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Thai Poosam in 2015

June 12, 2015 | Total Views : 1,763
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Thai Poosam is the Poosam or Pushya star day in the Tamil month of Thai. This is the day when Lord Muruga was born to help the Gods triumph in their battle against the Demons. He was created from the third eye of Shiva and nurtured by his mother Parvati who also gave him a mystical Vel or spear, very powerful for crushing the enemies. Thai Poosam 2015 is on 3rd of February, an important day to welcome Muruga to deliver a life free from negative vibes, diseases and debt.


Celestial changes that take place on this day:

It is on Thai Poosam festival when the full Moon will be in the Pushya star or nakshatra. Pushya gives energy of nourishment, and is very supportive when one choses a divine path because it is the star of grace light. A full Moon is an indication of abundance of positive energy on Earth. The most expansive and benevolent planet Jupiter is the presiding deity of the star. So it is a star of enlightenment, wisdom and fortune too. Lord Muruga was also born under a Pushya Moon and He is responsible for our well-being. Therefore, when all good forces of the Cosmos conjunct for improving life of people on Earth, it is indeed the time of festivity.


Pushya star is supportive of spiritual transformation:

The star Pushya or Poosam is the most spiritual of all stars. Supported by energies of this day, in 1872 saint Ramalingam turned into light - he experienced God through pure light. On the Thai Poosam day, saints and siddhas come down to Earth to bless people with prosperity and happiness and bring end to suffering of people at all levels of existence such as body, mind and spirit. Spiritual transformation can change one’s life completely – it changes perception of things and one’s outlook. Those who are desirous of such a change look forward to this day. If you have been devoted towards a goal in your life, this star day will provide you all the divine support to manifest it.

This day is celebrated with lot of emotional involvement:

The God worshipped on this day with lot of passion is Muruga otherwise known as Karttikeya. He was born out of the third eye of Shiva to end human sufferings and destroy all negative forces. Vices and negativity if not controlled and uprooted, begin to control our lives like the powerful demons – and it is through conscious efforts of fasting, and practices like shaving heads and other sacrifices that we consciously kill or shun those demons from our lives. On surrendering to the forces of Muruga, devotees find positive changes in their lives. Devotees offer kavadis, usually a bamboo sticks decorated with flowers carried on the shoulders. Pots of milk to be offered to Muruga at the temple are carried with bamboo kavadis. Kavadi signifies the burdens, difficulties or sufferings of life that a devotee wants Lord Muruga to ward away from his or her life. The devotees also pierce different parts of their bodies and undertake various types of hardship and ordeals to crush all negativity and find access to positive energies. This pilgrimage to the temple is made on foot carrying pots of milk or kavadis to surrender oneself at the feet of Muruga seeking his blessings for a better life. Even a week before this pilgrimage, devotees physically and mentally prepare themselves by living a saintly life consuming simple food and observing celibacy.

Thai Poosam is observed in many places across the world:

Temples of Palani and Thiruchendur are famous Murugan temples in South India. Celebration also takes place in Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius and North America. All over the world, devotees of Muruga undertake pledges to improve conditions of their life with his blessings and therefore they perform the rituals with lot fervor and strong resolution. If you wish to bring Muruga to your home, you can also perform the vedic rituals at the altar of Muruga or His Vel.

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