourishes with new life after a dry cold winter - New leaves, blooming flowers and ripened fruits sprinkle brilliant colors all around. Twittering of birds render music to ears. It’s the time of revival when creative energies flow abundantly. Goddess Saraswati’s birthday on the 5th day of the season is a Vasant panchami festival. Once you delve into her characteristics as well as beauty of season, you will understand the creative forces she stands for. It is also called Vasanti pooja. Marigold, mustard flowers and chrysanthemum bloom in abundance in bright yellow, and in some places the Goddess is draped in yellow colored sarees too.


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